This Atlanta Housewife is Leaving the Show…And Living With a New Man!

real housewives of atlanta cast member leaving

There’s a big shakeup going on with the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. According to blogger Tamara Tattles, one of the Georgia peaches is chunking up the deuces, selling her Atlanta home…and shacking up with her baby daddy!

Cynthia Bailey is completely done with her husband Peter Thomas…and she’s completely done with the Housewives franchise, too.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, she has put her Atlanta home she once shared with Peter on the market for $699,000, and she’s been spending more and more time in New York and Los Angeles…with her ex and baby daddy Leon Robinson.

Tattles thinks the former couple is trying to rekindle things, and this relationship is something the fans of RHOA have been suggesting for years. It’s just too bad we won’t be able to see it play out on t.v.!


    • Oh my damn….I thought i was the only one.
      All of them need to go in every city & so do those Karbarians.

  1. yeah whatever to the heffa who clearly stated on national tv that she's not sexually attracted to that antique, burnt California raisin . they aint doing enough shaking up with that franchise. they done brought back messy ass ugly ass Nene which is a huge failure, setback and disappointment. and the shadetree lawyer with a "many jobs" and a "plethora" of degrees is still there, so therefore not enough so-called shaking up is being done.

    • Can You Say Divorce Settlement……. It's Unfortuante, but Cynthia was probably ordered to sale the house and split the
      proceeds with Peter, since she was the breadwinner in that relationship. Unfortunately, she was always the one shelling out the money and providing the Lifestyle for the family. She probably left the show as a business move to keep from paying Peter Alimony from the ongoinge income stream from the House wives she would have received if she had stayed on the show. Unfortunatley, good hardworking women like Cynthia Often get burned in Divorce and the men end up better off financially. Don't be surprised if Cynthia returns to the show once she knows it is financially safe to do so and she can earn money without splitting it with Peter. Eitherway, I wish her well and hope she finds happiness cause she is a beautiful woman inside and outside and she deserves the best. God Bless her.

      • couldn't agree more @Gina. well said. but her doggone family forewarned her about that cash-poor dark skin sap from jumpstreet to not marry him but sadly she's learning the hard way.

  2. Smart Move!! Otherwise she will have to break Peter off with some.of that RHOA $$$. She.will return once.divorce is final.

  3. She wasted so much time and money on him -this divorce is going to get nasty. He made her look like a fool for every season.

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