TI & Tiny Breakup, Tiny Moves Out!

ti tiny breakup

According to sources, T.I. and Tiny have reportedly broken up. Even though they just had a new baby, she has had “enough of their relationship.”

“They’ve separated again. It’s sad because they just had a daughter, but Tiny has had enough of their relationship. She’s even moved out.”

The new season of T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle is about to air, so the couple is trying to keep up appearances to make it seem like they’re still together.

This isn’t the first time the two have broken up, so don’t be surprised if they get back together in a few months.


  1. T I is philandering, baby making machine….He stays on the scene, like a sex machine! Love will never change a man! What you see, is what you get! Tiny doesn't even love herself, so how could anyone else love you! He's the type of man that likes variety, at all times, but wants a submissive, non complaining wife at home…He's a street dude, and they never stray from that life! His love isn't of the conventional kind.

      • Can't say 100% for sure but Floyd SAID HE DID right to Tip's face so…
        It is quite the possibility!

      • Some men enjoy effing another man's woman just for the sense of humiliating them. I'm sure it wasn't because he was so attracted to her.

  2. this peculiar face having heffa gonna be 70 years old and still wearing loud hair color in her head. entirely too up in age for that crap. and TI's gonna always be a industry ho who loves a variety. he only got with oink-oink to try and please the likes of Hollyweird, knowing he's no where near the family man type. who the hell he think he's kidding….himself.

    • ROFLMAO @ Peculiar Face having heffa!!!!

      Reminds me of that old episode of Twilight Zone when the whole entire planet were pig-faced people and the lady with hospital bandages on her face complaining that she was ugly was the normal one when they took the bandages off. Let's just say, Tiny's space ship missed her stop. LOL

      • ^^^^^^^^ COMPLETELY Down On The Floor (IN TEARS), LMMFAO!!! So the "Twilight Zone" Ship skipped her stop altogether like a bus riding past someone dressed in all black at night time, huh???!!! SUPA funny ish…WOWSERS!!! I'm more than a zillion percent sure that he has to bang her from behind with the lights off (Total darkness) just to keep from looking at that hella lop sided azz if hers!!! He has WAY too much money for her butt to leg ratio to be THAT far off! IJS!

  3. Oh, these comments bout Tiny are funny as hell…

    Y'all know y'all wroooonnnnngg, LOL!

    • Self-hate…she claims she kept her nose because of her dad, BS. She knew she would be totally unrecognizable w/o that snout and people would be dogging her more than they do now.

    • I think Tiny is better looking on that picture, just like Li'l Kim looks better as her natural self.

    • This woman has done everything and I mean everything to keep this man interested including inviting other women into her marital bed. Maybe she finally sees that he is just not going to change. What man with a wife and children buys a strip club? Come on now Tiny…. The writing was on the wall with all the outside children he had while they were together.

      I kind of wish she could have had something with Mayweather, that would have taught him, lol!

  4. Wait! Isn't the house hers?!?!? She bought that house with Exscape checks, why is she the one moving out? I've also noticed how alot of couples that are together for years & years then get married never seem to make it. Still sad to hear this.

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