Video: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Brutalized by Police

love and hip hop atlanta tommie brutalized by police

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Tommie Lee had a brutal run in with the Atlanta Police Department…and it was all caught on video!

In the video, you can see Tommie being dragged out of the backseat of a Jeep and thrown on the ground. The reality t.v. star said her head hit the pavement so hard, she blacked out! She can be see stumbling in her high heels as the police forces her towards his patrol car.

Her injuries were so bad she was unable to film for LHHATL.

But it doesn’t end there…the cop was determined to book somebody on DUI charges, he’s even caught lying on camera!

He was convinced that Tommie was the original driver of the vehicle, and she switched seats with one of the vehicle’s occupants to avoid getting a DUI.

The male driver tells the officer he was behind the wheel, but the cop doesn’t believe him! The officer then starts to harass a pregnant female passenger and accuses her of driving the car drunk. Smh!

She has since deleted the videos from her Instagram, so this is all that’s left…

Tommie doesn’t have the cleanest rap sheet, but she didn’t deserve to be tossed around like this!


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    • I said this the other day! It is sad but true. I'm waiting for another black female to die by police and see if any black males come to her defence. It is just disheartening to watch how we are treated by our very own ?

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  2. And people wonder why cops are hated.

    More stringent psychological testing for cop recruits.

  3. These cops seem to go from 1 – 100 really quick. If you don't immediately do as they tell ya, then they become super angry and violent. I think they all suffer from some kind of God complex. It used to be just surgeons that had that mentality, now the police do too. Scary.

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  5. People should share all the cop's info, including addresses of all family members.

    • Remember what happened during the Zimmerman trial? It cost Spike Lee a lot.

      Bad advice.

      • People should share all the cop's info, including addresses of all family members.

  6. I don't agree with what happened to her but how many times did the police officer have to say get out the car. This should be a reality check. She has no issue fighting her own people on t.v. for a check. Doesn't this chick have over forty different mugshots?

    • They could have said it a hundred times and so the f*ck what about her mugshots.

      There are white people who get just as ignorant and belligerent who do not get thrown on the ground, ruffed up and handcuffed. if you do not know how to deal with the public w/o violence get another job.

      I have worked in public service for more than half of my life and you do not combat resistance with aggression, just because you have the power to do so, does not mean you have to use it, especially in nonviolent situations.

  7. Blak folks should start listening to cops and let's see if the event would turnout better ? Do islander's and Africans, get into this mess as much as afroamericans?.

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