Iggy-Less T.I. Rejected From The Roosevelt!


TI's Roosevelt Rejection

HSK Exclusive – New management at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel is reported to be sticking to a strict “Europeans Only” rule. Just ask T.I., who was recently turned away from entering the party spot.

That’s according to witnesses, who exclusively tell HSK … Troubleman wasn’t alone during his public rejection, placing his “young Black side chick with long Black weave” and “his oldest son” at the scene with him.

Dig the Drop:

“I’ve seen him at Teddy’s before, but his was inside and Iggy was with him. He looked hella stupid the last time I saw him.

They’re only letting Europeans in there now. It’s even worse than it was before. The only thing that’s the same is the DJ stays playin’ Black music.”


  1. Lawd…
    THESE mofos kill me draggin their sons with them while chillin with the other woman. Just teaching them to be dawgs….smh.

  2. Did he just get his n***a wake up call?

    I bet ‘Fancy’ was playing somewhere in the background as they showed his ass the door –

  3. I betcha now he”ll learn to leave that albino looking ass kangeroo alone. See, right there should tell his dumbass that racism is still in full swing. And if he and the rest of us don’t get our shit together we are f*cked! Plain and simple. We don’t have a problem, we got a situation right here!

    • How many times have we seen this scene. She needed someone to step in the door. You don’t see Tommy Mottola or some other rich honcho stepping up to the plate. So she goes with Ti and uses his connections / music culture to earn her coin. Once established, the big honchos recognize the earning potential and that is when they will step in and she will kick Ti to the curb. He won’t enjoy the fruits of his labor with her. She needs to get into the culture, she is playing the role with the black playa boyfriend, the whole works.

      • ^^THIS ALL DAY LONG. I can’t stand that UNLOYAL MALE HOE. He think his ‘bright skin’ makes him better than the average BP? LOL thats the thing about ghetto coons they don’t really understand to WP that … ALL BLACK SKIN IS BLACK! I do laugh at ‘light skins’ who get their N wake up call, flossing as though they special, LOL

  4. Sellouts stay in diapers, i would s**t on them too. Brothas, nobody respects ass-kissing negros. Some among are pig-headed to a fault. Tip looking crazy right now, all this ain’t worth some pale cooch on the side, just saying!!!

      • What’s Good Sis? I’ll say it like this. For us to assume that another race of men will allow us to keep f**king their women without limits is beyond naive. I can’t be mad at them whitebois, self-preservation over everything. Yeah, Caucasian women are attracted to us, but, we can’t claim them like that…Real Talk! Tip got some pale punany, and his mind got blowed. Bro, you ain’t the only one digging for ice cream in the snow. Lotta cats doing the same s**t, i digress. Sistas are the finest women on the planet, we ain’t desperate like that Tip…Get Your Mind Right? It’s crazy Sis, don’t try to understand this…Migraines!!!

    • Iggy Is Just Tool She’s Being Used “They” See Her As A Rapping Barbie Doll With Fake Boobs And Azz!
      Give It 1-2 Years This Biatch Will Disappear Female Rapper’s Do’t Last Long Is Man’s Sport. People Are Getting Bored Of Iggy!
      She’s Fake Her Voice Is Annoying

      • Iggy is the personification of the “White Gold Complex” that permeates the psyche of hood niggas the world over. In pimpin, a white chick is the most prized because every colored man on the planet wants to give her a tan…Recessive Tendencies! All the fellas wanna smash a Becky, because, whitemen are perceived as weak and unmasculine. So, women like Iggy are placed on a false pedestal by blackmen, and other colored guys that wanna stick it to whitey more or less…Power Play! Of course, they love having other men fight over them. Which creates the arrogance and uppity attitudes. Whitewomen are attractive, all women are attractive. This is about power, Please Believe!!!

  5. Who dat who dat bye bye nigger T.I. dem white folks told you noooooooooooooooooo!…….Lol medicore that dummy

  6. Who dat who dat bye bye nigg*r T.I. dem white folks told you nooooooooooooooooooooo!……Mediocre that Lol

  7. yes ….this mofo go learn…..racism is well and alive nigga….you look out for this racist bitch instead of a sista….shit pose to happen to his self out sambo cooning ass

  8. black ppl are hated so much mofos go to the extend of creating aids and ebola to wipe out the population…when are Negros go learn.rude awakening is right around the corner folks ..

  9. that bitch is a racist…ugly bitch…..will never be accepted into the black culture…..so keep trying clear channel …it aint happening…hip hop belongs to blacks along with jazz, rock and roll, r and b, reggae, calypso and soca….real talk …stop allowing respectful racist bitches to bite of the culture…respect bitch…….you aint from the south….the machine created u

  10. that bitch is a racist…ugly bitch…..will never be accepted into the black culture…..so keep trying clear channel …it aint happening…hip hop belongs to blacks along with jazz, rock and roll, r and b, reggae, calypso and soca….heck even the african history have been hijack….real talk …stop allowing disrespectful racist bitches like iggy and non whites to bite of the culture…respect bitch…….you aint from the south….the machine created u

  11. they even try to hijack twerking when black girls/women been twerking in the strip clubs for over over 20 years. They act as if it was miley cyrus (or what ever the hell her name is) who created it. When white girls started doing it’s no longer considered ratchet and ghetto lol. ppl be killing with that bias shit

  12. Thats what the f*ck he get uncletom ass kissing bitch. Where was her loyalty to ti i didn here about her refusing to not enter if he culdnt get in. Iggy was letting ti kno u still a nigga lmao againthat what he gets.

  13. And he will continue to go hard for this Casper looking pig! Dumb negroes are the worst cancer to the Black community!

  14. seems like worshipping whites is the thing to do.

    first kanmye tells Obama to keep kim’s name out of her mouth.

    let kanyer tel;l anybody white that.

    phukk these whitegirl lovers.

    everytime a white says something offensdive blacks say he was just playing.

    Justin bieber saying run nigger on his tape when he was 15 forget age at 15 you kinow racial slurs.

    guess it doesn’t matter since usher making money off him.

    gweneth paltrow said the n word jigga, ice t, and nas defending her a shame.

    when ice t was considered a gangster rapper and a threat nobody white defende him.

    nobody white rode for jigga when he was on trial for stabbing lance.

    we wanna defend a white girl for saying a racial slur sit your sell out ass down.

    phukk iggy Azuela tip can have her.

    phukk all these traitors that’s why whites are killing us we don’t casre about our own.

    black men love white girls too much to defend themselves.

    how can you protest racism and still weanna go out and date yt’s daughters and sons.

    • One thing for certain, two things for sure,

      Kanye better keep Obsma’s name out of his mouth.
      Don’t get it twisted…Obama is nothing to play with. He looks warm and soft and fuzzy but that Obama does NOT PLAY.

      Kanye better look down that rabbit hole and shut the hell up.
      Don’t believe me..play with it and see what happens.

      • Its a LEO thing, Obama is a leo, think of all the leos you know, warm, fuzzy, outgoing, silly, socialable, but the minute you treat them unjustly, you’ll then realize exactly why they’re represented by the animal Lion.

  15. boosie can go back to jail his rap style hasn’t evolved.

    phukk steve Harvey, whoopi’s sell out aunt jemioma looking ass she told ted danmson it was cool to wear blackface and even ted thought it was a bad idea but guess whoopi really had some good ass and mouth.

    whoopi was upset at black America cause they didn’t laugh at ted doing blackface we didn’t get the joke. that BITCH WAS SMOKING SOME GOOD CHIT.





  16. My brother just stayed there for five days this summer with his black family, I had no problems going to the pool are any other party they had while he was staying at the hotel they just don’t want any trouble,

    • Thanks for this info… It goes perfectly with my feelings that it probably was a behavior issue as opposed to a race thing….

      Negroes in Hollywood show up to these historic (in the white entertainment world) acting a fool, expecting VIP treatment and with large entourages.. Plus TI was probably REALLY feeling himself because he showed up with a ‘white’ girl…

      Ijs- I’m not letting anyone into my establishment black or white with the above credentials. If it was indeed racism expressed- call Al Sharpton. But if was Tip acting a doggone coon with his Hollywood antics- I concur with the Roosevelt.

      My two cents.

  17. He hasn’t had a herpes outbreak in a while. Every other Tuesday was a feature of his fever blister. What happened?

  18. LOL you guys in here CRYING racism this and racism that
    yet in the same tone calling that young lady our her name “Albino Kangaroo”

    seriously reflect from within people….you will find the root of racism right there

    if you want to change it ……start changing it from within …..#justsayin

  19. even his white pasty gecko looking bytch couldn’t even save his black coon azz

    this moterf*cker thought this clown looking bytch was he’s (great white hope)

  20. See when u sell ur soul they put u on the frontline for stupidity like to for example this dude say he’s a king but real kings are not confused between being rapper and a drop boy,serving God and the devil…..ti wake up u lame and lost

  21. No comment on Iggy’s rapping ability but let me share this;

    Once my ex husband and I were taking a road trip. We stopped off at nationwide chain dinner. There were nothing but white people there. They did not want to wait on us.
    A white couple came in behind us, and a waitress said can I help you?

    I need ya’ll to know this couple put them in check so fast. They embarrassed everybody.

    So what’s my point ?

    This..If IGGY wanted to she could have put them in check.
    That white couple did not know us from Adam.
    But TI has done big things for IGGY, and that is how she shows her gratitude.

    • Sorry you and your man experienced that bullshit. Hope you did not eat at that place. Avoid any place that is gonna diss you from the jump! NEVER trust a racist with their thumb on your plate.

  22. I’ve never had a problem getting into Teddy’s ever & I’m Black. My brothers & friends are also Black & we go at least twice a month. Hilarious.

    • Jow,

      I went over to their web page and they are under new management. So that part checked out. But I read reviews of the Roosevelt, and I saw that a couple of black people had nice things to say about the service.
      I am sure HSK is familiar with libel laws. I am sure they double checked their sources.
      But if they did not I would be puzzled.

  23. T.I Should Be Ashamed Of Himself “Look At The T-Shirt He’s Wearing” Black Hollywood Are Dumb

  24. Wow they must have a strict no Uncle Tom policy. Or an even stricter no
    Informant policy. Either way reality check. You can turn your back on black people
    But the white people still won’t respect you any differently.
    Check mate. Same Tom who said iggie can call all black people n*****
    Because she cool and not from America. That’s why him drake and bob up the n******
    Flick posing. Wonder if their light enough too ente?…

    • “they must have a strict no Uncle Tom policy”

      Hahaha, when I tell you I can’t even breath right now without my side killing me please believe it!


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