Haze & Baldwin: Real Relationship or Real Attention Seeking?


Is Detroit rapper Angel Haze dating Kim Bassinger and Alex Baldwin’s model daughter, Ireland Baldwin?

ireland bladwin lesbian lover



  1. Viva the pansexual movement. It wont last long. They dont call lesbian female relationships the Lesbian UHaul for nothing. I dont even care to see straight PDAs.

  2. Fake romance, no one REALLY squats down like that to kiss someone for real. When you makeout (FOR REAL) you get comfortable.lol You don’t squat like that, in about 10 seconds you are gonna fall over or feet go to sleep. So STAGED but the real question is WHY. I’m guessing someone is trying to get a reality show. smh

    • I agree. Body language is very stiff and the expression on Ireland’s face is not natural. This is just an attention seeking ploy because after nearly 20 years being an only child she now has a baby sister. Daddy is a typical Irishman, she’s gone get cursed out over this picture. Kids today think negative attention is better than being ignored, I guess.

      • Stop stereo-typing irish people with your dumb metaphors, you stupid f*ck

        • Lol…go f*ck yourself. Alex Baldwin has been caught out there on many a racial rant and you news only peep Ireland (the country) immigration and visa laws to see how ingrained their racism is as a culture. Dumb Fuck. Mine may be a new hoe but yours is an old cunt from way back. Douchebag. Take your golly gee willikers ass back to TMZ, punk ass

    • No its totally ok! Its a black GIRL not, black guy! Therefore this can be chalked up to a youthful fling! Come on you guys, its not like she can have a baby!……..

    • Yeah same expression when I spotted the transcontinental weave. Malaysia on the side, China at top, Zimbabwe at the root and Swedish tips. Someone needs a jar Silken Edges, oil sheen and 6-8oz of virgin hair of same color with staggered lengths. Hood Ombrés will be the death of us.

  3. Lol I thought the first and last picture was a skinny black dude!lmao I dont know ho angel haze my bad

  4. Are all you closet racists mad? This is some hot shit and YOU KNOW that you love jerking off to this.

    • She totally does, but according to a “friend” with a second hand connection to Kim, this relationship is REAL. Well, as real as a love match between 2 teenagers can be. I guess it’s old fashioned puppy love. Who knew?? bet they have all the teenage boys drooling in a frenzy. Much hotter than those jailbait Kardashian twats.

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