Who’s Jacky Talking About? – May 31, 2014


“He’s a bisexual dude, and he’s also a sex addict.”

The beat-down which this all-BLUE-everything Brooklyn MC caught could have been just the tip of the iceberg. Know why? We’re told… his extramarital affairs — with women AND men — have led he and his Missus to divorce! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Dame Dash.

Here’s what a source spills:

“Dame Dash had Rachel Roy lure ****, with sexual advances at the Met Gala. **** took the bait and got caught by his wife.”

His empire is about to crumble, Just ask John McNeilly. Now… Can you guess which BK sellout I’m talking about?


      • Let’s see….there is the stylists kid, the porn stars kid, supposedly an older little boy, Blue Ivy and now possibly this one. Maybe Jay keeps his kids on the dl because he doesn’t want them “nominated”…

          • Alls I know is that left untreated (either because you are in denial , or because you have been programmed to allow yourself to accept all kinds humiliations, even stds as tradeoff for stardom)….certain things can render a woman infertile if exposed for too long. Could also explain the whole pillow baby debacle.

        • Anon 22:22 What other one? We know about those and let me add Free formally from 106 & Park. Yes, she got a kid from Jay.

  1. If a man is getting hit in the ass he is GAY!!
    (willfully not rape)
    If a man is penetrating another man he is GAY!!! THERE IS NO IN BETWEEN!!

      • Really??!!! I haven’t heard not one gay rumor about him. I honestly find it hard to believe he is he playing for both teams, the cheating and arranged marriage rumors I do believe though.

          • AND: aangirfan.blogspot.com/2013/04/geldofs.html

            If one becomes associated with THE OTO then one can bet they are having homosexual sex.

            • Yes, Gay-Z is Gay/Bi-Sexual, and a Tranny Chaser. (Ask Foxy Brown)

              Don’t believe me, ask his Dyke Mother Gloria Carter.

            • @Anon 14:01 I guess Gloria Carter really don’t ROC a fella.lol.or ROC with fellas.ha.ha.

        • Yes I’ve been hearing those rumors about him since 97,@ futureclippers…. I totally agree with you.

          • Thanks for the link, boy what a rabbit hole that was, WHEW! I remember Jay Z saying something about the Krays, why would you respect disgusting animals like that unless you had something in common with them? I saw an old documentary about the twins that made them seem like small time mobsters, they sure left a lot of the truth out. Sickening, and that Thatcher chick O_O. I remember as a kid seeing her and Queen Elizabeth on TV, and thinking that there was something off about their eyes that gave me an uneasy feeling, now I know why. EVIL, plain and simple.

            I was sitting here thinking to myself, what kind of mind would want all the fame and riches in the world if you would only sell your soul? Do they really believe that they can be friends with the devil by doing all this crazy shit without consequence?
            Oh what a dumb dumb chicken little……… It seems like it’s time for him and his wife to pay. I can almost hear the stones crumbling……..

        • Then you need to wakeup. Rumors about Gay Z have been haunting him for years. Him and Larry Johnson were roommates and he screwed up his mind which is why he left the NFL at the top of his game. Why do 2 grown millionaires need to become roommates?

          Also, Foxy Brown or Lil Kim had a sex tape of her, Jay Z and another man and Jay was performing sexual acts on the man. They broke into her house, beat her up and stole the tape. Google that as well.

          • Exactly!! There is no reason for two rich men to be living together. Wake up, people!!!! And Gay Z was seeing Larry and Beyonce at the same time. We only hear about Cathy White but there are men as well.

  2. foolery! they both switch hit, they both swing… that would never be the reason for a break up.

  3. Really? I’m not surprised his mom’s is gay and sister if I’m not mistaken so this is kinda old and wifey like a p*ssy to her and Rita Ora posse to have been a couple these people doen everything sad

  4. is anyone supraise??? he’s disloyal and selfish and jealous him and kanye are more like brothers then friends they brag about their women

    • soon is beyonce turn all the bad stuff that she and her father have done is gonna come back

  5. Heard he has a huge wang. Feel sorry for whatever receiving rectum thats pummeled by that anaconda but I would like to watch for two secs and then walk away in disdain and judgement. #sizequeen

      • Poor Blue doesn’t even have it as good as BK…Whitney may have been a trip in her personal life but at least she was connected to her daughter and seemed to really love her–and didn’t only photograph her from the knees down or from the back like wack “Mommie Dearest” Bey! smh.

  6. Gah, the thought of him sweaty, lunging over ANYONE makes me require antiseptic for my brain.

  7. Jay & Bey need blood sacrifice. That’s why it seems like their empire is falling b/c they havent given a sacrifice, especially Bey. I highly doubt Dame put Rachel up to do that b/c Rachel dont fuks wit Dame that hard…Rachel is a ho anyway who fuks for fashion lines, she fukin Jay & Dame mad….Rachel might end up being the sacrifice too…Dame, stop leaking stories…

  8. The light has been turned on but if you insist on staying in the dark, it’s your choice!

  9. The prerequisite for joining or becoming a member of any Secret Society is being a Homo,eating the unborn baby fetus and worshipping Lucifer.Do I thing JZ is a member?Hell No!!Because his money ain’t long enough and he lacks the connections. Is he a worker?Yes.

  10. a wanna be is just as dangerous as a member. they are willing to do ANYTHING just to belong

  11. My message to all my fellow brothers and sistas; do not go to Jay and baphomet Bey’s concerts! Do something else with your money!

  12. “You got alot of nerve to play me/ another gay rapper busting shots at Jay-z” – Tupac

  13. @anynomous whats the tea around jay-z how come melanie fiona bridget kelly have not blow up already? i dont get it

    • Melanie Fiona was a fad and Bridgette Kelly is a Alicia Keys Clone so perhaps that’s why.Jay usually keep all of his artist on a 3 year Sabbatical before they release a album.

  14. This site is a gem! Finally someone who will publish the truth, no sellout and the people commenting are both smart and hysterical. Everyone’s awake, including myself. The empire is about to fall…

    • Dear, most of the people on this site are scared negroes who are too afraid to research anything outside of what’s posted on the net. It’s like some of the stuff is hitting but doesn’t go deep enough or is so surface. Black people afraid of secret societies is like a black person hating nappy hair. It’s backwards as hell! Why? All of that shit is about us and white people trying to figure us out.

    • What is this d mobpartner that kicks me off the site. Any one else getting this.

  15. They are all GAY ok Bi then. All of them. They have to, to excel in their careers. And yes look up Larry Johnson. Not the basketball player the football player. GayZ is def on the DL

  16. Illuminati is real there lot of rituals happening there including having g*y sex for money & power bulding trust showing how loyal you are to them ‘am tolking about the higher power, am not saying Jikka is g*y am not really sure, But you naver know when it comes to Hollywood, They will tell you about how dreams do come true but they will naver tell you about oll that you need to go through for them to come through “alive”, that why we so have many f*ckup singers and rappers its becouse of oll sh*t they go through for them to get that paper coming it naver about the size of talent mostly, Let us pray for our youth many of them are just lost with know direction.

    • Yesss! Plus they’re either MK Ultra’d up under monarch butterfly programming. Either way they’re def souled out

  17. Whatever. We aren’t reaching any where. There have been whispers in the industry about him being a switch hitter since the late 90’s.

    • Dick rider you sound ridiculous. If the site is discussing something that has been rumored and “whispered” for over 15 years, then that wouldn’t consist of reaching. The whispers are based on facts that were deemed suspect i.e. larry johnson.

      • If common sense ever ran in your family surely it skipped a generation by the time it got to you. YOh are as dumb as a bag of rocks.

  18. Yes indeed i agree with you 100% it’s sad to see oll of this happening right in frant of our face by 2035 there will be lots of guys who will be turning g*y just becouse it will be looking good cool if am just looking at how the media is opareting, If am looking at some of those vidios it olmost like every guy wanna some sweet suger queen “FOR WHAT WHY?” thats why many of our youth is confused. But one thing am always wishing to know it’s about those so colleds straight guys how do they deal with this sh*t for rituals.?

    • 2035? Are you serious? Do people really think we will still be living on earth in 2035? While I don’t know the exact date of God’s return I do know that He will return before 2035. In fact, if Obama is the antichrist, it would mean that His return is sooner than what anyone wants to admit.

  19. This j-whore-va mojo is wearing off. Must be time for another ritual/$acrifice to the p*ckerwood-god…

  20. There are pictures from this year’s Met Ball that show Bey and Jay arriving on the red carpet. There are a few shots showing Bey photographed up close. While she looks beautiful in the face, etc., there is something off about her eyes and facial expression. She looked dead in the eyes in some of those pictures. It made me feel sad for her. I really hope she’s ok.

    Some celebs live in miserable mental cages (even though they may look glamorous from the outside), due to horrible deals they have made for whatever reason (for fame, power and/or money.) We don’t always want what we think we want….fact.

  21. I want receipts! Too many Black folk believe if you are rich and famous you MUST be gay and worship Satan..

  22. Jay-Z is not a man of integrity, so, his house of cards will crumble. Karma is real people, life is not a movie…It’s Real!

    • None of the celebrities have integrity. The entire industry is about to come tumbling down.

      • @James

        This is a sad spectacle to me. A handful of blackmen coupled with white suits have damn’ near killed an entire generation…Think About It?

  23. Yall keep saying Satan this or that, Satan LOVES p*ssy not dick, stop getting it twisted. Puffy suck duck, Gay z, Gucci, Birdman, Wayne, Redman, Method Man, Erick Sermon, Lil B, Benzino, Busta hahaha DAMN shit is crazy

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