Brandy Gets Dragged by Her Record Label

brandy record label

If Brandy thought her music career was still relevant, her record company is here to let her know she’s nothing but a washed up early-2000s singer!

In March of this year, Brandy filed a lawsuit against her record label, Chameleon Entertainment, demanding to be let out of her contract. She refiled the suit in NYC, and now her label is officially dragging her!

A rep for the label stated:

“Brandy’s allegations are a desperate ploy to drum up publicity instead of facing facts — her best days are behind her. [Chameleon] took a risk signing an artist that hasn’t had a chart single success since the early 2000’s.”

Damn, that’s gotta hurt. But did they lie?


  1. She's a hits artist at this point. She does have value, and she could easily ride the wave of newer artists. It's a matter of the right associations and packaging.

    I haven't paid much attention, but I believe she's been visible recently through "reality" tv; so that also helps her marketing. People will come out to see her, and those on the fence will come out if she's grouped with the right acts. She's making way more than Tinashe and other new/newer girls.

    She'd clean up touring Europe and Asia.

  2. She has never been a great artist although she thought she was 'n' acted like a diva. She could not dance (why she went on that dance show) had a hoarse sounding voice and has a face only a mother can love…they are right this bitch is over!

  3. She needs to do something else, or just do a Vegas act of her few hits or part of an oldies 90's tour…

  4. Brandys albums were better than the garbage we have today. Her never say never album>

  5. Lol I didn't even know Brandy was still singing.

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    • Lol yeah they do. Especially that contouring of the noses shit. It's either that or getting a shitty nose job. You have to comply with white beauty standards in order to make it into this industry. Black people and especially black women need to stop upholding , and looking up to these damn negrogpeans.

  6. SO why won't they just let her out of her contract then? If she is washed up, why does she have to sue them to let her out of the contract? Dragging her? It seems like her label is hating on her. They tgalking shit, but keeping her signed to them! #FreeBrandy, lol

  7. Oddly enough seems that Brandy, Monica & Jennifer Hudson's little coup with Clive Davis hasn't been as fruitful as any of them thought it would be….yet. The way to gage this situation is like this: IF Brandy has made it clear she wants out of her contract & we hear they let her go anytime soon without requesting a buy out payment means her relationship with Clive Davis was useful to her as HIS pull is far reaching to say the least. If this matter lingers on & is further heard in the media Brandy is working her own angles without Clive's involvement.

    • Truth. Clive Davis is a real snake and a sociopath. It's sad how not only he, but also the industry just see's these guys as nothing more than puppets and pawns to be used, abused and later thrown away. Though I will say that she needs to be careful with how she goes about this. Those who have tried to rise up and get out of contracts or get their royalties and such have ended up getting whacked ( ie prince)

    • Ms Reg This isn't politically correct at all, but it's honest. I don't believe that Clive Davis did any less to promote Brandy, Monica or JHudson than he did Whitney. The thing is, Whitney clicked with white people like few ever have, especially black female singers. Black male singers have had much more success in crossing over. Why? Because white women drove the market for purchasing albums, CDs, downloads forever. They felt they could "see" themselves in Whitney and BOOM that's all it took. The other three ladies never caught on with a white audience.

      I believe you are tangentially connected to the entertainment industry, so I know you are well acquainted with the complex studies of who will cross over and who just won't.

    • Well if there's one thing I know, Jennifer Hudson won't EVER be getting out of her contract. Not after sacrificing her entire family.

    • There's something I've meant to say but I always forget because like most of the world I firmly believe Clive Davis highly benefited from Whitney Houston's death even if he orchestrated her demise or not.

      We all can only speculate on what the little pow-wow was about between Clive Davis, Brandy & Monica at the time of that interview Whitney interrupted. What everyone overlooked was the fact that Whitney died on Brandy's 32nd b-day. (Coincidentally or not) The infamous note may have been nothing more than a happy b-day card/note for all we know but of course, in grand dramatic fashion Brandy vows to never share with the world the contents of the note. This makes her "special" AND if her life ever gets to a point where she needs money she can easily spin the contents of the note into a money maker.
      Seriously. …this is all a great possibility.

      Also, while Clive Davis' relationship with Brandy may not be more than that of distant mentor his relationship with her brother is vastly different in a lot ways & for many reasons. Ray J can marry as many women as he chooses but his truth is held in the hands of quite a few men in the industry.

      • Ray Jay's pretty much a pass around. I read on another site about a week ago, about he and danny boy getting down at deathrow.

  8. I agree Mrs. Reg, they got rid of Whitney and thought their careers was gonna take off but that didn't happen. Brandy tell us what that note said. When I watched that video of Clive, Brandy, Monica and Whitney my flesh crawls. They knew something was gonna happen to Whitney. Smh

  9. Brandy's 'oldies' are always on my playlist. She has a couple hits that will live forever, one being "I Wanna Be Down". That said, it's time to move forward and try something else if music aint a workin' anymore. Don't be a Ray J Jr!

  10. I must say, that I really love the comments on here. There are a lot of classy, intelligent, free thinking people. I hope that I haven't spoken to soon! May peace be upon you! Now with that being said, Brandy's career isn't the same as it used to be, and no, she doesn't have any hits, but I think that she ruined her brand, when she went on hiatus for a few years. Fans will grow up and forget that ass! I was just bumping Brandy last night too. "Sitting up in my room!" Remember? When Donald Faison was cute, and into black girls…lol! No but seriously, Brandy just needs to get in, where she fit in, and maybe that's in a chair somewhere! ????

  11. I have yet heard Brandy sing a really soulful song. Maybe she should try that because apparently her pop career is done. She has a unique voice that I haven't seen duplicated…yet.

  12. Brandy sings worse than Rihanna. How the hell did she become a superstar? I really want to know!

    • Brandy is so far…extremely far from what's known as superstardom in spite of her various bodies of work & her time vested in the industry. Maybe it's just me but I not only can actually listen to quite a bit of Brandy's music especially her older songs. I can listen, sing along with & dance to Brandy's music. I know & understand the lyrics. I actually own some of Brandy's music. For me, Rihanna has & will forever be a NO GO. Every song of hers from day one sounded demonically backmasked even while being played normal to me. Her & Beyonce are 2 female artist I could never take much of.

    • Naww, brandy can sing over a nice melody or two. She even worked with quincy jones on the 1995 Q's Jook Joint album. And to work with quincy requires some level of talent. She may be a second rate singer, but she ain't even on rihanna level. At least brandy can act and such. Rihannas just a dick hopping at this point to keep herself relevant.

    • She stayed stuck up under Whitney Houston and some of WH fame rubbed off on her. She has never moved me with her singing. In Africa they walked out on her while she was singing.

  13. Brandy acted like s bitch going around cursing everybody and she was on drugs then I'm not gonna blame her cause Lamont Bentley and Yvette Harris died sorry brandy had nothing to do with Lamont's death not gonna blame a curse for everything

  14. I heard a rumor that on the set of Moesha, Brandy cussed out Sheryl Lee Ralph. I hope this isn't true.

    • I wouldn't be surprised if she did. A lot of these stars- a good majority of them are just real shitty people when the camera's

  15. Let's face the truth, Brandy and her parasidic brother were biting off of Whitney Houston's fame. Now that WH is dead she has no real major player in the industry to feed off of and hide behind.

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