Baltimore Officer Acquitted of All Charges in Freddie Gray Case

brian rice freddie gray acquitted

Lt. Brian Rice, the highest-ranking officer charged in Freddie Gray’s arrest and death has been acquitted and found not guilty of all charges.

It’s a devastating blow for the prosecution who has now tried four out of six offices indicted, none of which have been convicted.

Judge Barry G. Williams acquitted Rice of manslaughter, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office after the week-long trial.

The judge concluded that Rice didn’t commit a crime when he loaded Gray into a police transport van without a seat belt on April 12, 2015. Gray suffered a fatal neck injury as he was being taken to a nearby police station.

Now the state is wondering if they should even move forward with charges against the remaining officers or drop them altogether.

Police arrested Gray in West Baltimore after he ran from police on bike patrol. Rice and the other officers shackled his wrists and legs and put him in the back of the prisoner compartment of the police van without restraining him. During the ride, Gray fell and struck his head. He died of his injuries a week later.

The defense stated Gray was “belligerent,” which made it “too dangerous” for officers to climb into the prisoner compartment and buckle him in. They also said they feared for their safety when a group of “angry onlookers” surrounded the van.

So far, all 16 witness called to testify spoke out against the officers charged in the case.


  1. That picture posted was perfect for the story. With everything going on now his ass will need round the clock protection from the Sheriff Dept and anybody else willing to be paid for his security. In the past I wouldn't think more that how unfair it is. Now, I think he damn sure better watch his ass because somebody somewhere is going to get him. I'm very surprised Zimmerman is still walking around here but his time is coming too.



  2. Why did they cuff and shackle that man like alone? He was bounced and tossed around with no way to position himself. It was sadistic! White people must admit that they wouldn't want to be treated the way they treat black people in this country and until they do, nothing changes. Nothing.

  3. Its on people civil unrest in america martial law its a big agenda crisis actors pure hell this summer get your ? water dry foods etc ready but only 1/3 of us are gonna get this n make it out and 2/3 will be wiped out fema camps armor tank trucks false flags coup wake up america the 85% 10% and the 5% nation but only 5% is gonna get this real info obama stays in the chair suspend the 2016 election stay in power then usher in the new world order collapse the monetary system the dollar etc bank runs its going dwn and i hope yall ready ✌ n love vibrations

  4. If they managed to get restraints on him prior to getting him in the van, what possible harm could they have come to? There is no excuse for not restraining that poor man once he was inside the van. I wonder why they didn't just drag him from a rope attached to the boot of their van. I bet they took the corners harsh and fast.

    I feel that America is one step nearer to civil unrest.

  5. Off topic, has any watch the Hateful 8 starring Samuel L. ackson, Kurt Russell, etc.? It's a spaghetti western flick. Well, I've watched the film for the first time last night and it had seriously caught my attention. Race relations, law enforcement and the mentioning of Baton Rouge?? This film was released last December!!

  6. What if it were the other way around. Would you be able to convict a Black officer with a family over a White career criminal?

    Off topic. Tarantino is a coldblooded director

    • You are very brave to make such a statement here, and I agree with you. From everything I have read, Freddie Gray was on a fast track to an early death even if this had never happened. There isn't much of a future for a heroin addicted heroin street dealer in Baltimore(see The Wire and Drugs Inc.)
      I don't mean to be cold hearted, but the massive settlement which was given to the Gray family by the city was probably the major accomplishment of his troubled life whether he had passed during his shackling or not. RIP FG

      • Who are you to judge and criticize someone else's lifestyle? That is like saying if he was homeless, his life is worthless and he would never have amounted to anything…BS.

        You never know what someone's walk is supposed to entail and what they have to go through to get to come out better on the other side.

        Just because he was once those things does not mean he was not taking steps to become better and from what I heard he was trying to better himself.

        Neither you or the the OP has the right to judge another's life, because no person on this earth is perfect.

        So no even if it was the other way around, this shit would not have been okay. A human life was taken and from what I know as long as he did not rape or murder another, he deserved humane treatment, because even in those cases scum like that get a trial. This man was riding his bike and minding his own business.

        His spine was severed before he even made it to the van. If you noticed how they were dragging him to it. And tossing him in there like a sack of garbage was the nail in HIS coffin…definitely RIP Mr. Gray, your life mattered.

  7. Isn't old boy DeRay of Black Lives Matter in Baltimore? Why isn't he out front leading a protest and marching about this travesty?

    • Yes Anonymous. DeRay lives in an exceptionally grand home leased for him by a rich Maryland resident who is affiliated with Soros.

      • Yes… while DeRay is comfy cozy living rent free in the $680k+ property gifted to him by Soros' buddy & his wife & reaping the benefits of his new $134k+ job that gives him access to a $56M budget…

  8. It seems to me that most of the police depts have black men in charge who give the orders to shoot to kill to the police on the streets.

    • Uh no. This shit has been going on since there was such a thing as police, the klan needed legal ways to kill black men, w/o going to prison themselves.

  9. Once again white supremacy protects one of their Ku Klux cops! In the eyes of white supremacy, we are still three fifths of a human being. Notice that President Obama has said nothing about the acquittal of the cops who murdered Freddie Gray. Last statement, thank God for Marilyn Mosby. She tried her best to put those cops in prison. We need more sistas like Marliyn Mosby!

  10. Can't blame white supremacy on the cop's acquittal. Blame Ms. Mosby. In fact, read the court transcripts. Ms. Mosby's inexperience, and rush to judgement caused this. SHE has to prove the charges she dealt to the cops. PLUS, the medical autopsy report is what caused the cops to walk free…read it. Also there was a witness in the van who reported how Freddie was acting in van. Then, there's the video where it showed the cops making several stops to check Gray. BUT YOU HAVE TO READ THE COURT TRANSCRIPTS, then you decide. Also, there are angry Black community activists who had a meeting with Mosby. They found out it was a MEMO she sent to the police dept, that forced the cops to make arrest or face write ups.

    • Nice to see someone who does their research before mouthing off. You explained it exactly correctly. Mosby rushed into charging the cop.

      Rookie mistake,,,meaning a rookie DA.

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