Amber Rose Takes Shots at Kanye’s Butt Activities in New Emoji App

amber rose kanye west emoji

Although Amber Rose made amends (a.k.a. got paid off) she’s still taking shots at her ex, Kanye West, and his love for having fingers up his azz.

Although the fingers in the booty duties have been passed off to Kanye’s wife, Kim, Amber is still taking shots at her former lover.

Last night, she launched her new emoji app, and a few of them are kind of suspect. There’s a gay guy coming out of a closet with a trail of rainbows behind him, and a graphic of Amber dressed up as a nurse while putting on a rubber glove.

amber rose emoji

Yup, she’s definitely taking shots at Yeezy!


  1. Guess amber miss putting her fingers up kanyes ass she's bisexual so yeah I can see her wanting to strap up with dildo on a guy no telling what chyna told her about the kardashians

      • And all the trannies they f*cked wonder did Kris ever f*ck a black man and made Bruce watch

        • I would think they both were in on the action, you know Bruceilla always wanted
          some black men and to be on his knees..

          • Heard Bruce sucked ojs dick back in the ,80s he wanna holler now since he changed dace chappelle made fun of his trans ass and pissed Kylie off

    • Probably said what we know about Kris.
      Queen of the strsp on
      Heard thats what happend to Bruce/Caitlyn

  2. Every time Kanye goes to Paris (France), he is ALWAYS spotted at a gay club called "Le Dépot" and guess what this gay club is located in the gay area of Paris !
    "Coincidence" ? I think not !

  3. Amber needs to shut up. She took their money and now she's using this to make more $ via an emoji app. She's no better than these other goes.

    • Kanye likes fingers in his ass! I guess the Chris Rock movie Top Five had some truth in it after all!

  4. Guess amber miss finger f*cking kanyes ass or she wanna finger another guys assbor girls ass in her case

  5. A real G would have had Amber Rose killed. That's what Jay-Z did to Kathy White. This is proof that Kanye is no real G. He is just a DL cock sucking bitch who is under the satanic spell of the KKK witches! When he becomes the blood sacrifice for the Kardashians, I will not lose any sleep!

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