Singer Tank Arrested In San Fernando Valley

Singer Tank Arrested

Civil Disobedience or just Disobedient?

TGT’s very own, Tank, was stopped by LAPD for using his mobile phone while driving and ended up getting arrested. Know why? Because the R&B singer refused to obey the officers orders.

Here’s what’s been reported so far:

“Law enforcement sources say Tank was in the Van Nuys area of L.A. when officers spotted him behind the wheel, and on his phonewhich is illegal in California.


When officers asked Tank for his drivers license. He allegedly refused to hand it over … so he was arrested for failure to obey an officer. “

Tank is still in custody…


  1. Really. This is harrassment. Of all the ish that celebrities do illegally and you pull Tank over for a cellphone. Why didn’ t he just write dude a ticket and keep it moving.

    • Wait, wait , wait , wait a minute! Tank had on a phone watch and these fools says its illegal to use? A phone watch is equivalent to a wireless Bluetooth! Verizon was the first ones to introduce the phone watch! WTF?! Somebody please explain to me what am I missing!?

  2. I’m going to have to be on the officers side with this one. Tank has been known to be standoffish with the police. Remember that year in New Orleans at the esscence festival when he got maced and tazed because he was coping an attitude with police and not following directions. I’m sure he will try to say he got arrested because he was black but it seems this is his track record.

  3. It’s ok…..album is coming out. Getting arrested seems to be the new modus operandi for advertising and marketing yo isht.

  4. All Celebrities Think Their Above The Law Because Their Celebrities

    2 Years Reese Witherspoon And Her Husband Were Arrested They Were Stopped By Police While Reese’s Husband Was Driving
    Not Sure What Happen Maybe Reese’s Husband Was Drunk Or Speeding. Reese Told The Cop Who She Was And The Cop Didn’t Know Her

  5. Thats good for his old faggot ass. Society dont give a f*ck who or what you is

  6. Another N wake up call. Wake me up later I got no love for him, big deal! You ain’t no white boy when the po po asks for your ID — give the po po your damn ID!!

  7. I pray he isnt one of those spitting Moorish Divine rhetoric or being rowdy to police while riding without a seat belt, valid license/registration, texting, sexting, under the influence, a dirty pistol in an unlocked glovebox, weed in the trunk… Lenny Kravitz should teach these folks how to deal with the law and walk away scratch free with no citation.

  8. He always has a problem, follow orders and stop wasting money, going to jail for bullshit. Nigga wake up, you’re black, follow orders. SMDH

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