Blac Chyna’s Dad Announces the Sex of Her Baby

blac chyna gender reveal

Looks like Blac Chyna needs to put a gag order on her parents. If it’s not Tokyo Tony running her mouth and spilling all of Chyna’s secrets, it’s her daddy running to magazines to spill her tea.

According to British tabloid Celeb Now, Chyna’s dad, Eric Holland, gave them an exclusive interview and he revealed the sex of the baby.

“Rob is excited about the prospect of having a boy. Rob and I have been having some good one-on-one time, away from the cameras. I said, ‘You want a boy don’t you?’ He was like, ‘Yes, yes,’ He seemed very excited about a boy.”

Papa Chyna also says the name has already been chosen, but they won’t announce it until the baby is born.

Recent reports suggested Chyna was pregnant with twins, but her dad has finally put that rumor to rest.


  1. So they're having a *Mexican* male? How exciting for the sellout. She let a gay albino walrus knock her up. Hopefully, she leaves him as soon as the baby is born. I'm sure there are black men willing to marry her and raise that Mexican she's having.

  2. China wants the money even though Rob's the least popular his dad left him a good amount of money to live off

    • I guarantee you that Rob has access to as much as 50 million right now. That's les than his share of KKK money if divided by the KKKkids(minus Kylie and Kendall) but it's still enough to live a good life. And if he ever gets back in the fold, he'll be worth a lot more. After all, their child will be the Kardashian name sake. He(and any future siblings) will be the ones to carry on the name.


      • Hot damn 18:44! I agree with 100%! I keep telling these folks that Rob got mad money! His dad legacy is real deep!!! The Kardashian Clan got that old money! Rob is far from being broke.

  3. Sure hope she knows what she doing cause I can see someone in that K family snatching that baby cause they aint got one of their own. I would never wanna be under their watch with all their spies accusing me of some wrong doing that could make me lose custody of my child.

  4. That poor sacrificial little lamb! That babies chances of having a normal life, are Slim to none! I haven't been this disgusted by a pregnancy, since first learning of Madonna's pregnancy in the 80's… You know tourtured vaginas make my stomach bubble! ????

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