Who’s Jacky Talking About? – October 3, 2014


Our blind items artist, Tracy T, is rumored to providing sexual favors to his “Boss” for an album release. Don’t believe me.. Ask Malita Rice.

Here’s the drop:

“Ever since our blind item bought his mansion in Atlanta — Tracy T left his mothers house to reside with him.

He’s following Birdman’s footsteps and he’s treating Tracy T, like an Asian trade student.”

Tracy T has been heard pleading weekly to our blind items manager Gucci Pucci, to get a record out before Meek Mill comes home from prison.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. William Roberts is from Mississippi not Miami, we don’t condone the homosexual industry power behavior as seen in the likes of Birdman, Puffy etc..


    • They all a bunch of bitches with their asses in the sky, treating women likes dogs and licking men buttholes. UGH just nasty ass dogs. Rick titties are bigger than a woman’s
      Boy carry YIUR ass back home to momma

  2. The things people do for money…I see rap’s real ‘Titty Boi’ jumped head-first (No pun intended) into being yet another Industry predator. More submissive black celeb shit.

      • Raheim,

        You know me I had to go look.So I followed a link for his Instagram to his video.
        Chile……….chile…….. Chile……
        Woo chile….I am not ready and I will never be ready
        No wonder everybody thinks black people are stupid. Videos like that don’t do us any favors. They propagate the lie.

        I apologize in advance for those who see this post and get offended, but it’s the way I feel.

        • Yeah GUF, I couldn’t listen to one of his bullshit ‘songs’ for more than a minute–His voice is too high for rap, he’s being saved by the beat like so many other contemporary rappers, and everyone knows he doesn’t have the money he’s rapping about if he’s allowing Officer Ricky to treat him like a Prostitute (Word to Slick Rick). Furthermore, it’s interesting how these two posts are becoming truer by the day:


          ‘…We have your favorite male stars on tape begging to give industry men oral for slots on a particular tour, bookings on SNL or to perform at certain events. We have many of them on tape renouncing their Lord and savior. Like they say the eyes are the window to the soul and when they get empty so too is the soul.’



          ‘…We would ask people after they auditioned or whatever what would you do to make it? We had a list. Each thing was more way out than the last one. We asked a female singer once if she would sleep with everyone in the room? Without missing a beat she hopped up on the desk legs open and asked who was first?

          You gotta understand a lot of the people who wanted fame were little sissy boys who sang in church. We turned a few of those dudes into gangster rappers or sexy R & B singers. At their core they were still those little boys who jumped rope with the girls back in the day. We would put them in situations they liked but we could control.’

  3. There ought to be a Federal and State Law that says people who look like Rick Ross are not allowed to have sex.

    • What woman in her right mind would sex Rick? He has to go the nasty route, he’s obese and cockeyed and tatted up like your neighborhood crackhead, even for money, the woman has to be as high as a kite to sex Rick. The only other option is men who are nasty and down low/homosexual already. No straight man is gay for pay.

      • Y’all sleep!! Ross can be very charming, which makes him attractive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!

  4. For Some Of You Who Do’t Know Tracy T Is A Man
    Officer Free Way Is A Raccoon Looking Pillsbury Dough Boy! He’s More Like Cyril Sneer Crafty And Crocked


    • Again…do you have anything else to say. You are becoming the record on repeat. Just worry about you staying away. Overkill will not only irritate people and your message will be lost.

  6. shit like this is happening in ANY field of careers all over the world. when i was high school, there was a boy that was in a group home and he said that the STAFF got caught having butt ass naked sex with the supervisor in the pantry after midnight LOL corruption much

  7. Music is horrible. Absolutely sick and tired of that down south music.

  8. Okay. It all makes sense now. I saw this guy (Tracy T) sitting next to Rick Ross at the most recent MTV awards show (where Beyoncé was presented with an award by her husband and baby). I thought to myself, “Wow. Did Rick bring his girlfriend (girly looking man) with him out in the open to a major awards show?” These rappers are becoming so brave with their homosexual lifestyles. Like someone else said, this world is really changing. If you taped the show, or have access to the recording, take a look for yourself. The camera briefly showed those two together…and TracyT was VERY flamboyant. He’s not in the closet. He looks like one of the bois in da club… I really did believe Rick Ross liked women, until I saw him sitting with TracyT. I immediately knew I assumed incorrectly after seeing those two together. Rick looked uncomfortable when the camera hit them too.

    • Yep. most rappers hip hoppers are down low gay. thats why they got in da game. g’s up, hoes down, remember?

  9. lets get to the issue at hand the blind item shoulda been tracyt this was a no brainer….

  10. Rick big nasty stinky ass needs to leave these young boys alone.
    The world is gone to nuts — all the rappers sleeping with wach other, then they treat women like dogs and with no respect. Nasty dogs

  11. That’s always the first sign of a down low fag, treating women like dogs for no justifiable reason. They hate women, they hate their mothers. Gays are not your friends.

    • @Lucid PREACH. Down lows HATE HATE HATE BW! I school as many sis as I can about them. down lows go OFF on women, its laughable when they have the sissy fits. There are a good number at this page having HISSY FITS and can’t spell typing in all UPPERCASE on the section 8 govt phone texting after they smashed their boy bae LOL!

      • You know why down low/gay men hate black women? They want to be us! Have you noticed every gay man tries to act like a steriotypic black woman. Go figure that one! Lol

      • Whoa! at Thee1 .. I agree. DL black men secretly hate us. I had a good friend a few yrs ago, took him in as a rmmate ..would always be gone for dayz, said he was at his girlfriends house. I never saw her or even heard him talk on the phone to her. But what got me was he always had something negative and ugly to say about black women. I didn’t want to hear the sh*t and told him no dissing ANY woman in my apt! But I always thought he was on the DL becuz he so wanted to clown even the most educated and/or beautiful sistas.

        • …unwarranted negative comments at that! Even my Essence mag on the table, he make some nasty comment about the lovely lady..don’t know her from adam, but had to say something nasty. gtfoh!! LOL!

  12. You all are giving very accurate examples of the alternative lifestyles that are so prevalent today. We can not allow ourselves to turn to hate when we can turn to prayer. Not everyone will accept the prayer call but that is what Jesus instructed us to do. No fighting, no hating but listening to the Holy Spirit and acting obediently as you allow yourselves to be led.

    Your stories are real and many people can relate to someone they know that fits the examples shared in the comments above. Please remember that people have free will and God has a plan and a place for all of us. We can’t and should not run each other away, and yes that includes people with gay, lesbian, TG and alternative lifestyles, but we should also not be deceived. We can obey God peacefully without confusion through peace, love and prayer. We have to raise our children wisely and we also have to treat our wives’ with love, honor and respect. In the bible it says “A wise man learns from his mistakes but a “wiser” man learns from other men’s mistakes.” Let’s pray.

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