Adrienne Bailon Sued by Former Managers

adrienne bailon sued

The Real co-host Adrienne Bailion was just slapped with a big fat lawsuit by her former managers.

The television personality allegedly owes Go2Man Management nearly $200k. According to the court docs, Adrienne signed a five-year deal with the company back in 2011, and she agreed to cut them 20% of her earnings.

But Adrienne allegedly stopped taking their calls last year, and they want her to pay up!

Hmmm…is this her karma for hooking up with a married man?


  1. Something about her face and mouth screams backstabber. I can't see her dating Robby boy. She seems so full of herself. If she lost her spot on the unReal she would lose her mind.

    • Yessssssss! You can look at her and tell that something ain't right! I never liked her, ever sine 3lw! I used to call that group, the 3 little bitches back in the day, because they were always fighting. ??? It seems as if, as soon as people of color start making money, the law suits start. People asre deliberaterly draining their resources….Legal fees can be astronomical…I don't like what they did to my girl Nauri Haughton, so meh!

  2. Naturi is winning. She's on a hit t.v. show and her bank account proves it. She's a humble young lady and God will look out for her. Kiely and Adrienne all I'm going to say is what goes around comes right back around.

    • Agreed! Naturi handles herself with grace and beauty, as she should… Quiet as it's kept, she's much more beautiful than Adrienne and Keilly! But in the industry, you lose points for being melanin rich!

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