Who’s Jacky Talking About? – September 5, 2014



A month after signing with BET to shoot another reality show (her 3rd I believe), the network pulled the plug and gave today’s blind item the boot. Know why? Because our blind item was too busy chasing professional athletes, being a diva and not showing up for taping.

Here’s what an insider had to say:

“While on the road her DJ was threatening to leave the tour if he didn’t get paid. Her checks are bouncing and she needs an another athlete to save her.”

Now, Can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. My first thought was Keisha Cole but after reading @Black Enga’s answer, I’m going to say K. Michelle, also. We know how she really loves them NBA players.

    • K Michelle has had a reality show on BET, only Keyshia Cole was working on her 3rd reality show for BET. K was on VH1. that is sad.

        • The article didn’t say she did all her reality shows on BET, it just implied that one month after BET hired her they let her go and that it was her third reality show. So it could b K. Michelle.

  2. Don’ t know who it is. But Jacky i’ m so glad that u FINALLY decided to update with something new.

  3. It’s Keyshia Cole, K.Michelle hasn’t even had a reality show on BET,Vh1 pays more than BET. Plus Keyshia can’t come to terms with her music career being in the dumps, hence the diva attitude.

  4. This article is invalid and innacurate. its obviously Keyshia Cole because She said the new season of ”The Way It Is” is supposed to premiere SEPTEMBER 30TH lol if her paychecks bounced then She WOULD NOT be able to film MusicVideos for EVERY track on her next album

  5. Damn, Keisha Cole! WTF happened to her? She has the talent to do more with her career. My guess is that she’s unprofessional with a stank attitude. I don’t blame the Beyhive for her f*ck ups. Keisha did it to herself!

    • Keyshia Cole cannot sing live. She is a studio singer who has great producers who crank out hits for her. If you ever see her live, you’ll hear how little talent she has.

      • I saw her a couple of times at Embassador’s Lounge (RIP) in the bay (E40’s old club) and City Nights in SF. She would just walk on stage and start singing. I thought she sounded okay. Better than Rihanna. LOL. You know who I miss: Jaguar Wright.

        • She was at the House of Blues on Sunset when “Let It Go” was just released. Even her band and people who worked for her said they’d been waiting the length of her tour for her to sing a song on key. She had the nerve to try to sing other people’s songs in addition to hers, none of which I could recognize until she got to the choruses. I was HOT. Lol.

  6. This blind item sounds like Keyshia Cole. She has such a nasty attitude.I dont know what man could put up with her nonsense.

  7. didn’t this bytch get d*cked by young jeezy then ditched him because he made her famous

    keyisha honey child it’s karma you do shyt you get shyt it’s the circle of life is called karma treat people with respect not like toilet paper on shyt
    boobie cheated on her umm sounds fishy and familiar this bytch probably cheated on young jeezy vice versus

  8. IDK, when chasing athletes was stated her, Draya and Evelyn popped in my head haa haa. Never knew to much about K Cole though. Didn’t know she had gotten that desperate.

  9. When Keyshia moved her family from Oakland back to Atlanta, her fiancial manager told Keyshia that if she quit taking care of her family she will end up being broke. And damn if he didn’t hit it on the head.

    • Manny was bouncing City National Bank checks. When I saw copies of checks coming back as NSF, I knew there was trouble in paradise. This botch had a Ferrari, a Phantom and was bragging on her mansion and J12. Where is all of that shit now? I know she writes in addition to records and tours, but there really isn’t a demand for Keyshia right now. I hate to say it, but I think her career is over. I hope she has a plan b. She will need it.

  10. She aint broke. She will have 18yrs “Boobie Coin” She came from Nothing she wud never allow herself to go back to that existance. Yes she has a Stank Attitude and all the other Jackets that come with being in that World..Stank University Graduates Sarah Vaughn Dinah Washington Nancy Wilson Aretha Miss Ross Mary J. #Imjussayn.

  11. Ding Ding Ding, Ya’ll was right just saw the pic online that matches. It’s kinda sad though, guess that’s the price you pay for fame.

    Love the freedom of being the average Joe-ann, I never have to worry about staying relevant. Aint nobody checking for me except the landlord.

  12. gotta be Keyshia Cole’s irrelevant non-singing ass and her ghetto-ass ratchet-ass family, and her crackhead momma and ugly-ass sister with all them dman kids and various babydaddies.

  13. …oh and i just wanna say: i love Jacky so much for creating this blog/website HSK! she keeps it r-e real huney!! Love yah Jacky

  14. Keyshia Cole or K. Michelle .. Keep singing all the way to the banks AND credit unions!! Haha! Music always wins baby!! Know that!

  15. Porsha, she was married to retired athlete and 3 season of rhoa she was demoted to friend her peach was taken away

  16. It’s definitely Keyshia Cole. K. Michelle should be good right now. Her album is out and she’s relevant. As of Keyshia Cole??? I know some of ya’ll saw her new video…Yea it looks low budget.


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