Comedian Michael Blackson Puts Trans Sidney Starr On Blast!

michael blackson sidney starr

Trans Sidney Starr is still a squirrel trying to get a nut. The Hip Hop groupie came across Meet the Blacks star Michael Blackson’s Instagram page, and decided to hit him up with an offer he couldn’t refuse…or so she thought!

Not only did Michael turn her down, but he completely dragged her and shamed her for being transgender. He proceeded to post their entire conversation on social media, and he ended their correspondence with, “Now take your tucked up d*** and balls somewhere else you handsome b****”

Hold this “L” Sidney.


  1. this is absolutely hilarious!!! hope he goes in some more, we can all use the laughs…

  2. His ugly ass is mad because a female won't ever take any amount of money in the world to f*ck with him and he THOUGHT a trans was gonna be easier lol What the f*ck is wrong with these stupid ass ugly ass males

  3. Comment: Actually #CodeRed his ugly ass got a talented fine ass ripe chocolate girl, her name is Georgia Reign.

  4. This bitch was on Atlanta Plastic last night getting a tattoo remove. She is over dramatic

  5. These trannies need to stop it …. if you tying to fool a nikka , they ready to take yo a55 out… on the real . a feminine male aka female is not a woman. and never will be, cant even grow into one

  6. that's why these damn monstrous-looking women with dicks end up dead f*ckin with the wrong type of men. whether he looks on the down low, bisexual or give you that vibe that he is, not all men are with that shit regarding those too-much-nerve having slut hos choosing up on them. Blackson shoulda whooped that ass good and sent a signal. trannies got too much damn guts these days, hence again why most end up six feet under

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