Rich Homie Quan Suffers From Seizures After Sizzurp Binge


Rich Homie Quan was on a three day sizzurp binge before suffering a seizure during a video shoot. Quan was rushed to the hospital yesterday in Atlanta after he collapsed, hitting his head on the ground and suffering the seizure.

Here the drop:

“His rep called it heat exhaustion. But sources close to the rapper think lean aka sizzurp may have played a part. The drug can reportedly stay in your system for up to 4 days even longer depending on the dose and we’re told he was a heavy abuser.

Quan’s not shy about his love for lean, he’s posted videos that show him mixing lean on an airplane and in a shopping mall.”


  1. Can’t these people afford real drugs? Funny how a lot of people will blame white people for this and Jews for that….. but when it comes to sizzurp nobody says shit! Who the f*ck do you think is making that shit! Haven’t you seen any commercials for prescription drug recalls? If you want to f*ck around with pharmaceuticals you get what you get!

    • Because you are less likely to be locked up for sizzurp.

      And yes, the white man has the illegal pharma thing on lock.

  2. People are going to NEED to die before these idiots start rethinking this silliness. Let some BIG names have a seizure and die or become severely disabled from doublecup fun. A huge seizure can leave you as if you had a stroke. Make commercials/video showing those people, that now live in a nursing home from doing that junk.

    I can’t wait for these silly rappers/entertainers to stop hyping this up. But I’m sure the next trend will be just as retarded. Be a LEADER no a follower.

    • Haven’t some already died from this? They think it won’t happen to them. That’s why most people do things, they feel they can handle it right up until the moment they realize they can’t.

  3. So sick of hip-hop, these thugs, the music, the arrogance. Not trying to be cool

    • I truly feel that whole culture and lifestyle has ruined too many of our young black men. I remember when hip-hop use to be fun and mainly positive.

  4. I’m glad niggas don’t do that dumb shit in NY.That lean is some corny down south shit,that’s why Cam’Ron disowned Juelz Santana over that shit.You’re a bozo if you are using any type of drug that has a chance of killing you.

    • This new era of clowns in NYC have been f*cking with that bullshit lean and I say to them niggas why not just cop a bag of diesel and get high for real but I guess since rappers ain’t make taking dope popular they don’t wanna f*ck with

  5. These stupid ass niggas think drinking lean is cool they might as well buy heroin with their it does the same thing and shit they might actually live longer f*cking with real dope then drinking that bullshit

  6. Zombie Youth

    Nobody wants to stand for something larger than themselves. Being uneducated, unrefined, criminal-minded is the road to respectability. What aliens came from outer space and snatched their souls? A generation of self-hating black males who bow down to others…thugs, rappers, athletes, coons, toms, etc. God is very upset with black folk, he trying to tell us something, but, we ignoring him. Rich Homie Quan Loves Death, God Will Grant His Wish. Stupidity is not a substitute for genuine manhood.

      • @jazzy

        Negros don’t see “The Greatness” in themselves, somebody need to highlight the truth. I’m no better than other brothas, i happen to have common sense. We gotta hold the line as blackmen, otherwise, the stupidity will destroy us as a people…It’s Real Jazzy!

      • @Anonymous

        This is a Mental Game, which is more complex. Rappers obsess over the physical, sexual, and bling. Pleasure may feel good, but, it won’t keep you alive and free. Lean, and the other bs is a facade that we hide behind as black males to mask our self-hatred. We ain’t as strong as we appear to be. If this was true, Chicago would be 10X greater than New York. My people are my shield, i strive to make my loved ones proud 24/7365. Not a perfect man by any stretch. We live for our people, brothas gotta understand and see the bigger picture.

  7. You mean to tell me that the big and bad BM can’t handle his sons? This is the result of mass Black fatherlessness. Very few rappers had their legal dad in the home regulating ish. BM dropped the ball as a MAN on their sons. How the hell did it come to this?

    • If you were in an black urban community in the 1970s you would see why we are in the state we are in today.

      • I was. Lets talk about today shall we? But we can’t blame this on the slave massa not when 25% of the few BM who marry are swirl marrying so lets stop that convo before it starts. its older Bm not doing anything turning a blind eye where are the grandfathers?

  8. These are some greasy lookin negros, i didnt bother to read the story. No disrespect.

  9. As a seizure patient myself, he needs help! Right now its a seizure, the next time he won’t be so lucky. Taking any drug is a risk. If its to help U or harm you. Pick one and go to a doctor

  10. I know that this is going to sound cold and heartless, but, f*ck all these clowns. I have no sympathy, empathy or anything in between for these people. And honestly I don’t think it should even be on the blogs. These lames want to be junkes let them but don’t broadcast their deaths of hospitaliztions.

    • Yeah save the sympathy for the Creator and their mammies. I lost interest when I read Atlanta noticed the sagging jeggings and that ‘touch of Down Syndrome’ look in the eyes from the 2nd person onward.

      Ritalin babies who would only grow to be Adderall adults.

  11. Yeah right! He probably overdosed on faucet water with a twist of rust and old lemon juice! I cannot believe that this is actually news! Come on Jacky!

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