Who’s Jacky Talking About? – March 30, 2015


It turns out … today’s blind item has a much more in common with Mrs. Carter than Jay Z after all!

Sure, this female pop star may have been fathered by a biracial dad, but she is a Black woman just the same.

However, it’s been revealed that just as Sasha Fierce proves to be lacking Black Pride by spreading word that she’s “Mixed” with African American, Native American and French, our Caribbean Queen is being revealed to be doing the same!

A tipster tells us that’s exactly why people from her island nation are putting her on blast as a sell-out “ashamed of being Black!”

Here’s what a source had to say about our blind item:

“She should stop lying about her race.”

Word is Jay Z held previous fear over her possibly surpassing his Bey.

Now, can you guess the pop singer I’m talking about?


    • Yes..It’s Rhianna. I don’t have a problem with people claiming their heritage. I just am not so insecure to go around telling everyone that my great paternal grandmother was Indian and Irish. I despise when someone has a black mother or father and claim that they are not black… Tiger Asiatic Woods for example. He married his ghostly looking Nanny because she was alien looking white to wash the black off of the children that they would have. Didn’t work though… they look just like him Blackaniese. haha

  1. What is the problem, if she wants to divulge info about her complete ancestry. Everyone else does it without any negative Backlash, so why should she be scorned, judged and ridiculed if she has pride in her ancestry. Don’t be fooled and brainwashed into thinking you should not be proud of who you are and should hide it.

    • Gina you sound like a fool. lol. I’m sorry. Blacks like Rhianna, and apparently you, want to be more than what you are so badly it’s a shame. Over 70% of African Americans have other race in their blood line. They’re now telling these whites, especially the ones in the south, that over 60% of them have BLACK blood. Black people are the only race trying to PROVE they’re not black and it’s pathetic. Raven Symone anyone? All black people in the diaspora and even those on the African continent are now racially mixed because of white colonization and rape. What the f*ck is that to be proud of. All you have to do is look at the rainbow of complexions, features, and hair textures of black people anywhere in the world and you can see “others” in us. Now what I’d love to know is if Rhianna’s white ancestors/relatives even know she exists and if they do, are they trying to claim her ass? I seriously doubt it. I know exactly where the whites in my bloodline are. This is a county where blacks were routinely lynched in the south. Should I send them a Christmas card this year and show my black ass up at the family reunion? To all those who want to debate that 1 drop don’t make you black. Okay. I’ll give you that. But let’ flip that shit around: 99 drops don’t make your ass white either. It’s either all or none with them. Cause let’s tell the whole truth here: THEY created that one drop rule. Not black people. It’s not us trying to hold all you self-professed and wannabe “biracials.” It’s whites telling you they don’t want nothing to do with your ass. lol. Deal with it.

  2. I always respect mixed people (1/2 and 1/2) for claiming that they are mixed. Why should they be badgered into only claiming that they are ‘black’ when they are mixed? In the case of Rihanna though she is 3/4 black so her claiming mixed seems strange but let her do her.

    • To answer your question, I always say – ask the white man who told mixed people that they HAD to be black, unless of course that they look white enough to be considered white! Don’t act as if blacks make the rules and are the reason for the problem.

      • Bt that no longer applies. There were a lot of stupid things said in the past which are universally laughed at today.

        You can’t please everyone here. Amber Rose, born of an African mother says she’s black, and folks here say “no you’re white.” Zendaya born of an African father says I’m black and Black Twitter says “no you’re white!”

        None of this foolishness of labels will matter in 50 years, so who cares.

        • Amber rose went on hot 97 and said she Definitely does not consider her black! Google it! Ebro interviewed. And i found it funny cause she mimicks a sista but went out her way to say she not! Like we sistas want her to be down? Lol lets see how mix you are whe white people kick off the race warand you mix idiots who are confused try running back to us! Foh

          • yeah but amber dated black men and has a child by a black man whether wiz is the father or not.

            the women she dated was black.

            amber has a black mother still and she has black features.

            she wants to be a white woman let her.

            we’ll let the real whites make fun of her.

            imitation of life 2020.

    • There’s no such thing as mixed you’re with one or another.There’s no such thing as a mixed Orange or an Apple.Blacks claiming to be mixed is they’re way of trying to distance themselves away from BlackAmericans because they hate themselves and wanna appear to be different to their Master.You are the Seed of your Father and there’s no in betweens.

        • I just don’t get it.I am 100% black I thought.Someone says no one is 100% black and that we are ALL mixed somehow some way even Africans from various tribes.I am confused now but either way I claim my black ass what you see is what you get a dark brown /black sista who don’t give two cents about what the world feels black is beautiful to the end period.I understand your point BA and it’s a shame many fell for the lie to now hate themselves …..what a collective brainwash of fools they become.

      • Saying you are mixed is indeed trying to run from blackness, but people ARE mixed. You can mix apple and orange juice or both in a fruit salad! Truth be told, if the white man had not told us mixed people should be black, we would never accept it. The white man is always switching things up and he (Jhew) pays these bastard celebs not only to entertain, but to talk this talk like Raven Simone and her BS. These people think that they are above us because the Jhew has their backs (only while doing as they are told), but they are just being used.

        You want to make it simple by saying you are the seed of your father, but when you come out of a white woman, that is more compelling…

        • Raven Simone is not speaking bullshit she’s actually telling the truth because there’s no such thing as an African American and secondly,Africa is a Continent not a Race.Thirdly,There’s over 50 different Countries/Tribes in Africa but we Black Americans can claim none of them because we are not Africans and have no ancestral claim to that flea infested land period!Fourtly,Africa is a Whitemans name Leonardo Sipius Africanus so how could any person of color claim the identity of a man who’s loins they didn’t come from? So,in all Raven is correct she’s not from Africa and definitely not an African or African American.

          • So what is she?
            Europe is continent too. So is Australia. Yet people call themselves european and australian if that is where they are from.
            So black people in america, if not from africa ( original name according to its inhabitants, Akel-bulan) , where are we from? Dna says most black people in america( Original name:Turtle island, according to the native residents that predate columbus and the vikings that were here before him) have high percetage s of sub saharan blood. I agree we should not allow ourselves to be confused by ”his story”. But then we need a definitive answer as to who we really are. And where we come from.

            • Anonymous, you were doing OK until you mentioned “sun-Saharan BLOOD.” There is NO SUCH BLOOD type, no such DNA and no such PEOPLE!!!! That is white man BS as to who he would prefer you to be, because the Saharan blacks are the ones who ran shit and EUrope, so he needs blacks away from white claims on stolen land, hence he needs blacks to stay away from EUrope, North African and the so-called middle-east.

              India, Australia, others parts of Oceania and other parts of Asia have already been exposed with blackness, so the white man can’t hide those places. I am sure that the Jhews love to keep the mid-east whiter looking so that whiter looking arabs makes these faje Jhews seem like they belong…

            • @ Tony, you come off pretty condescending. I don’t know if that was your intention but thats how you come across. If you are a God less man, you won’t get the israelite thing. I dont care if its called subsaharan or hapgroup Y or whatever. Im refering to the black peopke that were sold out and dragged here in chains. Who are we? Who were we? Where are we from? Is our hapgroup distinct? Is it true that none of us has neanderthral dna? Thats what want to know. But I didnt addrees you specifically because we have different conversation styles and it isn’t my wish to be talked down to.

            • @Anon 12:43 Europe is named after a Phoenician blackwoman named Queen Europa and Europe also means Land Of The Angels.Ask Sodom and Gomorrah what color were those Angels who came and entered The Prophets Lotts home to free him and his wife and kids the day before Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by the Heavenly Father.Those two angels were blackmen.Research it for yourself if you care to know.

            • I know that story. Lot may have been an outstanding man of color but his daughters were filth and those accused unnatural children/siblings they gave birth too formed doomed nations that were eventually wiped out .But where do you get that the angels were black men? I wouldn’t mind readIngmore

            • @Anon 19:05 What the he’ll are you talking about? Lotts daughters were virgins that had never been touched before.The two nations that came out of Lott having Sex with his daughters were Moab(Chinese)and Ammon(Japanese).That is the reason that both of these Nations have that down Syndrome look about them because they come from Incest and both these nations are around today so what doomed nation of people that were supposedly wiped out are you talking about? Stop spreading that bullshit on this board and sit down somewhere.

            • @ Black Anastasia, likewise, you go f*ck yourself too. I hate how you pontificate like you know so much when in fact you know f*ck all. Moab and Bennami went on to form the Moabite and Ammonite nations which were considered doomed and not allowed to enter the promised land. In fact Ammonites and Moabites were considered blood enemies of the REAL israelite nation. God is disgusted by druken incestous liars and would bot bless those offspring. You really dont know shit about my people or my religion . I notice when you get confronted you instantly resort to insults which is proof you hide behind rage, not true knowledge. So in spite of the fact that I have yoyr supposes Shemite bronze skin and black curls Ill never take you seriously again.

            • @Anon 5:41 Bitch fck you and your religion.Where can I find the word religion in the KJV bible?I’ll wait because it’s not there.Thats something you learned from your slave master you brainwashed well trained idiot!The word religion has Greek origins.Are you greek? FOH

            • You dont have enough of anything to f*ck me you dickless fraud. You can’t say a damn thing about my religion because you aren’t “learned” enough, well read enough, frankly not on my level. you may charm some on here because its such a novelty on here to find black men that claim to adore black women but you don’t fool me. Any man that continually talks down to women like you do, calling them bytches,baldheaded,they stink, yadayadayada is a straight up misogynist. You remind me of those unemployed Earth, Wind and Fire looking Black Hebrew,mofos that stand around on street corners preaching racial hated and thinking that is of God. Meanwhile they won’t actually do shit to improve the race, just waiting for mostof the world dies off , so you can pick through the rubble and claim what’s left.Your ass is the one who needs to have several seats and I’m not talking a damn throne neither, asshole.

          • Blackanastasia: Get outta here with that Israelite BS. THAT is the only reason you agree with her, but she was clearly going along with the Jhew “blurred lines” for their Jhew world order of confusion of everyone but Jhews! I can say that there are no such people as Israelites, no land of your Israel and nothing to substantiate your claims?

            Africa was not named after Leoo Sipius Africanus, HE was named after Africa after he defeated Carthage.

            • According to you if there’s so such thing as an israelite than there’s no such thing as a Joo either because the letter J isn’t apart of the Hebrew,but nice try my brother.Ask Authur Koestler if the people you rant about daily are really joos.

            • @Tony Stark I fit all of the prophesies of the Israelites in Duet and Leviticus so I’m rolling with that until I die.Ask yourself,why do the so called joos hate us Blacks so much?They hate us American Blacks because they know we are the true and Biblical Israelites.Go and listen to KRS1 song”Why Is That”.The ancient Israelites of Antiquity loved Watermelon as well.

            • Africa was named after Africanus after he defeated Hannibal.Not sure where you get your info from,but you’re a tad bit misinformed.

          • BA I hate it when you go off on your Africa tangents. Other than that you are good people. So I ride with you. But when you start up on the African thing, I have to pull the car over.

          • Actually his name meant he was from africa, Africa had its name far before he were born.

          • raven needs to accept the fact that shes a lesbian.

            I don’t consider myself African American never did I was not born in Africa and I am not an immigrant from Africa who came to the Americas.

            so im not African American.

      • @BlackAnastasia: Mixed raced people are their own race of people. If you mix a lion and a tiger you get a liger so yes, you can take one and one and make something new – a hybrid actually.

        • Why the big to do over mixed people? When I was a little girl in the late 60s and early 70s, mixed folks were no big deal. We accepted the black of them and kept it pushing. We really did not give it a second thought, we played and danced together and that was that. No one gave 3 dams what they were.

        • @Scorpiess That made absolutely no sense what you just said because if you mix a lion and a Tiger whether male or female all you’re going to get is an Animal from the Cat Family.That’s is all.

          • * a little OT

            LOL BA, I think a Liger is a little different than just another animal from the cat family. Because for some reason breeding those two produce a completely different cat species, those things are so big that they a creepy, like the days of Noah creepy if you get my drift. Dare I say the Nephilim of the animal world?

            oh well, just my two cents…….

            • Oooooh you are getting deep now. I was just talking to someone about this. Human/Angel hybrids likewise created giants. Tiglons and Ligers are so huge its freaky. Same thing with Pizzly bears. Some things were never meant to mix, the results are disastrous.

            • Wow, I didn’t know about the Pizzly bear breed. I don’t even want to think about what they have created that we don’t know about (((((shudders))))). But every once in a while something strange washes up on the shores that they cant explain. O_O!

            • Black Enga,

              I looked up what a liger looks like. They are as huge as elephant. Those things are so freaking big!!! Who knew? Not me.

            • Ohh Black Enga!! Do I have to? Just looking at how huge it was messed me up.

            • And you see them white folks playing with it like its a domesticated house pet. Aint no damn way, nope, uh uh, not the kid, lol.

          • BA clearly you have no sense left in you. You cannot dispute the facts my friend. Ligers exist and so do many other animal hybrids – It is called science. Mixed people are just another type of hybrid, their own people. I guess you only date mixed chicks and tell yourself that you date ‘black girls’ huh? Well they are still women of colour at the end of the day.

            • If that’s what makes you feel better sweetheart have at it.But clearly that man creates the child and carries the seed so if a blackman lies with a wHite woman the child is black because the male is the seed planplanter.Woman cannot have kids with male DNA.How hard is that to decipher?

      • How can I be black when my mother is white? Has nothing to do with “distancing” myself from my father’s side. I am BOTH. Simple. Get it? Smdh..

        • Has nothing to do with your mother because woman are only incubators when it comes to child birth.If your dad didn’t plant his Seed/DNA into your mom’s womb you wouldn’t be here.You are the Seed of your father.Now fck off you confused piece of shit!!

        • @Mixed Tell your devil Edomite mom to stop chasing black dick than that way you’ll have a clear understanding of whom you are.You wish you were white but we both know they’ll never except you.

  3. White folks never claim they are mixed with black blood. They’ll claim everything else except that. They are afraid to look at their family tree. If they shook it a black person will fall out. Tiger Woods started this shit. Bottom line you are black plain and simple. The police isn’t going to differentiate whether you got 30% white in you.

    There isn’t anything wrong in proclaiming your other side of your background. Jungle fever is 400 some odd years too late.

    • Not true! Gabrielle Reece can pass and she is proud of her black father and brings attention to her biracial makeup.

      Rising female lead actress Shailene Woodley(Divergent and The Problem with the Stars) looks white as can be, but she always talks about her Black grandmother and biracial parent. Either of those girls could pass with no problem if that’s what they wanted to do.

      Nobody WANTS to pass any more. People are proud of their multi-racialness today. I don’t know if people here are too old to get that, or if they are just stuck in their mindset. When you have a multi-racial POTUS, the game changes forever.

      • Obama is not multi racial because his real dad is Black American and I’m not talking about that Stinking Hamite Barack Obama Sr beacuse he’s not his real father he was just the Fall Guy.Ask Stanley Ann’s DAD.

      • Gabrielle Reese surprised me. I just never realized she’s mixed until she said so. A driana Lima, the victoria secret model is mixed as well. So is Slash. Not all white looking people are ashamed of their black roots. But most probably are. I heard of a court case where a white family refused ti claim tge body of their father once dna collected during the autopsy revealed he was `black`.

          • yes well maybe she married someone who gets her. She Is 6ft 2 , a pro athlete and into extreme sports. So Is he. Yeah hes yt but so Is her mother so she probably wasnt raIsed to hate yt people .

      • Shailene Woodley(Louisiana Creole (African, French, Spanish, German), English, Swiss (mother)… barely african american

        • My point was that she embraces her heritage and in no way hides it. The comment I was responding to said that white folks never claim anything but white, and I’m saying that I would never had known Shailene was anything BUT white if she hadn’t spoken of her black heritage. I wasn’t arguing about how much black she had in her.

  4. Welp….she recently cursed out a yt girl on IG for, asking why her hair is so nappy, u know, like trying to clown her hair. Rhi clapped back like… ‘my hair is nappy cuz im black, bitch.’ She didnt mention no mixed blood then, lol. But honestly I always thought she looked exotical -ish. I Dont care either,way many islanders have mixed blood, right?

    • You beat me to the punch! I remember that. Not a fan of Rihanna, but I’ve never heard her say anything denying her race. As a matter of fact, there’s a pic out there of her and her kinky hair and she’s not showing any shame.

  5. Aren’t the majority people of color “mixed?” WHAT’S the f*cking problem? Stop trying to put 50 on a 2! It don’t work!

  6. Artistically speaking Rihanna surpassed Beyonce along time ago. Beyonce is just drunk in love and riding on surf boards.

    • You are correct. I just read a very well established and respected critic who said that Rhianna is the Queen now.
      That doesn’t mean that Bey is over, like Mariah, it ust means that the public is ready for a new queen and Bey needs to gracefully slide over to the bench.

    • No ma’am 7:49

      Like her or hate her, Beyonce and Sasha and nem eat that stage up! That woman is a premier entertainer. While Rhianna is pretty to look at, she is very stiff and nowhere near Beyonce’s level when it comes to stage performance. But why do they have to compete? Why can’t they each have their own special place of honor?

      • Like I said…while Beyonce…sasha…yonce is dealing with her multiple personalities, controlling husband,and mind controlled fans, Rihanna seems to be burning through the fog with sheer star power and hit records.

        Now she has a legitimate number one hit movie with Home.

        Just smart and fresh…

        I smell a Destinys Child album coming through the pipeline soon so she can feel like a star again.

      • Ive seen beyonces stage performance and was not that impressed, people need to stop assuming that because YOU loved her and are under her spell that she has that effect on everyone, because she doesnt

  7. Who cares if Rihanna’s mixed because in this society she’s still considered black. A designer called her the n word a few months back. It’s the one drop rule.I believe she’s surpassed Beyawnce in the music dept, wardrobe, looks, personality,even movies. Beyawnce is mediocre compared to Rihanna.

  8. I agree beyonce is a joke compared to Rihanna the island pop princess.I saw the interview with Iylana Vanzant and Karrueche over the weekend and I like her with Chris than Rihanna.

  9. RHianna does have green eyes and milky skin. The white man insured that the mixed would not be able to benefit from being part white, so they made sure they would not (unless they were white enough looking to slip under the table) by declaring them all black – even if they looked all white.

    Of course, the white man uses the opposite rules in other nations/regions, primarily in the blacks man’s prime home of Africa, where ALL North Africans are considered white, arab, berber or ‘caucasoid.’ It does not matter if they are not mixed at all, plus the white man does not even list TURK (the last ruler until the 1050’s!!!) on that list, so you know he is lying!

    The bottom line is, the white man is a liar and uses the race card whenever he feels a race strategy is needed. The main strategy is to keep the various black peoples divided and foreign to each other, while they make sure they keep all whites together, regardless of nation, language or culture.

    • whomp whomp whomp whomp WHITEMAN whomp whomp whomp whomp JHEW whomp whomp whomp.

      You sound as stuck in the mud as that other crackpot Miss Baylis.

      • If the white man (Jhew) were not so stuck in the mud on us (not you, you cracka), then we would not be concerned with them. Since this Jhew has a paranoid relationship with blacks that is obsessive and complete with the worst atrocities known to man, I must educate people on who t eh specific enemy is.

        • Because that is no other than thst troll bitch Ms.Baylis … Yeah Your boy Tony Starks is a bitch in disguise!

        • @Tony Stark You are so weak man. Whenever I argue with you all you can do is clap back with a stupid comment like “you must be a joo” or now “you are a crackka” Dude, I am neither, I just think you are full of shit. And you don’t listen to anyone else. All you want to do is lecture others about your joo hate.

          Shit, I’d rather be a joo or a crackka than a burnout hater like you who hate everyone.

          • Anon: Stop the BS. I speak the truth and only a Jhew hates when people reveal what they are doing to people, not blacks. Also, you claim that I hate, please, find a quote from me saying that I hate someone. I will give you ten years…

            • I would be very surprised if you could locate an attributed statement in which David Duke states that he hates joos or blacks.

              Does that mean that he doesn’t?

              Man you are OBSESSED with joo hatred. It seems to be your reason for living. Every f*cking thing you say is about joo hate. It is actually pretty funny, your one track mind. The pathetic thing is that you could do so much with your life if you put all the energy and effort into producing something other than hate. But instead, you’ve chosen to waste your brain and talents on spewing hate on an urban entertainment blog. You didn’t even choose the right venue if your real purpose is to expose and bring down the joos.
              Why aren’t you on a site where you can expose their wicked agenda to people who are motivated to expose them and affect a change in non-joos perception of these “horrible” people?

              Instead you have become just another angry black man screaming at the converted. Not much payoff in that is there?

              • @Anon 10;46 Actually, you are pretty hilarious yourself. Because as you insult Tony Stark, you actually also insult yourself. Why are you here? Why don't you take your self-righteous, dismissive, condescending views to another site? Take your own advice. People do have hobbies, you idiot, some of which include checking out this site and reading and/or responding. And people can say whatever they want. I think it's hypocritical of you to assume that you have the only voice of opinion that matters–such ego! You are a grossly mistaken if you think that your opinion really matters to anyone–it just comes of as insulting, self-satisfied whining. No one would take life lessons or advice from your silly, judgmental comments so please sit down, little one. Continue to hide behind your computer screen.

    • @Tony Stark Africa is not the blackman’s primary home at all.That’s a damn lie!

      Galatians 4:26 But Jerusalem which is above is free,which is the mother of us all.

      I thought Africa was the blackman’ primary homeland?Ha.Ha.Ha.

      • You know, ‘prime’ does not mean ONLY! Also, that Israelite BS, along with the Moors, NOI, 5%, etc., do nothing but throw blacks off from reality, although the Israelite is the realist of those groups, with more things provable than the others,

        • Moors and israelites are the same thing my man.The Southern tribe of Israel which later because the Moors when they rebelled and converted to Islam then ruled Spain for 900years when they made whitewomen their concubines.You are slightly off my brother and I mean that with all due respect.

          • BlackAn: You are slightly off because you mixed your doctrine with the facts. You claim that you are not African, yet you want to take credit for African rule in Europe? The reason blacks were in Europe was not simply because of a Moorish INVASION, but because Europe was already black!

            • African hamites never ruled Europe so what the hell are you talking about?T Europe was ruled by the Moors/Israelites by the like of KingJames,Queen Elizabeth The 1st,William Shakespeare,Queen Charlotte,Henry The 8th,Princess Ann ect..All were Israelites.Africans sold black Americans unto the Arabs and the whiteman so I’m not sure what’s your infatuation with a group of people who not only hates you but they distance themselves from American Blacks daily.When the last time an African came to the aid of a Black American?I’ll wait!!

  10. Let’s put this plain and simple. Some Blacks feel that if they are mixed that is better than being black. They feel prouder not being black. It’s hurtful to accept that in many parts of the world blacks are stereo typed as being ignorant, and diseased. That’s why it’s important for Black to be educated, be articulate, and dress appropriately, and stand tall and proud. Give yourself the tools to be confident–prove your intelligence. Be a rolemodel for changing

  11. just because this scummy whore is f*cking Leo She thinks She’s all that??

    Leo is just like them other white men, who f*ck the chit out of Black Women then leave!!

    it’s really sad how hollywood changes black people’s mindset

  12. You guys a PATHETIC!!! You are not JUST BLACK, that is not an ethnicity its a freakin color you fools. All other ethnicities can claim they are this and that BECAUSE THEY KNOW WHERE THEY COME FROM! Stop being so stupid and stop settling for being just dumb ass african americans.

    • Fuck you. You are the dumb ass. Black people in america through no fault of our own generally have no real idea where we come from. Our identity, heritage and names were stolen. Who are you to judge with your stank ass. Be gone. You probably one of those self hating Rae Dawn Chung types that claims to be like 12 different thinfs cuz u hate it that your drivers license and the rest of the world lists you as just BLACK.

    • RI seems proud of what she is. Bey is just too fake running around behind white Hollywood and they still laughing at her cause she can’t act LOL and they done slaved all they could for the ptb




  13. *OT Can somebody please tell me how in thee HELL can you argue with yourself? O_o!?!

    LOL, Um dying ova here!!!!! *SNORT*

  14. f*ck these black celebs!!

    denying their races just to fit in with white people!. the truth of fact is white people don’t give f*ck about
    black people or their self hat issues!!, white people only care about themselves and nobody else so all you coons can all suck on sour dick!!

    what people need to understand is hollywood is f*cking with black people’s minds! sad but is the truth!
    but these black celebs will get their nicca moment, white people don’t like it when black people get all attention, Beyonce and Rihanna are gonna get their nicca moments just like Nicki garbj

  15. When all is said and done…I dont care what little bit of this and that ur mixed with..when people see her they can plainly see she is black…it a done deal.

  16. I think her eyes are hazel not green..light brown…you dont have to be mixed to get them

  17. It’s funny, I guess because I am older, and I have seen sooooo many variations of black people, I can see black DNA in a lot of folks. Gabriella Reece is no surprise to me at all. I can almost always tell. Something in the voice inflection, the posture, the way the clothes drape on the person, the mouth , the cheeks, the eyes…they way a person walks, or sings or dances, their black ancestors always make themselves known. The only ones who can throw me are the blondies. I get stumped everytime. By them.

  18. Geneticists, and Anthrpologists , and the Bible say we all came from one man and one woman. If were were not interconnected organ donations from other races would be useless. If we were not interconnected different races would not be able to reproduce with one another. Think about that and get back to me.

  19. Most people do not think DNA they judge by what is present. How you look, how you talk, how you dress, if you’re educated. If you are carrying a $400 dollar purse and you make less than $50, 000 a year than you are viewed as ignorant. If you don’t have a car but you pay to get your hair weaved then you are viewed as ignorant. If your child have on Jordan’s but can’t read then you are considered ignorant. …

    • That is so right, I feel you on that note. I am very dark but if you go by my blood type it says Asian descent so go figure.

      Still searching and pondering…..

      • No reason to ponder ma chere, go look up the Khoi San of a South Africa.

        • Thank you so much for that. The other half of my family (grandmother’s side) looks like this but with tightly coiled hair.


          My only son looks just like this and he is darker than I am, we live in the hood and people actaully call him Co Chief. I think that he has beautiful features of his ancestors but he hates his skin color, smdh.

          God help our young people, they don’t know the greatness within them.

          • I can see this. Contrary to what Henry Louis Gates says, I have SEEN a lot of black people with those features. A lot of black people from North Carolina, and Southern Florida have those features.

          • Black Enga I see some Indian also in that picture with the high cheek bones perhaps you also have that in your blood as well.Either way it’s all a beautiful mixture of greatness.

            • Thank you Anon 20:39

              I didn’t always love my dark skin. I had to overcome some deeply embedded self hatred in my family. Hatred that has been passed down through generations to this present day by color struck family members making a difference in children.

              I thank GOD for his love and guidance to accept who and what I am.

  20. All the information in the world about race and color won’t change my mind about the beauty I feel within my blackness.Me being black doesn’t put anyone below or above me.Any other races who feel superior than the next then that’s their backwards grandiose thinking. What’s so special about other races that we exclude the black race? Did they get some unique gift handed out to them by God ? Same color blood,same organs that shit and piss out body toxins,tell me what’s the big prize? GTFOOH with the nonsense. Am I from another F***ing planet here?because I am not understanding the blind people walking around in a zombie state of mind chanting “I am not black ,I am mixed” like I stated before GTFOOH with the foolishness.I love all colors of blackness ,cinnamon,dark chocolate ,hazel,brown sugar ,…the list goes on with the uniqueness of our color.Why the hell people tanning trying to get dark for? Look this aint no mystery it’s plain and simple BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL and many around the world knows it .

    • And I say AMEN!

      Can someone say fellowship up in here today, Love all this knowledge!






    • White People don’t give a f*ck all You coons need to eat dick cos White People are laughing at sellout Blacks

      • You and this stupid site make me laugh! You’re the only wannabe everybody knows. Black people are truly admired and the most copied. We bring style, rhythm, culture, music, and, much more. We bring balance to this planet, it wouldn’t be jack without us.

        You think you know so much but you no nothing. Both of Rihannas parents are black, look it up. And if you want to get technical a lot of black does have parents with white grandparents or great grandparents but we’re still BLACK.

  22. Actually being black does put some below you. The more melanin one has the more power you have. 9 ether hair has its power to.


  23. The pineal gland in the brain is a ball of melanin. However in europeans its calcified.

    • White are not and never were European because blacks ruled all of Europe for 1000 years during the Dark Ages before whites ever set foot in Europe.Try Caucasian which means”Cave Dweller”because that’s truly socalled white peoples true identity/nationality.

  24. Geneticists, anthropologists and those who reconstructed the bible are lying to you. We are not all the same…we all do not come from monkeys. Black people are “man” everyone else is “mankind”…(a kind of man.)

    • If that were true we could not reproduce with anyone. What you said sounds so mean, and …and… well it is not nice …and shows disrespect for the gift of life….

  25. Who cares, they both look like average typical black women. They are both black , that in itself should be good enough. Why you shame of being black ? That’s just wack and stupid.

  26. Rihanna is one of over a dozen black celebrities who operate under the motto, “Black when convenient for my career.” In other words, she will use us to make money. The rest of the time, she avoids us the same way OJ avoided us prior to 1994.

    • Them avoiding us didn’t affect our life one way or the other .It only showed most what not to immulate and worship in this world.

  27. Amber Rose mother is cape verdean black woman. Google other cape verdean actors, singers, etc. The singer Elle Varner, actress Chelsea Tavares have the same background as Amber’ s mother.

    • Amber Hoes is a black looking whitewoman because her father is white.End of Story!!

    • Trade places with her from the day she was introduced to the Industry up until now .Some scary shit she stay winning at ,most would prefer to lose if that’s what you call winning.

  28. Antoinette..you are one of the foolish ones..go do some serious research…Its not mean..its the truth..just because you dont like it dosent make it mean.

  29. She does have Creole Roots…. but I have never heard her deny being a black woman..

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