RHOA: Apollo Nida Now Works For The FEDs!

Apollo Nida Snitch

Move Over Andy Cohen!

It’s now been confirmed that Apollo Nida, who faces 30 years in prison following his recent guilty plea to numerous counts of wire and bank fraud, made a deal with the feds, in hopes of receiving a lesser sentence, to become a wired informant.

Mr. Phaedra Parks copped a plea Tuesday to wire and bank fraud, and under the terms of the deal he agreed to act in an “undercover investigative capacity” for the feds.

Here’s what’s been reported:

“Nida has agreed to allow the feds to record conversations he may have with other criminal suspects. 

Nida stole the identities of more than 50 people and laundered more than $2.3 million … according to the government complaint.

Nida could be sentenced to 30 years in prison. The judge will formally sentence him in July.”


  1. That’s FUCKED up Apollo…You do the crime, do the time. Nothing last forever you Rat Bastard…..

    • I sorely needed your realness coupled with laffing out today. Sounds like someone will have to sleep with one eye open and need security when shopping at Lenox Square. There is no honor.

  2. I don’t believe in this “NO SNITCHING” business. Its mindsets like that, that keeps people from finding out who shoots the 6 year coming home from school. Let your inner snitch out, get your BULLHORN!! Its time we clean up our communities. I’m a snitch and proud of it. I see something, I’m calling the POLICE!! I’M TELLING!!!!

    • Holds up hand and speaks through BULLHORN, ME TOO, ME TOO !! I will rat on a fool in a hot second. That no snitch crap is for cowards.That kind of snitch informs on others to save his/her own behind from jail time after they did the crime. I’m telling when EVER I see they ass, to protect others. WILL go to court too. Got three already one of which had a reward I knew nothing about. You never know who is watching or listening. So glad I saw this post,lets me know there are others out there that’s concerned and trying to look out for our communities and it’s children. I won’t be one of those who wait for it to hit home before doing something, it has to be done before. Have a good day. KEEP EYES AND EARS OPEN.

    • I hear that. It’s more likely the people he’s snitching on are All scum just like him. Lock ’em ALL up and throw away the key.

      I agree that backwards mentality in the black community of not snitching has got to stop. It doesn’t help blacks in anyway to keep criminals within the community. Unfortunately it is a symptom of coddling black males, regardless of their wrong doing.

      • I think it’s a lil confusion about the don’t snitch situation, first of all if you see something happening yeah go ahead and tell what you saw, no problem. But, if you commit a crime, don’t agree to work with the feds for a lighter sentence, you knew what you were signing up for, you play the game you pay the price. That other bs neighborhood shyt is totally different. You better tell if you see Pookie and lil Mo doing some foul ish.

        • Good explanation. Which why we hardly see organized black crime last for more than 10 years unless they are Nigerian or Haitian. AAs have it twisted and dominate gang culture but can never have generational mafias that influence unions, law enforcement and politics like the underworld does.

          Stop muthafukin snitching!

    • The black community and our children are being murdered because of this no snitching mentality. It’s time to take a stand. Apollo knows how to protect himself.

    • When your a RAT, not only do you wear a green light for the rest of your life, but your family as well! Don’t BE A RAT! If you did the crime man up and hold ya head high and accept that shit like a G. FUCK THE FEDS!

    • I live in Chicago and THEY SHOOTING!!! They are NOT PLAYING, and that NO SNITCH bull$hit is REAL. Seriously, innocent kids gets killed all the time. Kids shooting each other over facebook beefs. PLEASE SNITCH, tell us where you got the gun. You and the fool that loaned you the gun, need to go to jail.

      Apollo needs to snitch because it might be YOUR MONEY the guys that are free steals NEXT. TELL IT ON A MOUNTAIN!!!

    • If a Law Abiding Citizen sees a crime then reports it,that’s not considered Snitching!Now,when a active participant tells on his Co defendants for a lesser sentence,that’s Snitching!

  3. Whoever says anything to this rat after hearing all of this shit,deserves to go to jail

  4. I guess once he goes in become a muslim he goes to have protection because Apollo you lightskin and cute and all but please dont drop the soap baby.

  5. @Lonn:

    Thanks for breakin’ it down. It is the azzhole rappers that corrupted the definition of snitching.

    Snitching is being involved in criminal activity with others, and then ratting them out.

    Snitching is entrapping or lying on others who have nothing to do with your criminal enterprise or activity so that your sentence can be reduced. And that wire wearing shit would blow your mind if you really knew how it goes down.

    Reporting a shooting of a 6 year old is not snitching. Civilians are not included in the snitching code.

    But the illuminati agenda asshole rappers confuse the definition of snitchin’.

  6. Apollo is going to end up dead. What happened to our FEDS? Why are they telling on him for doing a wiring? Apollo should take his shit like a man. I guess he has been f*cked in the azz last time he was locked up. He is sweeter than honey on a honey cone now. His azz is going to git it if he tells on others.

  7. Well nobody is gonna wanna talk to him cos its public knowledge that he is a rat for the feds. So how are they gonna catch the other rats (accomplices) without the cheese(Apollo)?

  8. Now he can come clean about the rhoa and how the show is really fake. Both him and Phaedra should get the most phoniest award for their bs.

  9. What a scrub. He’s truly a punk he has no balls what so ever, his wife knows it as well, notice how she talks to him, he has jelly for a spine. WEAK AS HELL.

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