Autistic Airport Employee Wants $1 Million From 50 Cent for Bullying Him!

50 cent sued autistic airport employee

Andrew Farrell was just minding his business at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport one day when 50 Cent came up to him and started bullying him.

Andrew, who works as a janitor, was pushing a cart full of cleaning supplies when 50 busted out with his cell phone and started to video tape him.

In the video which the rapper posted on his Instagram, 50 accuses Andrew of being “high,” and said his pupils were dilated. But Andrew suffers from autism and Asperger’s syndrome. He also has a hearing condition which forces him to wear a hearing aid.

Andrew’s dad Ken says Andrew has never smoked or drank alcohol a day in his life. He also says Andrew suffers from social anxiety, which is why he was non-verbal in the video.

The family now has a lawyer, but they haven’t filed a lawsuit because they’re worried about attorney fees. Instead, they want 50 to donate $1 million to Andrew’s GoFundMe page, and make a face-to-face apology.

You think this family’s out for a payday, or should 50 cough up the cash for being a jackazz?

The Farrell family must not know about the rapper’s current financial situation. Unfortunately, they’re gonna have to stand in line if they want that $1 million.

50 has yet to respond to the family, but he has since deleted the video from his IG.


  1. People are stupid if they really think CURTIS is really broke lol First of all He STILL OWE his "major label" 3 MORE ALBUMS lol 50 CENT ABOUT TO TAKEOVER THE YEAR 2O2O

  2. All of this negative press about 50 Cent means one thing; Curtis Jackson is about to be taken out. By taken out, I mean he could either end up completely broke, incarcerated or killed. Either way I wouldn't want to be Curtis Jackson. You guys do realize he isn't the real 50 Cent.

  3. This man thinks he's above the law and everything else in life. Just wait. It won't be long before all the organizations for the disabled don't start coming after him. The family won't have to worry about paying for an attorney because one will be retained for them and before long they'll be making an example out of 50's ass.

  4. 5O Cent is f*cking coon, he has made fun of lot of disabled black people over the years! Now a white man is suing him, you notice how the black victims, didn't sue him?? Mmm, white people are money grabbing!!!

  5. That's what whites do you f*ck with one if them they call their lawyers they know how to handle rich so called black thugs like 50 and those whites realize 50 is a rapper and want his money like Paul Mooney said whites know hiw to scare blacks

  6. Fiddy must have the same mental condition that Kanye has or similar. The last time this man posted a video in order to try and humiliate someone he lost what 5 million? Going broke just for being stupid has taken a different twist.

  7. I hope the judge grants this guy every least damn dime of that $1M. muhf*ckas like 50 need to be taught a gotdamn lesson in life. these ungrateful, ignorant, unappreciative so-called celebs thumb their noses at ordinary hard-working people every day, and forget where they f*ckin came from. 50 bisexual ass lucky he's still alive after nine bullets grazing his bitchmade ass. loser ass niggah.

  8. What is wrong with kneegrows these days?

    You got that asshat Larry Wilmore referrin’ to Pres. Obama as his “nigga”? Da f*ck?

    And 50, whose mama was a crack head dyke ho, laughin’ about someone who cleans airports?

    Black folks, we gonna get our wake up call when Pres. Obama vacates the White House in January 2017!

    Let these people sue, serve 50 right

  9. The guy should sue that ass hole for much more, he stay messing with somebody, if for once he could be delivered with a nice beat down, he'll keep his ass real quiet!

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