Scarface: “These Kids Are Thinking They’re Gay & They’re Really Not Gay”

Scarface on Gay Culture

Geto Boys founding member, Scarface, said in a recent interview that the new trend for kids today is to be gay.. Know why? Because, Scarface believes mainstream media is forcing our kids to think that they’re gay.

Here’s what Scarface had to say:

“I feel like what they’re doing right now is forcing that s**t into these little kids, and these little kids be thinking they gay, and they’re really not gay.
They just want to be that because that’s like a style now. Put on some tight ass pants or put on a f**king dress and some high heels or wear a woman tank top or some s**t.

That’s not a style, and I wish they would take that out of the mainstream like it’s a style to be that. It’s not really a style. It’s like a genetic makeup that makes people like that, in my opinion. I don’t know for a fact, but I’m figuring you don’t just wake up and just say, ‘I’m gonna be this’… I’m trying to remain as open-minded as I can about it. Whatever you prefer is you business, but just don’t force that s**t on the kids.”


    • their are kids who are born gay and feel like they’re in the wrong body and this research goes years back before they allowed gay/lesbian freedom to have shows to relate too. there is no “GAY AGENDA” ! it’s either you are or you aren’t ! stop making it bigger than what it is! do u know how much more b.s. is going on in the world that’s worse than 2 people simply LOVING each other? pathetic… you people are sad.. some of you… really really sad.

      • This is a part of what's going on in the world…!!! Have you actually done any research outside of your small mind opinion..?? Now that's really sad… If you actually accept the thought that it's only about 2 people loving each other and there's no strategy to this then that's really really sad..!!

  1. I AGREE and IM A FLAMING LIPSTICK LESBIAN WHO IS MARRIED TO A LIPSTICK LESBIAN!!! STOP FORCING THE KIDS TO ACCEPT IT OR SO QUICK TO LABEL EVERYTHING!!! ALL these young lesbians aint lesbians and all these young man are not gay. (some are.. some were molested and confused) educate yourself on the whole issue (esp young men and the stigmas they face on their journey of sexual discovery)Im not pushing the gay agenda but sexual education.

  2. At last someone is finally speaking the truth about this -ish. Tomorrow our youth will be trans’s, next year they’ll dress like the Amish, they don’t have any idea what statements they’re making.

    • more ridiculousness, unless you’re begin sarcastic. look around your own neighborhood, are you really seeing a plethora of kids like this or is this post making you comment from your sphincter?

          • True. But I have friends in Atlanta and they tell me there is A Funky Dineva wanna be on every block. Full facial hair, weaves and high heels, hunty. Shit is frightening to look at

        • no stupid ass drags trani’s and lesbian/gays been around. just were afraid to come out. ignorant straight people above….. why don’t u guys TRY to understand how hateful we are towards them.

  3. Truth and also the mainstream is pushing this thug and video heaux lifestyle. We glorify being idiotic and being smart is ridiculed.

    • Wait- what? Homosexuality is pushed in Metal , Rock, latin music, tv, not just hiphop guys. Are you imposing that thugs are gay? You two sound stupid

  4. Words have never been as true, PREACH!! Also there is no GLORY in being a big booty heaux or being a drug addict. Such an empty life these rappers/ballers and the hanger ons live. If must be awful if you gotta be drunk and high all the time.

  5. Well put, Face! I’m glad he stated his opinion respectfully, and I agree 100 percent. I believe in equal rights for everyone regardless of what my personal beliefs are, but the gay agenda oversteps its boundaries when it starts in on kids (especially MTV’s programming). Let parents handle how and when they want to explain these things to their own kids. Also, anyone else notice that all these gay black celebs that align with the gay agenda and “come out” seem to only partner up with whitey? It’s like they’re trying to brainwash our young brothas and sistas back into slavery. I never trusted that they were all about “equality”.

    • gay people do not want everyone to be gay…just the hot ones. lol. seriously what is the gay agenda? people keep mentioning it but no one seems to be able to identify exactly what it is. oh, yeah, we got all you straight boys thinking showing your asses out of the back of your pants is a good idea. ignorant.

      • A straight black man is a threat to the structure of white supremacy and gay black man is not. The effeminization of the black man has been going on for a long time. The family unit of a mother,father,and children is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. But this situation is deeper than just the ills of society, we have been warned in the scriptures that this day would come. I’m glad that scarface was brave enough to speak out against this conspiracy to brain wash our children. I hope he does not get pressured into back tracking his statement. I will keep him in prayer, who knows what they may try to do to him for speaking the truth. Those of us that believe God’s word have got to stand our ground about this and protect our children from these strategic influences. And I don’t like to get all preachy on this site but they got to leave the babies alone.

        • really? most of you have no idea about your god’s word. not at all trying reading all of leviticus instead of listen to your blustering preacher spread half truths.

          • Okay then you tell us where God said being gay is good and should be practiced since you seem to have some info that we don’t. Where in Leviticus does it say that?

            • back up. read your entire bible. i said there are 17 other things listed as abominations in leviticus. most of the people on this board do these things on a regular basis: eating pork and shrimp, wearing clothes of wool and linen, working on sunday. so before you pick up that rock to throw it, please be informed that your bible is riddled with things that are disregarded. either follow it all, or realize the jesus fulfilled the law since no man could follow it.

          • You don’t want to try me on that one, demon. I know EXACTLY what the Word says about homosexuality amongst other things, so don’t even try it. Abomination…curse…disgusting to God.

            • actually, you don’t. and “demon” really? sound an awful lot like judging to me. oops then your a guilty dumb ass just like everyone else. not an ounce of love in your heart, only judgment. check that bullshit.

            • Check yours, boo. Because I know exactly what I’m talking about. And I don’t know what guilt trip you think you sense because I’m unapologetic about my beliefs and that what the bible says is true . It has nothing to do with the love in my heart. God said what he said about homosexuality: it is and always will be an abomination. Oh and anytime you want to challenge me me on the bible ,I’m up for it.

            • she isnt’ a demon. she is EDUCATING you fellow christian. You should do history honey. the bible u are preaching today says our sins are washed away honey and no where in the Bible does it say gays go to hell. they are loved by god too. we are all sinners. learn to turn the other cheek more rather than voicing horrid awful opinions.

            • Oh please with that sanctimonious crap. Find an instance in my comment where I said that gays or anyone else goes to hell, idiot. Before you come preaching to me. You can’t educate anyone on a subject on which you have no knowledge. Homosexuality being an abomination is not ly opinion, its what God says it is. And those who try to pervert and misconstrue the word of God are full of the spirit of the anti Christ, hence demonic. That’s a fact too.

        • i’m sorry but anyone who started using race in this thread leave and go shoot yourself right now. (not literally please don’t.) but GUYS ARE U REALLY THIS DUMB?!?! lol GOD LOVES EVERY SINNER.

      • Satan is a faggot so basically he is using rappers to glorify and make acceptance speeches saying this lifestyle is cool. Yea I’m not judging but don’t trying and make me change my opinion and take away my liberties.

        • I know what my liberties are but soon they will be trying to lock me up for praising God, or not agreeing with gay lifestyles.

          • @ 9:55 lol…I guess folks don’t know about the legislation Barry O signed a few weeks back. We will see whose a dramatic ass when that Marshall law shit kicks in.

      • @gb2: Perfect example of gay agenda: MTV has a new show called “Faking It” where two high school girls fake being lesbians in order to be popular (because apparently–at this delusional high school some gay writer thought up–being gay is what makes you “cool”). This show is directed at teens. I understand you guys want to try to normalize the homosexual lifestyle so you can get married, but I believe you could do this without trying to brainwash kids. Sexuality has no place in programming aimed at minors. Just my opinion.

        • No what changes is cultural mores and what is trendy. The homosexuals of previous generations were not even all born that way. Lots of people got turned out by the hedonism and drug use of the disco culture of the seventies, which is why aids ran rampart in the 80 because the lifestyle finally caught up with people. Now people are following their favorite celebs and public figure because that is today’s influence. That’s why the elite uses celebs to push their inverted satanic agenda. Celebs have a far reaching influence esp with the young, a group who may behave in a fashion that is untrue to their true selves simply to be accepted. So, you are wrong.

          • You are so so full of shit. You know how many lesbians have had abusive fathers and husbands. Not all, bit enough that lesbians themselves acknowledge this. Some people are born that way. But no, not all , and the powers that be know this. And that is why you see Shakira and Rhihanna stroking each other in a vide. And Lady Gaga dancing with. Nazi transsexuals in the Alejandro video…young minds are not only impressionable they are malleable. That’s why gay people are fighting so hard for acceptable. right now, if they can get enough young minds to accept them as the new normal their battle is won.

        • agreed. some of these folk are so completely ignorant. a shame, we who were oppressed seek to oppress others.

        • Thats a gotdamn lie. That shit is a curse an how dare u insinuate The Creator of all would give life to Filth. The devil has its people as well. Stick barrels in yo faggot ass all u want but dont invest the innocent kids with that bullshit. You basically want respect for eating shit! Gross! An y do i have to accept you for that. Pretty soon they gon want us to accept people f*ckin Animals… It really aint no difference cuz both is sick an mentally f*cked up! Fuck you bitch!

          • lmfao but what about the gay animals God created? LOL Don’t worry- I’ll wait for the reply DUMB ASS.

          • Unclean spirits inhabit whatever vessel they can. The bible is full of accounts of animals being possessed. When that happens they take on characteristics of whatever unclean spirits they are unwittingly hosting.

    • Thank you for stating what I’ve been screaming at the top of my lungs. These black lesbians/gays are always pairing up with YT, casting or hiring YT and pushing to our kids that a black child is not beautiful unless it is biracial or looks white.

      Black gays are so full of self-hatred. This HIV is killing them more than it is killing the YT gays.

      So who do you think is the one on his stomach in the gay relationship? the black gay or the YT?

      The HIV numbers tell on that one.

      • @Anonymous: I’ve also noticed the self-loathing runs common with them, so I have no doubt the black man is the one bending over for whitey. Lots of slave/massa mentalities with that ilk, and better believe that’s why white-run media throws them up front and center for America to see! The emasculation of the black man in America continues…but this time around the black man is voluntarily pitching in to help. Damn shame.

      • You are presenting this as some kind of argument?

        Screwing takes two, a passive and an active. How the woman gonna know who is on top or on the bottom? Since when did DL mean being on top?

        DL means being in a secretive sexual relationship or encounter with another man.

        And believe, the CDC is all up in this website trying to cure (or not) the high rate of HIV/AIDS among black gays.

    • No that’s not the answer. The answer is that birds of a feather flick together. If you look at this world and its history you will see which groups evil influence has corrupted and perverted since time untold. It’s quite easy to see. Although if you are one of them I don’t suppose you want to admit it. But the rest of us are not fooled.

      • It makes no sense to you, DK, because you are as steadfast a troll as they come.

    • Not in that world, those little country black gay boys align themselves with the sugar daddy.

      • @gb2: It’s always everyone else’s fault with you guys, isn’t it? The quicker you take responsibility for your own destiny, the quicker drop the melodrama and walk with some dignity (without help from the white man lol).

    • “That is the problem, they never get around to explaining anything to their children.”

      Thanks for proving my point with this line. If you want to inundate kids with gay agenda as soon as they exit the womb, have your own kids. It’s never okay to force your ideas on someone else’s kids because the parents aren’t moving fast enough fast enough for you. FYI…my kids are growing up with their married mom and dad.

      “Ever notice how people usually align themselves with others that give them human consideration and respect? maybe that’s the answer to your question.”

      Black men have always been quick to turn on their own in whitey’s favor. Try telling me something I don’t already know. I actually have a gay cousin who says the homosexuals are commonly quite racist. Highly doubt you’re all that considered or respected by them either…yet I bet you’re probably fine with that.

        • No you try to make other look unintelligent but you seem more and more ignorant the more I continue to read your comments.

  6. It’s great he could voice his opinion. Nowadays the Gay mafia tries to shut down anyone with a dissenting opinion.

      • and what country are you a citizen of? clearly not american. it’s pure ignorance to say ‘your president’ you gotta follow the laws he signs just as much as everyone else. there is only one president of the USA. you sound like one of the good ol white boy republicans. is that who you really are moo-raisssa. and really, what kind of punishment did your uneducated parents give you to name you some made up ish

    • @R in NYC–We’ll see how long it lasts, but then again, Scarface apparently gives no f*cks about the politricks of the Industry, as he also said something along the lines of ‘The white Jews (If I’m not mistaken) who run Hip-Hop don’t know anything about it’ and ‘Hip-Hop is so white now’ on separate occassions.

      • He spits truth, and a real storyteller, always had much luv and respect for Scarface.

        • No doubt. Scarface is very revered by both rap fans and artists, which is most likely why no one disputed the above comments when he made them.

  7. okay so when everybody has their pants around their asses like boys in jail looking to get f*cked nobody complained about that. the black kids that don’t dress stereotypically “urban” get labeled as white. It seems like a lot of older people are just not accepting how fashion trends change. I’m just glad to be alive in this day in age when all the people who called me white growing up because I like skateboarding and rock music, are the ones now or either hooked on drugs, or dying because the real gay people told them to go out in the world and gang bang and be a thug. Not knowing that these real gay people would NEVER let their kids gang bang! think of every huge rapper from the 80’s and 90’s who was like… go out there and gang bang its ok, f*ck education! look at what their kids are doing, the only one who karma was Dr Dre.

    • Uhhhh……plenty of people have complained about those saggin pants. It was never acceptable to me and any one I know.

      • I remember when an adult would tell thier kids to pull their pants up, the rappers and the ball players tell him its okay to keep them down. This is what I’m talking about, these young people buy into things from adult who would never let their kids do the exact same thing. Will and Jada Smith are the only black people for putting their money where their mouth is.

    • And a dumb n8ggah in public office you voted for,

      VOTED IN A LAW, TO TELL THE WORLD THAT BLACKS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED THE SAME CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AS WHITES, AND YOUR STUPID AZZ AGREED THAT U R TOO INFERIOR TO KNOW HOW TO DRESS OR DEMAND YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. White kids are dressing like fools and acting a fool, but their white parents know it is a phase of growing up, but the n8ggah wants his kid to get a police record that will handicap his life forever just for clothes.

      • Lol…that’s your argument? White parents allow their kids to grow up? Black parents have to use more due diligence because statistically their sons are more likely to be killed. So making them think its ok to walk around with your ass cleavage showing is counter intuitive and counter productive to black parenting. You see, we do not want our sons to go to jail so we don’t think its cute to see then aping a fashion that began as part of prison culture gay sax

    • G.P. As a dedicated Nirvana acolyte, your post really resonated with me! It always makes me happy to know that there are a few others out there with my “odd” predilection for rock. I am all about hip hop TOO, but somehow our people have decided that if one likes to headbang, they are one step away from voting for George Bush. lol

      • That may be the case, Christa, but I always looked at it as we (blacks) were ‘pushed out’ of Rock music/headbanging years ago, so we instead focused on other music genres we created (Like pretty much every other form of ‘American’ music lol).

        Also, I distinctly remember a member of Motley Crue that wasn’t Tommy Lee (Vince Neil or Nikki Sixx maybe?) at one of their shows in the late ’90s who got mad at a black person in the audience and called them alll kinds of ‘N!ggers’ with little to no recourse (And there was no avoiding this if you watched MTV back then, as they referenced it non-stop immediately after it happened). I was really young when this happened, but that stuck in my mind and, while certainly not indicative of Rock and Rock artists as a whole, led me to stay away from Rock music as I saw/heard the same racist shit we get from whites outside of Concert Halls.

        • You are exactly right! Many a time I went to a show and had to deal with some ignorant asshole! At the same time many white people had my back and were down to fight. I think its sad when a black person calls someone” white” because you have no idea what they are going through. Bad Brains is one of the greatest punk bands ever and they were ALL BLACK! Look up East Bay Ray of the Dead Kennedy’s. Many white people know and accept black peoples contribution to rock music. Just ask Jimi Hendrix. But when Jay-z tours with Linkin Park, rock is ok? I think not!

          • Gluten I get your point. I absolutely hated when people would say that I talked white because I used proper English. At 35 every once in a while I still have to check people for saying that. If that is not an inferiority complex then I don’t know what is. Black people really should stop discouraging each other from speaking correctly, it’s a shame.

        • Hell, a black man was murdered by the Hells Angels at that concert Jimi Hendrix played at.

          Whites hate black people in rock and roll and also in country. Why?

          Because as you said, we started all American music. Black culture is American culture, it was just corrupted by the music industry fake joos.

  8. So true what Face said…And it’s primarily are black kids that are practicing this behavior.

    I’ve also noticed lately that a lot of the black celebs and b-ballers are wearing these feminie skirt looking shirts/pants…shit is ridiculous.

  9. I couldn’t agree more! Mainstream media is promoting men wearing skirts, dresses, and blouses and calling it high-fashion. What are parents supposed to explain to their sons when they see their son’s favorite rapper wearing a skirt?

    • Parents are supposed to explain what the rules are in their households; be firm and not afraid of their kids. Tell their kids what is happening to the brainwashing and where it will lead. Communication….speaking up….talking about it instead of standing by and letting it happen. Offense, not defense.

      • Unfortunately, kids will follow their idols before they will listen to anything their parents have to say. As a child, I can remember thinking my mother didn’t know anything and everything I needed to know about life was all in a Snoop Doggy Dogg album lol And now, with celebrities so visible on social media, it’s even tougher to shield children away from those types of images.

        • @Renee it really depends. Not all children will drink the koolaide. First you have to start by explaining to them what words like icon and idol mean and why it is not acceptable. If you start from the time they can comprehend trust me they will understand. I’m not saying that they won’t listen to certain music but listening and making these people your idol are 2 different things. Back in the day I was a big fan of Madonna but when I saw her video like a prayer as a child I knew it was not right. Based on what my parents had taught me. We can’t give up. If you train up a child…..ok I’m gonna stop there. Lol

  10. Or we could go back to beating the shit outta any dude acting and dressing girly in public. Just a thought. This other shit shole aint workin.

  11. What these young boys don’t know is that the minute a dude engages in homosexual behavior there is no turning back the time to undo what you just did,you’re a certified fag FOR LIFE!!! Women can get away with gay behavior because it is acceptable to men, but once a man crosses that line it’s no going back.Young men lives and mind are being destroyed before they can get a chance

  12. If these parents will open their eyes and open their ears, and listen to their kids we would have this mainstream trend as well!

    • get outta here wit the bible crap. i guess everyone wearing clothing of mixed fabrics, who work on sunday, who doesn’t make their daughter marry a man who rapes her, who disrespects his or her parents, who eats pork or shrimp are doomed to hell too. see that’s the problem. no one hears “love your neighbor as yourself” and “do not judge lest ye be judged”. cherry picking scripture proves nothing.

        • Yes rnyc. Lovers of themselves is referring to the selfish nature, sense of entitlement, and arrogance of people. But the truth angers people obviously. Love their sin so much they call it bible crap. And you stay right here speaking about the bible as much as you like. And if a scripture hits at something I’m doing wrong I will not call it crap. Amen######

          • Control the masses. Read the 10 commandments again. They are good set of rules. Money controls us now. That’s it money. And you get taxed on eveything. Following the word sets you free. It doesn’t enslave you.

          • Lol…that is such a load of crap. YOU are the one who never read the bible. And its not meant to control the masses. It’s not even for the masses. It’s a guide for Gods people. The freemasons and Satanists who run the world governments use money and institutionalized slavery to control the masses. Has nothing to do with the bible other than the bible predicted all this.

          • thanks for that. we seem to agree that so many of us only go to church three times a year, yet feel we can sit in judgment of others. guess that’s not covered on easter, christmas, and new years in church.

      • @gb2

        You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.

        Leviticus 18:22

      • @gb2 John 7:24

        Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.”

        Yes we are to judge especially immoral behavior.

    • R in NYC:

      people don’t realize the depth of that biblical passage. Lovers of themselves means that men will love themselves and material things more than the Creator, the Almighty God.

      Homosexuality is a cultural manifestation of that and it will be accepted because of that.

      Homosexuality is a curse from the culture, not on it.

      Homosexuality is the worship of sameness, lover of self, difference will not be tolerated. A rejection of the God’s love, as the rib was taken that protected Adam’s heart to form man’s helpmeet, Eve.

      • I have been browsing this site for approximately 2 years and never had the urge to leave my thought, and this doesn’t even pertain to the topic. Whomever you are King/Queen, you are very insightful and I Love You.

      • Actually God punished Adam for eating the fruit. Know why. Because like all men he let his ego get to him . He just didn’t want his woman to know more and have more than him. That ain’t never changed either.

        • Can you shoot my girlfriend an email? She is one argumentative muthafukka. Lol

        • Wrong. You are so wrong. Woman was never an afterthought, she was a GIFT. Literally. Read BOTH creation accounts in Genesis. Woman was never an afterthought because female was never an after thought. Adams job was to name all the animals and when he noticed that all animals had a female partner he wanted one too. You see , then as now, God was waiting for Man to be ready for a wife before he presented him with one. Think about it.

        • 11:37….omg your reply made me laugh because it was so over the top, I had to read it twice. You sound insane. Lol. Anyway one thing I honestly believe is you can’t argue with stupid. And you can’t argue with crazy. Since you are clearly both there’s no point in any further discussion because its impossible to fill a cup that’s already full. I’ve had wonderful discussions about this very subject both in my Bible as Literature class, as well as my Women in The Bible seminar and its usually a lively debate between women and men in the class because its a subject that most people greatly enjoy, the symbiotic nature of the genders. All that hate and viterol you are spouting is simply pmy a manifestation of your own psychosis.So… Get well soon.

        • Yeah you damn right theres no further discussion because I sais it all . It’s very telling that you had to use my statement in your reply, lol, that whole helpmeet aspect. You can slow your role because I really don’t care. I was just correcting your statement because its clear you have no real understanding of the creation stories. I just thought it was funny that you tried to claim women were an afterthought when its clear female already existed on land and in sea, but Adam, as a higher lifeform God intended to educate and mature . It’s not my interpretation its what the word says, but whatever. Discussing this with a fundamentalist psycho sucks all the joy out of the love between the sexes. So, if you think women are unequal and subservient to men and an afterthought etc, treat your woman (on the off chance that you have one) and your daughter’s accordingly. Or, teach that to your sons. That way when they wind up in jail with their pants hanging down ,you can find a way to spin that as an after thought too.

  13. He’s right on point. Parents have to teach their children that being gay may not be their “normal.” I have seen no signs of my children being gay so I tell them it is not normal. If I had a gay child then being gay would be his “normal” but not normal for all of my children. I teach them it is an abomination and I thank God that they are not gay.

    • You’ve seen no signs in your kids? How comforting that must be for you. Out of curiosity, what “signs” are you looking for? Boys wearing high heels and dresses? Girls that wear plaid Pendleton shirts and who change the oil in your car for you?

      You are the type of parent whose kids would be terrified to tell you if they were gay. They may turn to booze and drugs and other self destructive behavior to help them deal with living a closeted lie. Eventually when they feel like they can survive without you they may tell you who and what they really are out of spite. Or they may just drift away leavng you wondering what happened to your relationship with them

      • Oh honey. You can tell when a lil boy got some sugar in his tank or when a lil girl is a lil too masculine.

        We all knew the lil boy double dutching at recess & the lil girl who played on 4 or 5 bball teams sImultaneously as a kid .. well I do anyways..

        Not saying they turn out gay, but when they do, its no surprise .

      • Hmm…the ones who are the most obsessed with it and violently opposed to it are often closeted. They act out to try to throw suspicion away from them and onto others.

        So Queenie…..when you comin’ out ? Hmmmmmm?

        • I bet u r gay. An you an your thoughts can suck on a dogs Dick! Whateva i may b…. Im not into your kind! Gotdam freak. As i stated retard… Do u but leave the kids alone. So ? My sexuality u dumb bitch just shows how f*ckin dumb u are. Closeted my ass. There aint no way with a mouth like mine … That i can b hidden from shit! Lol Since u defending the fags? How bout u start f*cking horses. You stupid worthless idiot piece of shit! An im coming out when yo pops do Bitch! You prolly a Trick baby, Who shud have been dumped in the shitter you hoe! Fuck u an any bitch who agree with yo mothaf*ckin ass. Why u worried who dick im suckin? Its a niggas an not the Bum hoe u f*ckin. Tramp ass Funky ass Tired ass Beyoooouuuucccch! Go ghetto gag a puppy ho! An dont u ever address Queen Monique in yo life. Go to hell u f*ckin loser! An like i said Leave the shortys alone. Its niggas like yo fag ass that need to b Lynched. Funky Booty bump bitch!

          • Jesus knows what you mean when you say 'got damn'… And, he thinks you're a p*ssy. Lol

        • So not true, why is that always used in defense of not agreeing with being gay. Yeah my kids better be scared to tell me that shit. I will not be open mibded about it because I dont have to be. I will not accept things that makes no sense to me so think of me what u want. Seriously its disgusting

      • but did u forget being gay is a trend for gays? they have to be forced to be someone they aren’t . can u image living in a society where every gay people hated u for being straight? and the world loved gays rather than straight people? how would u REALLY deal with that? Be careful what u preach.

        • After a while There wouldn’t be any society to live in if gay becomes the norm…that’s the main argument against gay…be careful what YOU preach.

  14. y’all some seriously ignorant folk. damn. how is this man in any position to tell someone else that he or she is not gay. how exactly does he know this? then, he says some are genetically gay. is it possible some are genetically bisexual? is it possible he’s talking right out of his rectum? all this bs about the media making people be gay is ridiculous. it seems some of you don’t get the media is reporting what’s actually happening. if the story wasn’t there, they’d have nothing to report. how about kids are more comfortable than ever saying who they are or believe themselves to be. as a gay man, i remember plenty of boys who would happily try things with me; by the way, men who now identify as straight. and i believe they are too. there is a such thing as sexual development and experimentation. perhaps some of these kids are still trying to figure it out? black people, we are behind in education, behind in success, behind in social development and clearly behind in realizing that society evolves.

    • i agree but media does play a hand in this… Is media making kids gay now but people are not educated and will blame media first before questioning the childrens upbringing. Everybody can use a sexual discovery course but most people have a know it all attitude so they shut things out and down.

      • that i agree with. ignorance goes further than education today. but to simply lay human sexuality at the feet of media is ridiculous. if that is the case, then the majority of media which is hetero-centric should make more people straight. and why didn’t it do that in the 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s and 00s? media has been here since then but somehow now its so sly it makes people be gay? gtfh. if anything it could make some questioning kids explore the question.

        • The point is God destroyed cities on some man/man love ok. This is not picking pieces ok. That was some real live shit. Yes, people are going to be gay, killers, fornicaters etc. All these things the Bible speaks on. So when you and others make believe that the Bible is nonsense and God is not real and try to shame people for praising him yet show children all this gay power movement its like disowning God and uplifting Satan. Satan is a faggot, s lover of himself, a liar, a thief. And the people in the media work for him and his peons’.

          • So its cool. God gave us all free will you do you and me praise God and feel my type of way. So when He reclaims his throne and pass down that judgment all will bow down before him. But don’t be trying to go in on our Father. He’s teal, His Word is real.

          • When your with god you feel god. Like you feel a breeze you don’t see. It’s real for us that belive.

          • actually re-read. reading is fundamental. the bible tells of how the people of sodom were full of wickedness. there are no references to anything other than male rape (not a homosexual act—it happens in jail you know) and inhospitality. the city was destroyed not for homosexuality, if that’s the case the entire united states is primed for destruction, yet it hasn’t’ happened. come now

            • Actually, Lot offered his daughters and the men said no. They wanted to rape the angels God had sent to get Lots family out of the city

            • And yes, wait on it. He is coming back like a thief in the night. The cities were destroyed because of wickedness in which homosexuality was dominant. So you re-read. And reread again, and again.

            • And just because it happens in jail, hotels, spas, hospitals, bathrooms cats etc. Does not mean it is ok. Ok. Its wrong. But again you do you, but don’t try and persuade me against the Word. Its real!! Trust!!

            • Ha. The destruction hasn’t happened YET. And yes S &G were destroyed because of homosexuality, as well as other things. You must know God didn’t wipe out entire cities because the citizens weren’t offering their guests after dinner mints. Come on don’t be silly

          • I think you must just be really confused over who really wrote the bible. Or should I say, wrote it down.

        • The sexual agenda of the 50s 60s and 70s was to get heterosexuals to drop their puritan beliefs about sex.

          And now, the gay agenda.

          We’ve come a long way baby, as the cigarette Virginia Slims commercial used to say.

  15. also while im here why is there so much slander about skirts or long shirts….. check your history men were in “skirts” since the beginning. Stop putting a stigma on everything. Every man with a flair for fashion aint gay and every infected person with AIDS wasnt loose. Kill Stigmas!

    • exactly. my own sister, who admits to having fewer than 5 partners contracted this virus and has been in hospice several times. the notion that hiv and aids is somehow a judgement must be stopped. instead, how about the glorification of hip hop music to go “raw dog”.

        • That’s the shit that make gay people wanna reject god. Hate the sin not the sinner. Feel for them, do not judge. So many people lost, access to anything and everything via the net. I might be crazy but my take on ” do not accept the chip ” is the computer chip. It says if you accept the chip it will take control of your life. Computers run just about everything. Really watch what your kids watch on the net. Don’t let it be your baby sitter. Every kind of nonsense is waiting for your kid out there, and it’s only a click away. They do push the gay agenda. And they push really f*ckin hard. And I know I’m typing this on a computer. But I’m wide awake.

        • Lol…I’m not going to tell you which one, but one of your li.ez is not scripture. Bwahahahaaaahaaaaaaa!

      • Umm that’s more of the agenda we are speaking on. None of that shit is right. This is not apples and oranges. The message is the same. From Beyonce swerving, to Katy missing a girl, to Wayne sipping. Its all through the media. Its all to corrupt our kids.

      • That is terrible that happened to your sister. That is irresponsible for hip hop to promote going raw dog. But that is apart of the same agenda that we are speaking on, depopulation by way of aids.

        • what about the true reason for this epidemic: ignorance. black people can read the billboards in our own neighborhoods telling us to be responsible we see the commercials discussing HIV, we also know the stories of tragedy affecting our family and friends. the only agenda at work here is the one we inherently write with our ignorance.
          i am a gay man who is HIV negative. many of my friends are as well. how? we didn’t bow down to ignorance and protected our selves and got tested to be sure how many “straight” men do this? but you’ll freak with a stripper you gave 100 bones to.. we all know, even the ignorant find out, why condom use is preferred. we don’t have to die if we behave like we purport ourselves to be: kings and queens. yet we do not follow the royal edict to protect ourselves or take care of the bodies we only have one of.

          • He has spoken the script memorized by all cocksuckers. All the buzz words are in there. Aint nothing wrong with straightness. Fuck you. Take your ass to Fire Island somewhere. Woe is you. You picked the stilettos. Now wear em. You aint no victim. Foh.

          • Lol @ Fire Island. For those of Yall who don’t know its like the gayest place on earth. Very funny.

          • Google Sydney’s mardi gras. Watch how gays get down when they are all together. The shoe fits.

        • Or it could have been a straight person who caught it cheating with a mistress…gays aren’t an infection. Why do most of us straight people think so hateful and uneducated about people?

  16. You are kidding right? No one complained about it? You don’t remember that American Idol number one hit smash “pants to the ground, pants to the ground, lookin like a fool with your pants hangin down,”,lol…

  17. Shut up Fool if you cant tell the truth about black kids being encouraged to be gay. It was what you voted for. You knew what he stood for, and you still voted him in again. You have no one to blame but yourself. The media doesn’t call up ONLY black men to congratulate them for coming out of the closet to announce they have chosen a life of disease producing filthy sh8tty sex.

    • let me help you out. cause you need it. BLACK WOMEN are have been the fastest growing group contracting hiv and aids. BLACK WOMEN not gay men. check yourself.

      • Black women who sleep with black men FYI. Typically those who are homosexual unknown to their partner. just saying

      • Black women have sex w who, primarily?

        Black men.

        A trend among some some men has been the dl thing. White men do it too.

        Then they go home to their wives & give them diseases.

        How do you not know your man is queer? Really?

        If youre really gay, then be gay. Idfc. Don’t be a nasty disease spreading liar!

        Those types deserve to be called f****ts!

        • You’re really too much. Instead of worrying so much about others, maybe you need to get some help from a mental professional for yourself. You’re coming unhinged over this.

          I’ll bet you’re single….and not by choice either.

        • There is some truth to this, just some.

          But, remember, most black women are REACTING, not acting.

      • @gb2: You are incorrect. The CDC states gay men contract the virus at a rate higher than any other demographic. 62 percent of new infections come from gay men even though gay men only make up 2 percent of the US population (actual statistic). Please visit and check the facts.

        • Exactly, and gay black men contract it at a higher rate than gay white or Latinos.

          It is all in the advertising. American Advertising was started by none other than the nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays. The power of suggestion has been one of the most powerful tools shaping American culture, if not the most powerful.

          And the power of suggestion is none other than the devil’s tool.

          Who da f*ck wanna get HIV and how is that cool? That was like 44 years ago when they were showing cigarette ads on television, like yeah, it is really cool to get cancer.

          • Metro sexual, SNAG – sensitive new age guy. Media inventions. It didn’t start overnight, media planted the seeds ages ago.

        • actually, YOU are incorrect. i stated that black women are the fastest GROWING group. i did not say they were number one. there is a difference. don’t come for me. i do check my facts. if this is a battle of wits, you are unarmed sir

          • @gb2: No, black women aren’t the fastest growing group either. That tiara belongs to young black homosexuals. Like I said, check The rates for black women DECREASED by 21 percent. The rates black homosexuals INCREASED by 48 percent. You’d think with rate jumps like that, you guys might bother to get informed.

      • Thats always been anutha way to bring the black womans value n standards down. More white woman hav been with blacks n other races statistics can say whatev but white ppl hav been rapin black men n woman since the 1800s mayb even longer white women lusted black men n white men lusted black men women kids n dogs so jus cuz they selln it dont mean im buyn it. Blacks might b followin the white man agenda now but thats those sellout wanna b masta favorite jigaboo ninjaz, goes bac to the sayn stand for sumn or fall for anything boy hav they fallen smmfh.. We were natural healers not disease carriers go bac n research all those animals they were f*ckn but u find ur aids virus!!!

        • Real talk. Some punctuation would have been helpful, but even so you spoke the truth.

      • Absolutely. And who can black women thank for that? The promiscuous, dirrrty dick straight BLACK MEN, as well as dirrty dick DL BLACK MEN that gave it to them.

  18. I can’t say I totally except homosexuals but I respect them as people because I can’t change anything I don’t make the rules but it has been written it’s an abomination and it’s indeed the work of satin it’s wrong but how can you change it? What can you do? I treat “gay people” bisexuals like i treat anyone else I don’t talk about them or down them I give respect and receive it’s up to the higher power to control this kind of situation gay people been around a long time what do you say about sum like that?

    • That’s exactly right pebbles. All we can do in this situation as adults is teach and preach what is right to our children. And more importantly lead by example. But it is commanded to us to love our neighbor.

  19. Face is right..Keep GOD first and allow and trust his work(s) Lord knows I prayed to GOD that my child(ren) NOT be ugly or gay. Please. It’s a disgrace, abomination and embarrassment. I don’t care what any1 says…

    • The gay I can understand, but the ugly?

      What are your standards about what is ugly.


  20. Homosexuality is another form of “Soft Genocide.” This is why the “Lifestyle” is being forced upon black youth. Gay and Lesbian black people need to stop thinking it’s about them. OutsideThe Box thinking is a foreign concept nowadays, everybody wants to follow the crowd. How can we complain about this issue when 95% of us support the politicians and institutions that shove homosexuality down our throats…Think About That?

    • i find it so funny when so called “straight” men are so threatened by gay men. you should be sending me a card for all the p*ssy you got by default.

        • Lollollollol!!!!!! I know that’s right. I’m not threatened by brussel sprouts and pot holes either!

      • @gb2

        Tell that bs to your Gay President…Barack Obama and his Beard…Michelle Obama…Not Me!

    • @Anonymous

      Young blacks know that gayness is not pro-black behavior…They Know This! Most human beings are followers, but, groupthink is a big problem in our race. Gays and Lesbians can’t talk s**t to me because i see thru their bs. They can be gay all they want, but, stop pushing their perversion onto other blacks…That’s All!

      • Gay comes in all shapes,sizes, races, religion, and region. If you want to be peticular.

  21. May e its something in the food ?
    The GMO food ?
    Or maybe its something in the vaccines thats causing it?

  22. I have love and respect Face but that old school mentality, like many others’, blocks the obvious – these children are indeed homosexual and its not a fad or new just accepted. Being gay is not some surburban white teenager sagging with a backward baseball cap bumping 50 cent in his moms mini-van or a black girl with Malaysian sew-in/ blond mohawk and a fake Birkin. In the end that former will attend a private university working in govt or corporate America listening to Outkast @ Coachella or an occasional MURs on okayplayer and the latter will probably spearhead a online natural hair’ movement’ using vlog revenues to a purchase a genuine bag. My point – people generally revert to what is innate or by family and community values – not TV.

    No longer is it acceptable for a man to throw a football at his sons chest if notices the kid playing hopscotch with the girls and dress up in mamas heels. That is how the clive davis and jl kings of the DL world were reared. Sylvester wore drag and was popular in the disco era, as powerful as his presence was, I doubt that he influenced any straight male into wearing lipstick or spooning with other men. No more than Ej Johnson will. Homosexuals make up 5% of the population its really not that serious.

    Turn off the tv, limit the internet and radio and most importantly spend organic time with your children and family. Influences start at home not via Viacomm. Children live what they learn. As much as my younger generation annoys me the are honest and their behavior reflects that of family and their community. ScarFace make me another The Fix tape before the Bill Cosby outburst of senility sets in 🙂 Surprised he didnt say Pray the Gay away. Jeez Louise.

    • You got kids? Nah. Didn’t think so. Scarface calling it like he see it. Like a lot of us see it.

      • What does being a parent have to do with observation of societal behavior that affects us all? That is a nonsensical question. Scarface sounds like a Tea Partyer with these statements. Perhaps it is the ‘devil’ and media determines behavior patterns not genetics and environment. I still love him though. Just an old head who probably thinks all things are resolved with the belt and the bible.

        And the Easter bunny and McDonalds are responsible for fat type II diabetics instead ignorance, personal choice and glutinous behaviors framed by childhood and family patterns. EJ Johnson will not influence a raging hormonal preteen hetero boy to suck a dick and carry manbags. If that teen doesnt have guidance to divert that sexual energy into sports, arts, carpentry, community work etc he will continue to dry hump the class slut in the janitors closet per usual unless he is indeed homosexual else he will be repulsed at the site of a gaping wet butthole. Lets keep it 100.

  23. I’m glad to hear one of raps four fathers “to me f*ck anybody elses opinion” speak on this epidemic its been going on for far too long. Anybody that does not think the media pushes this agenda got to be a flamin fag or blind to truth. I respect anybody decision to be gay man or woman that’s your choice. you got see god and talk to him about that. But when you try to corrupt the innocent before they able to form they own opinion enough to make there own decision is wrong. Gay people are the more confused about there lifestyle then we are u a gay man that likes a man dressing as a woman? You are a gay woman but your woman looks as masculant as a man where’s timbs and last thing back in the day guys wore there jeans off they ass because there jeans was to small so u had a long shirt so no one “u hoped” could see how small your jeans really were every one wore hand me downs so if you grew by the summer u had those same jeans you got you some long shirts you was good.the 90’s taught us to kill our brothers now they want us to f*ck our brothers to kill the creators greatest creation the human family..

  24. Sin is sin no matter what the title is. Just confess and acknowledge it is sin and keep it moving

  25. So gb2 what’s so grate about being gay. You fall in love but you can’t have children of your own. How’s do you full fill your life. You don’t. Cause being gay is all about the sex. Dick in the arse Sex. Shit on your dick. Man y’all just gross. Enjoy while you can.

  26. Hmm I wonder if all those u used he faggot are really practicing what u preach when it comes to speaking of God didn’t he teach us not to judge n for those of u wondering why they keep pushing the agenda to continue to hate each other whatever believe in u don’t see it but if African Americans were not enslaved do u think we will hate white folks if being gay and its an abomination will people still Call people faggots I think not …read between the lines ppl

    between the lined ghandi said it mann

  27. Stop with all these fake bible quotes….the bible is sooo misconstrued, how do any of you know the truth. Read up on the council of nicea

    • Third Lateran Council (1179), Canon 11: “Let all who are found guilty of the unnatural vice for which the wrath of God came down upon the sons of disobedience and destroyed the five cities with fire, if they are clerics be expelled from the clergy or confined in monasteries to do penance; if they are laymen they are to incur excommunication and be completely separated from the society of the faithful.

      They got something right, even I agree, not all of it right.

      • uh, the lateran council is doctrine established how many years after the bible was canonized?

  28. Why do people focus on a verse in the bible, when there are hundreds tht they ignore. Don’t cherry pick passages tht suit your needs and then ignore the rest

  29. Homosexuality is wrong, but lesbianism is ok because (men like it) is the most ignorant thing anyone can say….black people and they bible…yet we continue to lust, have sex outta wedlock, do drugs, lie, steal, kill, and yet our focus is on faaagggs. PRIORITIES.

  30. I think everyone is missing the point and real issues. Its sad and hurtful but kill all stigmas love freely. Kill off insecurities and judgments. Do not sit behind a computer filled with hate and spreading that same hate. Each one teach one. Dont force your ideas on ppl. Love is the universal language but we not speaking it to one another.

    • And forget about what is happening in front of our eyes.

      You know how many young girls in high school are being bullied by lesbians? These young bullied girls don’t have daddies or older brothers to knock the shit out of these homo thugs.

      Girl, go back to being the “feted little black girl” amongst your little white girlfriends.

      • It is a real situation and an existing entity, not to be sugarcoated with the benediction from the wand of egalitarianism.

        And just like the ghetto thugs, we let the black man be on his grind sellin’ dope and crack, and look at the black community now.

        So, do away with your straw argument of “…so does that mean all black gays are…” We got a problem in the black community and when we wake up ten years later, we may not even be here; and yes, I see the contradictory irony in that last sentence.

        • No, boo, I ain’t confusing the two.

          I am saying we neva checked the black thug and he overtook the community.

          The black thug is in with the cops, DA, the Feds, the mafia, etc.

          Trust, I know the difference which is why I ain’t cosigning on this gay shit.


    • Disingenuous argument.

      It is all about the type of sex with gays. That is why they want to DEMAND acceptance.

      Gays have always been here, just not up in people’s faces DEMANDING acceptance of their lifestyle.

      After the devastation of HIV/AIDS, I don’t see how you can put gay sex as the pink elephant. And you probably don’t use a dildo because the majority of lesbians are really bisexual.

      • No. Gay people are NOT a protected class. Fuck that. They shouldn’t get protected status under the law any more than I should he aide I enjoy the “female superior”position. A sexual preference is exactly that, a preference. Why should it be considered on par with race or handicaps? No way.

      • Most str8t folks do respect gay folks.

        But you want to equate respect with acceptance, don’t lie.

        Also, the most disrespectful muthaf*cka a woman who is minding her business can run into is a f*ckin’ queen lookin’ for a fight or a lesbo tryin’ to push up on you.

        You f*ckin’ queers reign your crew in and we will do the same, FOH

        • Bitch, gays always comin’ for folks, and then cryin’ ’bout they are being bullied. FOH with your turnaround bullshit.

      • You sayin all gays are law abiding? Shit they the best boosters, hustlers and credit card scam artists.

        • “The ones you speak of are the street thug and baby mama crowd, low rent , no income, no shame and no blame.”

          Like the YT rich gay boys at the opera givin’ some black folks shade, as if to say, WTF you doin’ here.

          Don’t front. YT gays are always in the forefront of gentrification of black neighborhoods, but try and go on their territory. NOT.

    • Oh sweetie. Straight sex is boring? I almost believed you were a genuine person until you said that and revealed yourself as yet another agenda pushing troll. You were going for the titillation factor so let me indulge you: there is nothing boring about a man’s strong hands gripping your hips while you cling to his shoulders and wrap your legs around his muscular back. Trust me. Lickylicky has its limits , you have Nooooooo idea what you are missing.

  32. And at the end of it all. Scarface made the best point….I thank him for speaking the truth.

  33. Looky here gays. U changed the game. Dick is for p*ssy. It’s just the way were made. No life is forth comming if everyone was like you. So u better thank us for reproducing so you can have boyfriends and girlfriends, without us there would be no one. Remember that.

    • It’s not whatever I say it’s just fact. We can live in a world without you, you cannot live in the world without us heterosexuals. Your life style is a choice. Own it.

      • Cuz no words can knock the truth. It’s not my truth, it’s just the truth.

        • Human life would end without people makin babies. How is been gay normal. Tell me please. It’s agianst human life.

    • You can have babies if you cheat on your partner. Or use medical help. But we do it naturally. Natural. Natural. Natural. You get it.

  34. Scarface is on point like Tony Parker.

    The gay agenda is real & very alive in the various mass/social media (Multi Ethnic Destruction In Action) forms created for different segments of the population without stagnation. The anus was created for defecation not for sexual penetration human biology 101 no matter yor religous beliefs or non beliefs that’s a fact.

    It’s (movies, tv, music, etc) just entertainment- right?

    Enter (come into)

    Tain (to hold, possess)

    Ment (a state of)

    In otherwords it can be defined as to enter into, to possess & to keep an individual(s) in a state of possession as a fan (fanatic) of said entertainment and/or entertainer.

    To be a living vessel for evil wicked fallen spirits via one’s own consciousness on a direct and subliminal level- where do thoughts come from that just pop into our mind?

    To emulate sinful trends, fashions & fads implemented under the guise of artistic expression while acting out on said fanatical impulses, tenets promoted within said entertainment and/or promoted by said entertaiment.

    The entertainment industry binds sins with souls all for profit- point blank.

    Celebrity, the newest drug in America- gotta habit?

    Media =s Medium =s Hypnotizing Minds

    The Media is the 4th branch of the government ie Judicial, Legislative, Executive & The MEDIA…

    The most powerful weapon of the oppressors (power elite) are the minds of the oppressed (citizens)- We, Behold A Pale Horse as the finish line is control of your body, soul & mind.

    Freedom or Freedumb?

  35. If we have gay family members let’s not stop loving them we don’t have to agree with the behavior or lifestyle.As long as you feel it’s not right in your eyes and you would never engage in that then that’s the way to go for you.If gays feel they are doing what’s right and it’s all about love then fine God is the final judge but never hate a person then we mess up our chance for the PRIZE in heaven.

  36. We don’t need a judge, thank you. If u got nothing to say, don’t say nothing.

  37. Actually I don’t agree 100% with the original statement above. Lesbians and gays have been around for centuries and people still FAIL to know the FACTS about the LGBT community. U don’t have to be gay yourself to see that no matter what orientation you prefer we all ARE THE SAME. LOVE IS LOVE. Kids don’t f*cking care !!!! You PARENTS teach them to hate and/or dislike a certain type of group or person which I find SAD and quite disguesting. Who are we to judge anyone who just loves someone? Teach your kids to love one another whether they accept certain views, how about that. how is it 2014 and we are still talking about stupid,small things like gays/lesbians, and how its unhealthy for our kids ….. SHUT UP! LEARN some FACTS and STOP JUDGING unless there’s some ACTUAL HARM being done! GROW UP! (-_-)

    • Murder, Rape, Alcoholism, pedophilia, theft, have been around for centuries — do all these activities get a pass?

  38. Everything is a f*cking trend. Thats a stupid phrase to use and it is being OVER USED here. That is YOUR ignorant opinnion. I hope none of u are fellow christians being this awful, ugly, and hurtful to people loving the same sex. They did not ask for anyone’s opinion either. Everyone has their own story. And I am STRAIGHT saying this (-___-)
    How ignarant can this generation really be!? First racism now this…u guys have got to let go of the things that DON’T MATTER and pay more attention to the BIGGER issues going on in the world other than gays loving one another (-_-)

    • @Plzstopthelies: Actually, it’s spelled: I-G-N-O-R-A-N-T. Just wanted to point out the irony. 🙂

      • Oh, thank for correcting my typo sarcastically when I just proved a wonderful VALID point previously. I hope I’ve corrected that awful mind of yours if you are as judgmental as the ignorant person above 😉

        • One time is a typo. Misspelling the same word wrong more than once shows you simply didn’t know any better. Gold star for getting it right this time though. Glad I could help you out.

        • You gays don’t love. You are all about self-hate and self-rejection.

          Don’t tell us to close our eyes to the obvious.

    • Whats the bigger issue? U cant say faggot talk bout gays witout havin ur life ruined or havin to apologize that is a BIG issue kidz think its cool to b gay they pushin it in commercials jingles movies music sports cartoons every damn thing is gay even animals then if u fight a gay person its a hate crime shit jus dont make sense ppl arent bein ignorant we tired of gays havin all the rights for doin wrong shit!!! If ur trully christian read that book alil closer i couldve sworn GOD was against that shit. Thats the problem everybody wanna holla GOD but dont follow his rules!

      • That is the most ignorant thing I have read in a long time. It is 2014! gay is literally EVERYWHERE. In the animal kingdom (created by our wonderful God), in humans( Created by God) no matter where you go. no matter what they believe in(religion wise) GAY IS GAY ET OVER IT! You people bitch more about spreading love than the hatred they programmed in you to THINK. If Jesus were here do u think he’d stick his nose up to gays? absolutely not. He’d LOVE them. If humans can get that the world would become a better place. I am sorry. Loving someone isn’t a sin. And no sin is bigger than the other, right “CHRISTIAN.” OH and to blow your idiotic ass out of the waters ONCE AGAIN do some research on the Bible that u read today. 85% of the chapters were added , don’t believe me? Google it. The original bible had NOTHING in it about same sex loving one another. along with it not being 66 chapter in it(-_-) please guys lmao please do RESEARCH before you judge/cast the first stone. Please be sure you aren’t sinning. be sure you aren’t hateful. Spread love. and Please GROW from your ignorance. btw since you follow all of God’s rules, I’m guessing you’ve NEVER sinned? tattoos, piercings? stealing? killing? lying ? dishonoring parents? get OUT OF HERE! come back with some education.

        • and just for the smart asses, when i say” make sure u aren’t sinning” I mean make sure you aren’t sinning while judging gays because YOU are JUST AS BAD as they are. WE ARE ALL THE SAME GROUP OF SINNERS. get OVER IT.

  39. how about all the black babies these gay white men are snatching up like free lube?! those poor kids are gonna grow up so mindf-cked. would probably be better off in foster care.

  40. I think at the end of the day we just need to respect each other, we dont have to agree on everything but respect is the key. As much as we think homosexuality is all that is wrong in the world, there are a lot of things that straight people do that the bible says we shouldnt do but we do them so that means come judgement time we will all be in the same boat. Because only God knows whats in our hearts.

    • I totally agree with you Velvet, BUT,

      Ain’t none of us straight folks havin’ an adulterers’ pride parade.

      Ain’t none of us straight folks havin’ a liar’s poker tournament for the benefit of liars.

      Ain’t none of us straight folks havin’ a junkies ball.

      Ain’t none of us havin’ a gossiper’s history month celebration.

      We don’t celebrate our sin, at least an overwhelming majority of us don’t!

    • I can agree with some of this. However, it’s probably unreasonable to expect us to all respect each other. Think about what it means to truly respect someone as a person. Some folks just aren’t respectable. Common courtesy is more realistic. Like I said, I’m glad Face chose to express himself respectfully. Manners go a long way. Don’t come at mine, and I won’t come at yours.

  41. I’m not a hater. But sick and tired of people trying to tell me gay is normal. I ain’t gunna teach my kids to hate gays, but I’m not gunna teach them gay is normal. Clearly it’s not. I hate the sin not the sinner.

  42. Just stating facts. No name calling no assumptions. I don’t hate. What’s showing is you can’t handle the truth about want gay is.

  43. It has become rather pushy, but I actually disagree with Scarface. I have a 14 y/o son who sees all this “gayness” everywhere now, and he thinks theyre just as silly as I do. At 14, he can intuitively pick up that something’s not right with these folks without explanation from me. Sometimes letting your kids just see for themselves is the best thing you can do.

    Sidenote: Black fathers, it’s your RESPONSIBILITY to make sure your sons know the WORTH of their MANHOOD.

  44. I’m applauding Scarface right this moment. He’s making a stance that is correct.

  45. If gay is all rainbows (no pun) and sunshine why did you hide it from your family for so long? I’ll help you. Cuz you know its wrong despite your attempts to normalize that shit.

  46. yes pray for the straight people too. we rape kids rape gays and kill them for being who they are. include that in the prayer.

      • I have met some idiots in my life but none were total idiots like you. You are demonic and twisted.

    • We my ass. If that’s you, own your shit but don’t put that nasty bs over on me.

  47. swear since scarface isn’t rapping no more he’s just trying to be mr. dudley do right.

    face made some horrible lyrics in the 90’s about killing folks, suicide, rape, selling drugs, calling women bitches lets not forget this.

    when he was selling records he was’nt thinking about being positive.

    face, geto boys served the satanic agenda.

  48. I am not for gay and lesbians nor do I judge them. Whats funny to me is you so called bible thumpers and Christians on a GOSSIP blog. fohwtbs

  49. Anonymous
    May 9th, 2014, 11:50
    I just want to know if you say that God created woman as an afterthought why did He bring Jesus the saviour into the world through the body of a woman if we are so insignificant??? If we are so insignificant then God would have just plonked Jesus without going through all the schlep of putting Him in a womans womb. He would have brought Jesus to the world by other means. Life comes into this world through us WOMBmen. If your mother hadnt carried your ass in her womb or if her womb had rejected your ass you wouldnt be here. Dont come here and talk out of your ass as if u know what the f*ck you talking about.

  50. @Anonymous
    May 9th, 2014, 11:50
    I just want to know if you say that God created woman as an afterthought why did He bring Jesus the saviour into the world through the body of a woman if we are so insignificant??? If we are so insignificant then God would have just plonked Jesus without going through all the schlep of putting Him in a womans womb. He would have brought Jesus to the world by other means. Life comes into this world through us WOMBmen. If your mother hadnt carried your ass in her womb or if her womb had rejected your ass you wouldnt be here. Dont come here and talk out of your ass as if u know what the f*ck you talking about.

  51. please tell me what child knows who they are at such a young age? hell most adults don’t even know their who they are. if kids are secure with who they are then why are there so many teen suicides? their brains aren’t even fully developed to understand anything son. regardless of how you live your life it comes with responsibility

  52. @Anonymous
    May 11th, 2014, 08:42
    Thanx Anon, and same to you. People just make angry talking smack about women forgetting that if it wasnt for women they wouldnt be here in the first place. Without a woman bringing Jesus into the world they wouldnt be talking crap like that. Im not a mother yet and today i just found out that i cant have kids but only God knows what He will do with my situation. Have a good day.

    • Just remember, doctors diagnosed but ultimately, God is judge and jury. And a miracle worker. He will have final say. In Him all things are possible. Stay prayed up.

  53. ive always seen scar as the prophet of hip hop ! geto boyz is un duplicated there will never be another when scare speaks all will listen.

  54. “The Media is the 4th branch of the government ie Judicial, Legislative, Executive & The MEDIA…”

    that’s actually a really good point

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