Mariah Carey Gives a Struggle Lap Dance to Crippled Fan

mariah carey lap dance fan concert

Over the years, Mariah Carey has clearly lost her voice and any rhythm she ever had.

The songstress gave a performance in Johannesburg, South Africa on May 2, and she pulled a fan on stage to give him a lap dance.

The crippled man who was pulled on stage is named Bryan Tanaka, and thankfully he was blind folded the entire time so he didn’t have to witness Mariah’s stiff and struggle dance moves during her dusty performance of “Touch My Body.”

Try to watch this video without laughing!


  1. That has to be one of the saddest things I have ever seen, damn.

    When stars fall off….

  2. If I were Mariah Carey, I would be scared shit less. The illuminati just murdered Prince. Mariah Carey is worth over $500 million. Imagine how much money Sony music would make if they murdered Mariah?

  3. I didn't know Mariah Carey was in here last night, but then again I'm not a fan

  4. Ok yeah so at some point every woman has to give up mini skirts, leotards and body suits with the crotch snap. I'm going to need Mariah to retire the flashdance attire and start dressing with actual style. That backside looking like she's squeezing her cheeks in. Get this heifer a tutu or something please.

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