Who’s Jacky Talking About? – May 7, 2014


FAKE, FRAUD, and FUGAZI are the first words that come to mind, when describing this ‘just married’ KK pair…

While she stays in her own spizz, he remains set-up in his Hollywood Hills bachelor pad. That’s where we’re told she once showed up unannounced — only to discover a nekked man in his bed! Don’t believe me.. Ask Riccardo Tisci!

Our insider tells us.. he picks all the pieces she’s to wear for their photo-ops. Know why? Because dude really believes he’s a fashion connoisseur.

The majority of their pictured meetings are said to be “just for the press”. As for the pictorials featuring either of them pushing a baby stroller… There’s said to always be one thing missing: the baby! Don’t believe me.. Ask Bruce!

Now.. Can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • It amazes me how these women can marry men that they know are bisexual or homosexual. They have to know that their lives are worth more than the publicity. There are diseases out there that can kill you. It’s sad and they really don’t deserve any attention from the public. That’s the only way to shut that mess down.

      • Will Kim is the death of Kanye, she’s kied his career already I wonder what other rituals she has planned up her sleeve?

        • BS. He KNOWINGLY got with a Kardashian when we all know their reputation proceeds them. A man with common sense would stay clear, but he pursued. Here’s the thing Kanye is a narcissistic Looney. However he is an uber attention whore. Kim adds a dimension that was not available to him with Amber.

          Kim also has very deep pockets. Kanye has alleged money problems. It is an arrangement that suits them both. Kim is probably paying for his bachelor pad where he entertains his male boo thangs. Lol

      • now imagine all the women that are marrying gay men and bisexual men just for the money. Its that plain and simple. yes yes with famous people there’s publicity and fame, but you’ll find a lot more people do it for the money. Just ask the Dina from tge real Housewives of New Jersey, she married a gay man and let him and his partner live across the street before she was ever on that TV show.

        • Really? Wtf…I know she was fighting pretty hard to keep deets of her first marriage under wraps. Guess I know why now. Chile, ain’t enough money in the world….Wtf is wrong with these people???

      • Lol, you don’t worry about disease when you are diseased. Ho has been used more times then toilet paper and treated just like the toilet she is. No, that is for a decent woman, not this thing.

        • Lol, so true. I’d be far more worried about sharing a drink with her than him.

        • Thank you. Note he turns a blind eye to his ‘perfect bitch’ whore rep. You think if she were a black woman with the same rep he would claim her so proudly? Lmao. Errrr, no f*cking way. As well as being a neat arrangement that suits both parties. Kim being a non black woman, and especially a woman coveted by many black men, I am sure this pleases West a great deal as well. It allows him to move around in that Hollyweird world with his ‘ new negroe’ pass intact. Lol.

  1. Obviously Kimye Westrashian but who cares! WJTA is back! Yeaaaaaa!
    Anyway no one cares that this pair is married. I’m glad he rescued her from a life of sex work. And she gave him the longed for light skinned cross breed child but I’m over talking about them. The bit about the baby is interesting tho. I hope they haven’t misplaced her or something. She might be sitting somewhere in one of her dadys closets,lol

    • That was a mean thing to say about the baby. She didn’t choose her parents.

      • Nope. Mean would be calling her ugly or hairy which I never do. because she’s cute to me. I was clowning her devient fame whore parents by referencing the fact that Kanye is so closeted he keeps jetting off to Paris.
        I don’t mock the baby cuz that kid is smart. Everytime u catch er face when she’s with her parents shes looking like “Wtf? Am I 18 yet ?Kylie? kendall?? Anyone???? Heeeeeelllllpppppp!”

    • Nori was nicknamed “Ignori” by a poster on another blog because she probably is ignored by her parents and trotted out for photo ops then ignored until the next time – poor baby.

      • None of those celebrities really take care of their babies though. Poor little Blue thinks her Guatemalan nanny is mommy. I can’t judge because I would do the same thing if I had a baby.
        I mean I would love the kid and all but changing diapers and cleaning up puke is not my thing.

        • Lol…(about the diapers etc)…as far as Blue thinking her Guatemalan nanny is her mommy…she might actually be right. Biologically speaking only. She seems to be properly attached to Bey so some time together is being spent.
          Mariah Carey came right out and said she fires nannies for thinking they are more important to the kids than she is.

  2. Kimye

    So they really have Kanye by the balls, don’t they?

    He really gay, so he gotta do what they say.

    Kris is the pimp for the ho called Kim and
    TPTB in Hollyweird decide Kanye’s beard.

    Well if he thought he was too good for his race, the Kartrashians are now puttin’ him in his place.

    I got no time for little black boys who don’t know a dick don’t belong back, ahem, here,
    so Kanye need to just now turn around and take it in the rear.

    Whateva he gets from that Kartrashian Witch Klan, he deserves cuz his gay ass fed right into The Plan.

    • I dont think he fed into any plan. He knows he’s gay like many others so they get the model or high profile chick to be on their arm to make them seem hetero. Its a trade off. His image and record sales stays intact and she gets more attention and press. The baby is probably a “designer baby” where they get sperm from him and put in her egg and they agree on what attributes the child gets to have(yes they can really do this nowadays look it up). When these Hollywood kids are grown they’ll be all f*cked up from other stars and execs having their way with them and experimenting with all the shit around them thats available to get into. These stars be on some sick shit.

  3. Thanks for talking bout folks Jacky. We missed this portion the past few weeks!

  4. His fashion sense sucks. He dresses miss diaper booty terribly! She always looks awful..

    • Yes! I hate her jeans with denim shirt combos and those awful midriff baring cut in half dress things she always wears. Not cute at all.

      • She’s a head to toe mess.. literally. From the weave to the clothes to the frozen face.. its all a mess.

        Does she own a mirror? Does she use it?

        • You know what…I don’t like Kim but I think she was pretty before she had all the work done to her face. I’m also tired of Black women who talk smack about KK all the while trying to recreate her weave and makeup.

          • That woman was ugly then and less ugly now but it is all ugly.
            I am so sick of people taking these ugly people and trying to make them out to be anything but what they are, and that i ugly.

            • Thank you, she a fat ugly peasant woman. In ten years, she will have cheesy legs and a big lump of fat on her stomach and back.

          • CC, I think its more accurate that she tries to look like us, hence the weave and the booty implants. She not trying
            look more Armenian. She’s going for a “light -skinned -pretty girl in-da-strip- club” black girl look. She ain’t pulled it off, but she’s trying.

            • “She’s going for a “light -skinned -pretty girl in-da-strip- club” black girl look.”

              LMAO! You just broke it all the way down.

  5. I been said this thanks for using my words jacky lol the only talent kim has is Porno and marring guys just to be marring there’s no love what’s so ever this is all set up by kris Jenner she’s the courage behind all of this even her having that baby she didn’t want in the first place to keep the fame whoreing going I don’t believe nothing them kardahsians do is real and Kanye still fudge bust’en wow well the clothes he wares tells the entire story I feel bad for that innocent baby and the other grankids cause they next in kris’ s fame thirsty whoreing sad

  6. Kimye were never a believable couple but just an arrangement same thing with Jay Z and Beyonce. Both of them are media whores and narcissists.

    • Not the accomplished Chicago educator Donda West, but she bought into her son’s fame and glamor trip and that bogus plastic surgery killed her. Tragic loss. I don’t know what she’d make of this circus.

      • Too bad she’s not here to slap some sense into his head. He has really tried his best to reinvent Kim but no one is buying what they are selling.

  7. Oh gosh no! LIght grandbaby or not, there Is better fIsh In the sea. Rip Donda.

    But she’s been rolling and rolling ever since Kanye had her sacrificed.. is that the correct conjugation?

    • Kanye did not sacrifice his mama. Some of the most brilliant people do dumb things and she is no exception. She picked that creepy surgeon behind his being so good looking and on TV, and she didn’t do her due diligence. He had a bunch of law suits for malpractice before he operated on Donda West, but she apparently didn’t do her homework. It happens more than you would think. Smart people lose their money all the time because of schemes perpetrated by sheisty investment bankers. You gotta do your home work.

      • So sad she went out like that but I thought she died due to pre-exisisting health problems that complicated the surgery.

  8. My question is for Jacky himself, according to you, estimation that is, 95% of Hollywood is gay, so tell me this, which 5 black male actors are straight?

    • Five straight Black male actors: Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Danny Glover, Sidney Poitier, and James Earl Jones.

      • are you positive about that.

        saw a pic of sam kissing jamie foxx.

        and james earl jones and sidney been around for decades they seen some chit.

        don’t puyt nothing past any of them.

        • I seen Bruce Willis kiss Arnold Schwartzenegger and I know them niggaz ain’t gay. That’s just some Hollywood bullshit them guys do for effect.
          They like to shock folks.

        • He is not. i know everyone hates him here, but Sam ain’t gay. He just isn’t so get over it.

          I seen him cheat plenty and it’s always a phat ass with a smile and it’s always a black chick.

          • Tha t makes him bi. I seen Jamie fox x with a multitude of hoes but I know he will and has sucked a dick. Are u stupid or what? Gay or not gay is not determined by who u was with last night but by ALL the other nites.

      • Sam L. had to bend over big time for G.L. to play his character in Star Wars

        • Dn Cheadle, James Earl Jones and Sidney Poitier — all married YT and we know that is the gateway to homosexuality.

          • Don Cheadlrs baby momma is white? I thought she was just light skinned?
            Oh, and what about.old head in the game Billy Dee Williams. And isn’t is sad we are barrel scraping like this to.find a straight black man, lol

          • LOL! That is ridiculous. Since when is having relations with a white woman close to having relations with a man. Race should be one of the last things considered when looking for an ideal mate.

            • How do you know what all white women will accept from their man? Furthermore, let’s not pretend there aren’t Black women out there marrying and staying with men who are clearly gay just to be married.
              I did not write race should not be considered, I wrote race should be one of the LAST THINGS considered when choosing an ideal mate and I stand by that statement. Maybe those white women you describe prefer men with darker complexions. There is nothing wrong with having a preference but there are other factors involved in finding your ideal mate.

              Also Don Cheadles wife is biracial so she’s not white.

            • Anyone who thinks that white women don’t mind if their men have sex with other women is truly deluded. Of course they care. They are human just like everyone else. You can’t judge all white women based on KKK women anymore than you can judge all BW based on Beyonce and Nikki Minaj. That’s a whole different game. The white chicks I work with keep they men on a very tight leash at all times believe that.

            • survival of any race depends on who you breed with. so race is the first thing to consider …the elite know this that is why they constantly keep up with bloodlines and pedigree, if whites want to remain on this planet then you have to have children with whites…. same for blacks, or asian… any other combination is no longer .. until you combine with your like again for about 3 or 4 generations.

            • Oh, playing semantics now, one of the last… whateva.

              There is a joke on HSK about white women being the gateway to homosexuality, so just, eh, calm your hysterical white azz down.

              Oh, and when the playing field levels out, then race should be one of the last things to consider.

            • About five people have confirmed the wanna be mrs cheadle is black. Try to keep up. Damn.

            • His wife is MIXED!!!!

              Bridgid Coulter, (born August 2, 1968) is an African American and Caucasian actress whose worked in both film and television. She grew up in Berkeley, California. Coulter appeared in popular television programs such as: A Different World, Family Matters, Class of ’96 and Murder, She Wrote, and Martin. Coulter also appeared with her longtime boyfriend Don Cheadle in the 1997 film, Rosewood and has two children with him. She also appeared alongside

      • sorry, Samuel J use to suck dick for crack and goes to Eddie Murphey parties, James E. Jones not sure but married to a white woman so…may as well say he gay, Danny Glover looks like he likes to eat shit and Denzel hangs with Jay Z and is Boule so at least once a year he takes in the ass.

        • Denzel and lenny kravitz supposedly got it in a few times. Random as hayle, but nuttin shocks me.

  9. I feel sorry for Kanye. He needs some guidance from his father but it looks like that old man is too starstruck to do anything. If Dondra (sp) was around, none of this would be happening.

  10. This is a very odd blind item. because it doesn’t really tell us anything we don’t already know. Usually Jacky slyly includes an interesting tidbit that we don’t know about. Initially I thought he was implying that North does not even exist! But then I remembered the baby was photographed with Kim and Kanye on the set of their Vogue shoot. I am a little puzzled about the reference to Bruce. Perhaps he is the one who primarily babysits North, since she seems to with her parents very rarely.

    • Bruce could be HSK’s source?!? Bruce is so over all the shenanigans of the Ktrash family. But he better keep an eye on his youngest daughter.

      • like some yoiung girl is gonna take her dad serious who wear dresses anmd wants a dick just like her.

        if kanye phukks bruce hes sicker than him who wanntys to phukk bruce jenner in the ass anyway you gotta be doing it for the money.

  11. I feel sorry for North I couldn’t give a damn about these ratchet pair, that child will grow up to have resentment and all kinds of f*ckery fi real. I just hope she doesn’t have learning difficulties etc because boy I have never known 2 selfish set of parents!

  12. Dude don’t even look like himself nowadays. Sometimes I think he is being switched. Lil wayne spoke of seeing him in concert and during the whole concert he wore a mask, and at some point wayne questioned if the person behind the mask was actually kayne, wayne didn’t think so. Some of kim and ye photo ops seem to be testing the public to see if we can notice the differences in the kaynes. IJS

    • Oh my gosh I started noticing that to! One minute msn’s smiling, next geezers nose is screwed up like he stepped in dog shit LOL.

      • I’m telling u he is kind controlled. PMK mist be his handler. He grew up in Chicago, but now he talks like he grew up in the valley. So strange.

  13. kanye is p*ssywooped and he regrets getting with her.

    he praised her white ass he have to deal with her then he got to pay her child support and she’s entitled to ha;f his fortune.

    never marry a kardashian.

    • should’ve listened to his own damn song “18 years” kanye voice. Don’t pity this overhyped/overrated fool at all he’s getting exactly what he deserves.

      I think this point in Hollywood times and having everything on the net whether pics/very detailed stories by credible sources I don’t see why a bit or gay artist hides their sexuality since the upper echelon of hollyweird has promoted all types/forms of sexuality and gender roles. I also think the women (and men) who are bearding/having kids/publicly faking what a true relationship is are just as bad as the significant other. Kids are innocent and don’t ask to be born just to be exploited by desperate attention whores.
      Drake c’mon out….Kanye c’mon out…Jayz c’mon out…Puffy c’mon out……the sad part is I truly think some of the DL artists are so screwed up in the head they believe the false image they portray or are lying just for the sake of a certain market like Tyler Perry. Possibly worse are like Mr. Cee who has been busted how many times yet “he’s not gay or in to transs” like Eddie Murphy and others “aren’t”. Please

      • With you on all of that. Will say, despite the upper echelons in the industry partaking in homosexuality on insane levels, there is a reason why big stars never publicly own how they really get down, despite America and the Western world trying to appear liberal and inclusive. A majority of people are still set in their ways in regards to being anti homosexuality in many ways.

        There is good reason why we have no out and proud A list movie stars or music stars. People need to remember Frank Ocean is the exception and not the rule. He was a fledgling artist, who got boost by coming out. However can you imagine if Jay Z or Eminem came out? Lol. There would be riots. These people are not about f*cking up their money. And that’s what it really boils down to.

  14. whats up with willow samith in bed witrh a 20 year old man and will and jada saying its cool.

    • Right!!! Everybody talkn bout this n that but that sh:t didn look cool n u kno how white men r whn f@&ckn blacs prolly that he was on the plantation jus sick n only thing we hear all day is CB bullshit Will n Jada shld b n jail for child abuse years ago smmfh on that pic. If a pic is worth a 1000 words she screamin HELP!!!

      • There is a of 13 year old Willow in bed with a 20 year old actor. I think he was on Miler Cyrus show, but not sure about that. He’s shirtless and she’s not naked but its a weird pic. No man that old should be in bed with an unrelated child. Even if they were siblings it would still look bad. Just weird
        I hate Will and Jada. Sick asses

        • No telling what all that young girl is being exposed to. It’s already evident she’s had some emotional problems. She has seen way too much and she is way too grown.

    • I saw the pics and they weren’t bad more artistic and should remain private. Everything isn’t IG worthy. I am more upset at Willow channeling her inner Sisquo with the hairstyle.

      I’ve always had much older friends of both and sometimes questionable genders. My first’love’ @ 15 was a sophomore in college. Unlike most I entered college a virgin while others raised in religious or ‘no nonsense’ parents were climbing out of windows or teen aborting. My parents also met all of my friends and associates and knew my whereabouts.

      Willow probably doesn’t relate to people her age. I don’t now. She wasn’t spread eagle beneath the cover. Looks like they were watching TV. He was just shirtless, not balls out with no pants.

      • I have to disagree. Chillin on the couch ok. Laying in the bed No. I understand not being able to relate to people your age because as a child I too was an old soul. My sister was 8 years older than me and I was very close to all of her friends, male and female but none of those guys would have dared layed in the bed with me. Hell at 13 I knew better. I don’t care if they were writing poetry, sit your ass up and do it. This guy may not be a pervert but the next one might be and at 13 one can be easily manipulated. Unless of course this little girl is already a dike and that is why her parents find this picture harmless?

  15. I give the marriage 5 yrs tops! She doesn’t want the shame or embarrassment. After 5 years the silly show will be over with and she’ll be entitled to most of his fortune. She will be an a lister by then and prob have a few movies under her belt. Marrying him is actually a good career move for her, but bad for him. Kris knows what she is doing she made sure kim married someone that would take her to the next level.

    • who wants to hear a kim k album.

      kim k can’t dance can’t act shes just a whiyte girl wiyh a fake ass that suck dick and spread her legs don’t need much talent for that.

      • I doubt she’d put out an album she tried to do a song and it tanked petty bad.
        In the case that she doesn’t make it to A list status and starts loosing her daily shine in the media she is going to go crazy and its going to be funny to watch the meltdown.

        • As much as it pains me to say this, she HAS reached A list status already. I know that sounds crazy as hell, but many celebrity gurus, who are far more connected than I, have said as much. No, she hasn’t any talent or occupation, but she took what Paris Hilton started, and ascended to the penthouse of the fame game by deftly(guided by PMK) navigating the path to A list status. I never thought she would be on the cover of Vogue, but when she accomplished that feat(again, with the help of others) that pretty much cemented her place in the Hollywood elite. Barf.

          • It can be argued all day what her celebrity status is. I however think she is B list at best. When she can make a Vogue cover by herself, or get invited to the Vanity Oscar party then maybe she has reached the A list. Hell, Beyonce wouldnt even take a pic with her at the Met G. She is not a major movie star or the most bankable person to reach that level. But with Kanye she will no doubt get there and soon.
            The one thing she needs to do is drop her mom as manager. Her mother is despised in LA and is a hindrance in her future career. Kris can take her 10% and shove it. That is what I forsee happening to her in the future.

          • I think she’s a bootleg A list like a fake Chanel bag you cop down on Canal street. Yeah it looks like the real thing at first glance but upon closer inspection you know it’s fake as hell.

            • Exactly!!! w/o paying for covers or trying to connect w/ more popular or esteemed people/publications she’s more blist. There will be a point when over saturation will happen for her fans or people in the industry just get to the point of trying to use their power to do away w/ her and/or kanye. Look at beiber. He is a cash cow yet many clubs/celebs etc. don’t want him around or associated w/ him. Fake cakes lives for attention/free press like kanye/camel/beyawnce. Biebers people are smart enough to try and limit being over saturated and I think that’s his only saving grace as to why he’s still around. The KKK Klan had a petition similar to the deportation one talking about please cancel the show and it got enough signatures as well. Does anyone remember when the MSNBC anchor flipped out on air about covering a Paris Hilton story and ripped the paper in half? hahaha to me that was the true beginning of the end for pushing her in our face through al media forms. KKK doesn’t come from wealth like Hilton so unfortunately I think any meltdown etc from no more spotlight/gossip/paparazzi well be well covered and her infamy a much slower death. I was so glad when the Hilton hype ended then to be replaced w/ this crap smh..now I just wonder who will be the next entitled offspring to waste print/blog/gossip columns w/ their b.s.

  16. They are all gay. All of them. Maybe Denzel and Morris. Sam J, Sydney P, gay for pay is thee only way to excel in hollyweird

  17. Speaking of beard, did you all see Nicole Murphy on Arsenio. She seemed so weird when he asked her how it was going with Michael Strahan, living on separate coasts – NY and LA. Nicole really keeps her body together tho. She looked great. Can’t wait for the Kimye nightmare to be over. Kartrashian is the nastiest filthiest whore of all times. Kanye looks so stupid. Another day in the Luciferian society neighborhood.

    • arsenio wanted to look like her in the bedroom when he was getting dicked b y eddie murphy.

      eddie has a trans fetish.

      arsenio and nicole probaly discussed eddie in the bedroom.

  18. Jacky, please with the recycled news. Aren’t you tired of beating this dead horse?

  19. From the looks of things lately, I think Jacky is just tired of doing this. I hope I’m wrong.

    • I wish it weren’t but alas it is Jacky. you do realize that he has a partner? I doubt that JJ writes a lot of the stuff, but he is still here.

    • I feel you on that, there is no passion in the stories anymore. That is fine, we all grow and evovle, and if Jacky ain’t about this no more that’s cool, I appreciated it while it lasted.

      Jacky, as long as you are happy, then I am happy for you.

  20. There is no scandal here people. Their marriage is an Illuminati arrangement. Kim does not care who he has sex with. She knew before she married him that he was involved with other men in a sexual way. These women are only with these men for money and fame.

  21. Jacky when are you going to change that tiered music you play over and over again?

    • Two words Lilo: AdBlock Plus. Install free and easy and you’ll never have to hear that music again.
      Takes 2 minutes max.

      • could you send the link Christa? I installed what I thought was adblock and it was a virus. thanx.

  22. In the pictures I have seen of her pushing the stroller you can see the baby! When they were pushing it together the baby isn’t even covered.so why lie on these people? I just don’t get why bloggers get away with making up lies about others and profiting from it.True devils work!!!

  23. Yhe kardashians are the least of America’s problems.its just a tv show, why take iy so seriously.Blogs like this have contributed to their continued fame, well such blogs also profit from making up lies.Get off the blogs and pay attention to what is actually happening in your communities amd schools. Whinging on here won’t make the difference you seek.

    • truth…entertainment/sports are mostly all distractions for sheeple to get wrapped in/focus on instead of giving at least equal time if not more to what’s really going on in the world.

      • No,not a “distraction” at all- in fact I think the conspiracy is that the media is giving us trailer trash as idols to worship instead of decent worthy, moral and God-fearing persons that we SHOULD be watching, not gypsy who#$es who sell themselves to Arab billionaires for 25k a night.Look at what they put on TV- honey boo-boos, kar-tashians, etc- all garbage people with IQs of 67, this is who they want us to remember in our minds instead of REAL idols from our history.

  24. A list of women who make an extra living being beards
    Taylor swifty
    Diana Ross
    Kardashian women
    Cuba Gooding wife
    Tamar B
    Beyonce (Gasps)
    Ashley Simpson
    Nicole Murphy
    All George Clooney Hoes

    • Hold up……you’re saying Nene’s man is gay? Geritol Greg is a pillow biter??????

  25. That half Indian child isn’t even Kanye’s baby. There is ZERO black blood in that kid.
    The rumour is that when the Prize Pig had that milkshake named after her by the millionaire guy, she was paid to be the cum dumpster she is, and got knocked up by the Indian milkshake dude. North is NOT black, not even by half.

    • Don’t believe it. The kid has Kanyes big face and cheeks. Looks like him. And if the kid was Indian the hair should be slicker. I think that’s why they don’t show it too much. Kid is light but has negroid features .

    • That child couldn’t deny Kanye as her daddy if she wanted to. How anyone could think she isn’t his child is beyond me.

  26. Miserable people can’t stand to seeAnybody happy!!! These two found love with each other and are Happy! They’re both Rich, good looking, Kanye is mutitalented, and though Kim may not be known for a particular talent, she is beautiful, smart, wealthy in her own right, and I Never hear of her sitting around slandering about other people!!! She has had no more lovers than the average one of you’all!!! They have a gorgeous baby whom they Love and are with as much as any other parent! Most of you’all are a bunch of pitiful, slanderous, miserable, unhappy, jealous, Darkhearted pieces of trash who are mad you don’t have love in your life!!! Pick up a Bible and get God in your lives!!!

    • Maybe if they sat their fabricated delusion psychotic brain dead medicated @sses down somewhere and stop selling their entire lives via all of these bs stories to the media outlets and rag magazines then people wouldn’t have much to say. By the way, which Kardashian/Jenner/West/PR Person are you because according to 99.9% of the comments on every single blog, people are disgusted by the fact that Kim and Kanye’s fake @ss relationship is being shoved down everyone’s throat like they are some type of royalty. FOHWTBS. They can both go somewhere and choke on a lumpy @ss disease infested d***!!!

  27. Kanye is the biggest sell out bed wench of all time when he dies the white women get the money sellout.

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