Nicki Minaj’s Camp Behind Swaggy P Video Leak

nicki minaj leaked swaggy p video

Rumor has it, Nicki Minaj’s camp is behind the Swaggy P video leak where he admits to cheating on his fiancée, Iggy Azalea.

In a press conference, D’Angelo Russell admitted the video got into the wrong hands, but he didn’t elaborate on exactly how the video got leaked and went viral. But now we know the truth!

Fameolous, the blog that leaked the video, told ESPN radio the original video was posted on D’Angelo Russell’s SnapChat. Someone from Nicki Minaj’s camp saw the video and leaked it to Fameolous. Apparently, Nicki was in her feelings after Iggy made a comment that they both have numerous people writing their rhymes for them.

Peep Fameolous’ interview with ESPN here.


  1. Something doesn't smell right here, come on people wake up. We know how the elite get down, Iggy and Nick's whole love was a set up. Promoting "Swirling" to the masses. Iggy getting cheated on was probably a ritual!

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