Blac Chyna’s Jealous Friends Stole $200K Worth of Cash & Jewels?

blac chyna friends steal 200K


Now, Chyna is making it known that she thinks some jealous frenemies in her inner circle are responsible for the heist, and she’s already on the hunt for the culprits.

Sources (a.k.a. Kris Jenner) say the suspects were bitter about Chyna’s new lifestyle which includes no alcohol nor cigarettes (is she pregnant?) Chyna used to be down to party all the time, but now, she has been laying low for the past few months (yup, there’s clearly a bun in the oven.)

Chy also thinks the culprits are jealous of her blinding $325K, seven carat engagement ring.

She is currently reviewing her security footage to see if she can catch the culprits in action.

Since getting engaged to Rob, a sex tape featuring Chy and Tyga has resurfaced, and now Chyna’s home has been burglarized.

When will people learn to stay far away from the K’s? The kurse is REAL!


  1. This has the kartrashians written all over it. At least she has cameras in her home. Sooner or later they'll catch the crooks.

  2. In case nobody told this chick…
    At this stage and level of the game she's in not only should she have cameras in her home. She should have round the clock security, a chef she can trust and a damn bodyguard with her at all times. I think it was Ms Reg or NBA who wrote something a while back about how the Kardashians aren't above causing this girl's demise and not just because she may be pregnant. Those bitches including Kim are straight up jealous. All the surgery in the world and none of them got the look they really want and I don't have to what that it…you already know.

  3. Its cool Fir the kardashians to f*ck black men but uncool for a black woman to marry one of. Their guys

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