Bill Cosby “Completely Blind” – Confined to Home

bill cosby blind

According to sources, Bill Cosby is now “completely blind,” and living “in his own personal hell.”

Due to his current condition, the comedian is confined to his Pennsylvania home with his ride or die/A-1 since day one also known as his wife, Camille.

“His alleged victims may take some solace in the fact that he’s in his own personal hell. He has been suffering from a degenerative eye disease and is completely blind . . . All his Hollywood friends have turned their backs on him. He is confined to his house in Pennsylvania, and the only person on his side is his wife, Camille, who is masterminding his defense. His only friends are the small army of lawyers on his payroll.”

Cosby’s lawyers have yet to confirm his current condition, but the comedian’s eyesight has been fading for years/ He turned 79 on July 12, and according to sources, his condition has become more severe since then.



  1. Well no one is perfect. These problems he caused on himself. Either way I'll pray for him. Regarding his wife, she loves her husband and wants to stick by his side. More power to her

    • I may be wrong but since the inception of "all these victims coming out the woodwork" I've always felt Camille was somehow involved. I know it sounds bizarre but the thought has always been there. I remember she told Juanita Jordan not to divorce Michael Jordan because she'd outlive him. That only worked for so long before Juanita cashed out, took her half, temp child support, future earnings & got on with her life. Camille has graciously waited for Bill to go…this ordeal may be the thing that finishes him leaving her with a very nice fortune while she can still enjoy it.

      • Hey Ms Reg that would explain why she just sits there and smile. I had no idea Camille had such a conversation with Juanita. Very enlightening.

        • Freddie Mercury & Andy Gibb 4ever,
          Camille was very active on the "charity/philanthropic circuit."
          We have roughly 194+ active charities as clients & Mrs. Cosby is/was involved to some capacity either as a chairperson, board member, host or donor on 38 right along with Eugenia Jones, wife of Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Mrs. Cosby has been involved wirh some of these organizations for over 30 years. Her demeanor is exactly what you know it to be UNTIL the "Wealthy Wives Crew is sitting around after an event having social time together before leaving or to plan another gathering." Some of those ladies act like they're in their own personal locker room & lots of things get said. You wouldn't believe how they talk. One of the wives of a food manufacturer OPENLY said "she paid to have her man-whore husband taken out but the LADY she paid to do backed out & returned her money!" Camille was sitting right next to her when she said it.

          At the moment, Mrs. Cosby has been sending her proxy to the few events slated for her attendance over the last few months & she's stopped all affiliation with a few organizations on our client roster. I can't prove she started Bill's ordeal but I firmly believe she had a hand in his demise & fully intends to walk away with all the money….whatever is left.

      • Hey Reg! Oh and btw I told U so! Joseliné is a woman and she is really pregnant!

        Now as far as Camille goes, She pretty much is in it for the money. But if I am not mistaken, didn't he and whatchamacallits had an affair?

        • I never doubted you for a minute DaRadiant1. I hope you are recovering from your surgery and all is well.

        • Hey my sister DR1!!!
          Girl…you told me & THAT WAS THE ONLY reason I gave her ANY benefit of the doubt. Having said that you KNOW I'm waiting in the front row with fruit fresh & popcorn for this baby to arrive since the last 3 times she professed to be expecting….we got nothing! Now I'm going to your link….Thanks!!!

          Hope you're recovery is going well & you won't need any additional surgery. ?

          • Okay DR1,
            Visited your link. All I'm going to say is this: I don't know if that was her in the picture, HOWEVER, I'm waiting patiently for this baby. If this baby doesn't happen THIS time I'm coming back to you with additional questions….lots of them!

  2. Most so-called celebrities die like dogs…They live compromising lives, they engage in questionable activities, and they give up their "divinity" for a buck! Especially thirsty ass Negroes! They'll do anything to be seen, and accepted by devils! They end up broke, forgotten, with tarnished reputations, and diseased….I don't feel sorry for him one bit, because, he sat up on his high horse, talking shit about blacks for years, and never checked Caucasians not once…He wanted to lay with them, live in neighborhoods, be in their circles. Where did it get him?? These same whites turned their backs on him, and are using him to distract the public from what's really going on.. Also, let's not forget all of his kids out of wedlock that he didn't do shit for! Then this same deadbeat went on televised tirades telling poor blacks, how to feed their children, and care for them, when he has several children that he doesn't care for..He's a hypocrite, a liar, and a woman hating rapist! These industry Caucasians knew about Bill all along, they just save your dirt, to use on you in the future when needed. The more you beast about celebs and their dirt, or their deaths, the more you know that this country is in crisis! Wars, militarized police, covert wars, financial crisis, etc etc. Think about it! Ever wonder why nobody is talking about "AFRIKA BOMBATA" anymore! Hmmmm! It's like it never happened! Why??

    • Although I disagree with you on him checking black people, I agree 100% with the rest. I don't feel not one drop of sympathy for these celebrities who chose to sell out. Fuck em. These people all sit back watch partake, and are complicit with vile the vile behaviors that go on behind the scenes, so they deserve whatever they get. Little do they fail to remember that everything they've been given can be taken away in a mere instant by the jewish elite, and that even they themselves can be put up as the next sacrificial lamb. Very few, if any black entertainers make it full career in this industry completely unscathed. These tap dancing coons made their beds, so they'll have to lay in them. Im also angered at how quickly the whole Bambaata situation was swept under the rug.

      • @Trumanshow! I feel you, and I know that a lot of people aren't really familiar with Bill's shit. But I'm bhere to tell you that Bill stayed calling up black comedians, telling them not to curse, and what they can and can't say. Even Richard Pryor told Eddie Murphy "f*ck Bill" your a grown as man who the f*ck is he tyo tell anyone how to run their lives. The whole Cosby show was about him cvcvhecking every day blacks. He wanted to encourage more negroes to be down with the "Boule". That's what blacks don't understand. You have a whole race of black, white supremacists. Bill is one of them. If you haven't already research the boule celebrities, and what it means to be boule. A man named Steve Townley dedicated his entire life to exposing these negroes, and he was ultimately " murdered" for it a few years ago. The boule is also a bloodline of black potentates, that uses poor blacks to further their agenda. I watched the show and was a fan, but they used us..The boule are blacks that crush the down trodden blacks for white people..They get paid well to do so, and their allowed certain privileges, until they reach 20 million and up. Agree with me born not, the facts still remain

    • Bam was never in white radar plus he molested black boys whites don't give a damn as bout that bill was well known by everybody whites and blacks and he raped lots of white girls oh yes that's way more bigger news than a underground one hit wonder rapper molesting ghettokids

    • Supposedly there were no current criminal complaints, no current civil complaints, and there have never been any criminal complaints or civil complaints. I'm guessing the alleged victims who spoke out were paid enough "shut your damn mouth money" to quietly go away. It's hard to believe not ONE complaint was ever made. That's why his ass was so smug when the allegations were made. The streets may have to handle him in order for there to be any sort of justice.

      • COSIGN, Ms. Reg.

        Sad thing is, the streets knew about this and the reputation of the Bronx River Houses was more important.

        It is 2016, everyone is gettin' called out regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, profession, etc.

        And rightly so!

  3. It's only a matter of time before boule Bill dies! If he hasn't repented for his sins, it may be too late! That is up to God/Most high to decide!

  4. Looks like boule Bill is dying a slow painful death! I don't feel sorry for him! All of the good he has done for the black community doesn't supersede all of the crimes he has committed!

  5. This man was so mean to young black actors, black women, students, etc. Anyone he thought was beneath him. Cosby was a nasty piece of work.

    If this ain't karma, I don't know what is. And you can bet Camille ain't wipin' his azz — she prolly got some illegal Mexican doing it.

  6. And Camille gets everything when bill passed everything he made will go back up on the market and Cosby did a lot of work over the years hell be worth more dead than alive I remember when he played the devil years ago in a old film devil and Mt Jones I think plus he played with the occult in films like ghost dad and Leonard 6

  7. Bill that's it karma is coming for your ass !
    FYI Karma is spelt "lol" and it's pronounced "hahahahahahah"

  8. You black f*ckers want to sit up on this page and bash this man? Yes he admitted to giving these women drugs. Some of them asked for them, others knew what they were doing When they went to his room at ungodly hours to "read" a script. These women got mad because they did not get on and now they are seeking revenge. Women can be very vindictive. No one talks about all the pedophiles in the black community in which grown black men go after little black girls. No one cares. But a bunch of white women get together to take down a legend in the black community and you all side with them? No wonder we are at the bottom. Ask yourself why now is this happening to him? Oh and that Bambata character is worse than bill because he took advantage of minors, but his shit has not been put on blast like Bill Cosby. White people always protect their own.

    • Take you bitch ass on somewhere standing up for a raping sack of shit… What kind of sick, demented f*ck stands behind an admitted predator? Oh that would be you…

      Follow his ass to the bottomless pit since you are such a staunch supporter, dumb motherf*cker.

      • YES!!! Defending him just because he is black makes us look ignorant. If there was true serious doubt, that's another story. But we have plenty to know what was up. Shit, I remember 20 years ago hearing stories about what a perv he was.
        The real story is how the elite covered up his mess for so long. They only stopped covering for him when all the shit finally came out and the body count reached 20.
        There were some very very big players cleaning up behind him because he was one of them, and he was a money making machine for 2 decades.

    • Disgusted,

      Not all of us here are "bashing" Bill Cosby so much as some of us are simply digested in having learned the magnitude of what all transpired. That's all. In the beginning I swore it was all a big ass lie spearheaded by Gloria Allred. That was not the case unfortunately.

      In the case of that basted Bambaataa none of us can say much when allegedly there were NEVER any criminal complaints or current civil complaints ever filed. How does a community deal with something they weren't aware of? Makes you wonder if there was a consistent cover up at the police level.

  9. Bsmbaata is a rapper compared to worldwide black star who crossed over to the mainstream it's wrong what bam did but he's a has-been whose last hit was when 1983 while Cosby been around for decades it's wrong what Jared did too

  10. they say it comes back to bite you even harder later on in life. whatever "it" supposedly is. sadly, his demise is of an approachable reality. Ms. Camille will get every last cent of that $400M he is worth – she's just awaiting for that hourglass to run out, if you will.

  11. Awwww I'm sure they're not trying to use him going blind as an excuse.. This man has been doing this for decades and yes his wife knew of his crimes against other women.. No I don't feel nothing for them.. Oh they have stripped him of all his awards from different colleges, but not one of them gave back the millions he donated.. You can bet Camille knew, but as long as she had her charity's
    to keep her busy, she turned a blind eye..Bill number is up, but I grant you he's not telling on the rest of them.. He made a shitload of money for the elite and they're not going to help him at all, because they're all GUILTY as sin..

    • lets not forget boule bill used to go to the playboy mansion he has had his share of orgies, drugs, escorts camillie knew everything bill even had his son killed and his wife knew about that too satan is calling him home bill is going to suffer a slow death

      • I always thought that also and had his daughter he had in the streets jailed, because she tried to blackmail him.. SMDH he's just getting what's coming to him, and know this none of those elite friends or the Jews are not going to help him.. They are all guilty as sin.. His arrogance was his downfall and thinking he could keep all this under the rug..
        You're correct he's going down slowly and he will be dead soon.. I'm not blaming the victims, but going to a man's house or hotel room after 12:00 is a booty call.. I don't care how rich and famous you are.. If you can't help me during regular hours, then I'm not coming to your house that late.. As the old saying goes, not is open that time of night but legs… Camille knew because he used her doctors to get the drugs to knock them out.. They even called his house and she would give him the telephone.. No one is that stupid and she's a very intelligent woman…also the ones who took the money cant have it both ways. In all due respect, all of Hollyweird should ge on trial, they prey on young girls and boy, but no one will report them, because they are too high of the game and running studios. It's a lot of BS behind all the stars and what hey gas to due to keep their jobs. IMO

        • Thank you so very much for saying it.
          No matter who is/was involved, no matter what's being offered, no matter if the time was 1968 or 2016 some things are consistent & don't change….

          "Going to a man's house or hotel room after 12:00 is a booty call.."

          • That's what the old people use to tell us.. I have empathy for them, don't get me wrong, but they set themselves up, because of who he was.. I retired from Corporate America in my 40's, not one time did I compromise my values.. I've had to stand alone for my principals, but I was taught, stand alone by your right, just know you won't be alone, Jesus will be there with you.. I won each time by telling the truth..
            I'm sorry but the majority of these women wanted something from him and he used them like they were dead meat.. He's a sick old man, sleeping with someone that knocked out.. This is Bill's time to get his due.. Every dog has their day and his number is up.. He's been doing this for decades.. It's disgusting and he paid a lot of them off, so his wife knew, but like a good old Hollyweird wife, she turned a blind eye..
            I could write for days on this mess, but his number is up and he will have to deal with the hand he's given…

        • Camille was giving cosby the drugs to drug these chicks O.o… Didn't know that(should have suspected it though) Now that's some interesting tea. I had just assumed that camille was just his pretend wife on a payroll to keep up his image and such. What a sick group of people…

          Oh yeah and Im with you on that going to a mans house/apartment/hotel room after 12:00 am lol

  12. The boules won't rescue Bill Cosby. The Q-Dogs (Omega Psi Phi) won't rescue Bill Cosby. The HBCU's have cut all ties with Bill Cosby. Mr. Cliff Huckstable is a lonely old black man in a lot of pain. Cosby joined those little groups and they won't lift a finger to support him. Damn! Once those high level white devils dump you, the rest of the boules and so called "black elite" follow in massa's footsteps. Cosby's life and legacy are completely destroyed and I do not give a f*ck!

  13. What do Boule Bill, OJ Simpson, Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods have in common? They were black men who were extremely talented, rich superstars who had their lives and careers completely destroyed because they screwed around with white bitches! Somewhere in Amerikkka, Harry Belafonte is praying to God that he didn't get caught up! Once again I am telling you black men not to f*ck with these pink toe parasites. They will ruin your life. Look at what the white bitches are doing to Ezekiel Elliot!

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