Who’s Jacky Talking About? – March 3, 2014

Blind Item March 3 2014

He’s powerful force in the music business, widely regarded as “a shrewd businessman.” But… during this music mogul’s sexual endeavors, that “shrewd” character is one he’s said to shelf. That’s because insiders reveal he’s “very submissive” in the bedroom.

Over the past 14-years, our blind item may have been playing patient to his bromancing doctor, but insiders say he’s been partaking in secret smash sessions with younger men “for decades.”

According to out industry insider, “after artists sign a label deal with his company, he celebrates the moment by giving them fellatio.” We’re told the said ritual isn’t reserved just for his recording artists. Know why? Sources say the music moguls — who he’s granted labels under his company’s umbrella — who’ve proven successful with winning numbers, also get the same celebratory ‘professional’ treatment. Just ask L.A. Reid and Puffy!

Our mystery man is a two times a beard-bridegroom who came out for the first time, early last year.

Now, can you guess which ‘Soundtrack’ maker I’m talking about?


  1. Sounds like Clive D. I wonder if he did this to Gil Scott Heron when he started Arista records?

      • Back in the day…
        Once he picked up that pipe, no one can vouch for anything he did or did not do.

        • some people think they know everything m’fing thing….HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MAN DID??????

      • My mom and dad put me on to him..great artist.. and mind.. drug addiction aside. Many of the greatest talent and minds had demons they fought on the regular.. Sly Stone..Marvin Gaye..David Ruffin many ..but it didn’t detract from their talent and overall. TV1 had an episode on demand recently featuring Gil Scott Heron.

        • sly has serious drug demons there was a white singer ruth Copeland from England when her and sly was an itemin theearly 70’s sly was so jealous and strung out he abused her and kept her locked up.

          marvin, ruffin all had serious drug issues.

          marvin and miles davis both fought homosexual demons as well.

          miles was known to have bizarre fetishes like being beating with chains and crossdressing.

        • Chris: Please tell me you know about Anna Gordy, Marvin Gaye’s first wife. She turned him out. Then he turned his 2nd wife Jan out when he was still married to Anna. He was something else! I just recently read about it when Ms. Gordy passed away a couple months ago.

    • Why would he be different if he was in Hollywood just like the rest of these folks. Just because someone shouts out Black Power does not mean he was down with the cause. They all go through the same sick rituals. None of them are special nor different.

      • Yeah, Gil Scott was one of the many black power hypocrites. They sing or rap about what not to do while they are the ones doing it all. I also caught that his brother (whiteness came out in him) did not want to call their father black, but Caribbean.

        • gil was a notorious drug addict and he was on angeldust, and heroin as well and he caught aids from sleeping with numerous prostitutes.

      • And, as this site has always said, YT women are THE gateway to homosexuality, LOL!

        • I don’t think white women are the gateway drug to homosexuality….but I do believe that a lot of minority men on the down low date white women because white women are deemed more sexually free than minority women…..and some dnt mind to lay up with two men who will f*ck her and each other….and really the proof is in the pudding with a lot of Hollywood actors from back in the day til now alot of wives are down OR look the other way….don’t believe me ask John Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston or on the flip side ask Justin Timberlake whose supposed to be Jessica Biels beard… (or you can ask Jessica Biel)

          • Sh*t please..there are many black women who look the other way as well..Lets not make this about race. Stupid is as stupid does..down low is down low, and that is not limited to a certain color last I checked!Where do some of you get these broad generalizations from? Why would white or any of race of women be different from any other in that way? As with anything you have passive too tolerant types and women who have higher standards and refuse to be a doormat or beard for some closeted gay man!

        • Stop stereotyping.You look like a damn fool typing that bULLSH*T… Guess you are a self proclaimed expert on everyone and what they like huh? THINK before you TYPE..

          • Mr. K. Go kick rocks and eat some dirt and choke by the way. If you don’t like the comments or discussion get yo a$$ off the HSK.

    • I must agree, I got much GSH. He was a Brilliant dude. And yes, brilliant people get hooked on drugs too.

      • Sometime even more so than less “knowing” people because they are truly aware of the hopelessness of a given situation. It really can be a gift, as silly as that sounds, to be kinda simple minded.

    • In all actuality, this could be any music “mogul.” They all have gay rumors surrounding them. They have all been known to sex their male artists. They are all into Satanic practices and they are all headed to hell. But then again, hell is what they are striving for.

      • But it is Clive Davis. LaFace was a branch of Arista, as was Bad Boy. You can also Google photos of Clive. That is a blurred photo of him. His sexual escapades are legend.

      • I can clearly see that the pic (barely covered) is CLIVE DAVIS..even before I read entire not so blind item. Doesn’t shock me.. Some of the most powerful men are usually the ones that get into that whole submissive s&m sh*t… Yeah its Clive Davis..head of Arista..been around a long time.

  2. Neither did I. On the same night she was suppose to performed on the Apollo, she overdose on cold medicine. Her publish and best friend found her. *sigh*

    • Unsung said it all Rita. That what I couldn’t understand about her death. Talking about they didn’t know how to place her. That’s BS! Clive knew what he was doing.

    • In all fairness, mentally ill people can sound one way one minute then sound happy the next, like crack addicts do.

    • I once saw a pic of Clive rubbing Ray J thigh an Ray J just sat there and let him do it.

      It would not be the first time and you know Ray J got dick for all interested parties that can afford it. That is why they call him Juicy Ray J. IJS

      • I strongly believe that Clive had everything 2 do with Whitney’s Death!

        Here’s Why:

        Anybody could see that Drugs had ravaged Whitney voice, esp on the day she sang for Good Morning, America, and Oprah’s Show.

        Her last Album did not sell so well.

        After Michael Jackson died, His Record Sales went through the roof!

        This was not missed by the record execs, and Whit was of no used 2 them anymore, BUT IF SHE WERE TO DIE………

        Notice how her music increased in price by the music company until they were caught doing it, then the price dropped to previous levels?

        WHY did Clive still partied like it was 1999 when his biggest star 2 date die????

        Why was Ray J who found the body never Questioned, and what was he doing in her room?

      • you gotta be on some serious drugs if you phukk clive in the ass.

        or clive’s paying good who wants to phukk a 80 year old qwhite man in the ass who would let a 80 yerar old white give them head.

        no wonder ray j was suicidal if I hit clive I would jumpoff a bridge too.

        • heres the deal, men cannot continue to be penetrated after a while, so most older men give fellatio their penus no longer becomes completely erect. Thats why they love young boys. Homosexuality is an has been for a while an elitest activity. Ask any doctor and he will tell you the rectum will prolapse, or anal prolaps

    • that story kind of reminds me of Whitney Houston, RIP, both dying before a performance or show, then I remember the Whispers (or some group) went ahead and performed, but they did a tribute to Phyllis Hyman. was Donny Hathaway with Clive Davis record label, cause he died in a hotel, too, come to think of it.

      • Yes he was Aries. Clive is gonna mess around and it might be him getting axed. One can’t have so much power unless U are God! If you chopped the head of the snake, the body is surely to fall.


  4. One never knows what a crack addict will do, when pressed for drugs. I do believe that artist like Gil Scott starts out being passionate about black folk struggles but, with fame comes a whole lot of partying and introduction to the deadly drug cocaine and other demonic practices.

    Who knows what he saw or had to partake in to cause him to get hooked on drugs. I was so saddened by his unsung.

    • Unsung left out that he was HIV positive. I noticed that Unsung leaves out some key shit (embarrassing shit) on many of it’s subjects. At least with Gil Scott Heron, he was truly unsung as opposed to people who were not but just got played out because of one reason or another. Scott’s name was not one that people were familiar with.

      • I shed a few prayers in the end, the way that his body had deteriorated, I knew that he must have been HIV positive. Yes, Gil Scott Heron was truly Unsung. RIP

      • I knew that, and wondered why they chose not to include it, but maybe out of request by family! I wouldn’t call it embarrassing ..just part of his story. I believe he was a heroin addict (many were in 70’s)

  5. This is Clive all day long.. yuck I wonder what would happen if the artist he signs say’s no. I guess the contract would be ripped up asap.

  6. I remember this. And she almost drowned too less than 48 hours before her mama did. Creepy

  7. Its been chronicled that Phyllis had a Diva attitude and was hard to work with.But,I’m not buying it.

  8. You have to be a nasty piece of shit to let this decomposed creature anywhere near your private part,vomit!!

  9. omg omg OMG.. I know soooommeee shitt… somebody famous didn’t pop like they wanted to as loooonngg as they wanted to cuz they turned him down..(and they were sweet 2 me once) but that’s good cuz he ..wait let me STFU.. lets just say people should be proud cuz shortie ain’t no sell out like folks think..

  10. he turned swizz beats ass out too. then passed him off to alcia keys carpert munching as, clive the devil for real

  11. Then that’s what probably got Gil Scott off the wrong track. Having to compromise and sell himself in order to gain something else (music freedom and fame).

    I believe Phyllis Hyman did kill herself. She was in debt, she was disappointed about being blackballed, closeted lesbian, and not controlling her bi-polar illness. She was also about 300 lb. when she passed. She was seriously depressed and found no way out.

    Was told that she cursed Clive out at a boardroom meeting calling him the “F” word. That was the end of that.

  12. As sad as it was I believe that she killed herself, and most accounts from people that knew her do as well. As beautiful and talented as she was ..she was a manic depressive type with altering moods.. bi polar.

    • I was a friend of Phyllis and we all feel that she took her life. Phyllis had a lot on her plate at that time and was overwhelmed by it all. We miss Phyllis more than I can say. Her passing left us with an everlasting sadness. We still love her dearly.

  13. Clive Davis name spelled backwards is Siva (Destoyer)Devil C….

    The music industry is demonic- Chaka Khan on CNN.

  14. Clive Davis is the devil incarnet!! He is a low down filthy possessed zombie how could someone continue a party while Whitney Houston’s body lay upstairs dead? He knew all about it he was a part of it. Any decent concerned person with some compassion would have sent the word out the party was off, meet everyone at the door and tell them the party has been posted no Clive evil low down discussing old sugar sweet ass continue the party like Whitney wasn’t even there.i say it was a wake for them people. It was the sadest display of I don’t give a f*ck I seen yet.it it was in the lowest display of evil. I can’t wait until the devil shows his face the lien scumbag back staber it is. Cause the devil is a liar a cheat and he uses he’s a user Clive you blue eyed devil.you will pay one way or another believe that.

    • I am no fan of Clive Davis, so don’t get it twisted, but I understand his going on with the party. Hundreds of people who fly in for the Grammys and who stay in LA live for that annual industry fest.

      And guess what? Probably 3/4 of them couldn’t care less about Whitney and felt her death was inevitable due to her own mistreatment of herself.

      I had a friend whose mother died the day of her wedding that she had planned and saved for her whole adult life. All the out of town guests had paid to get there and for their hotel rooms. The caterer and the hotel wasn’t giving no refunds so she had the wedding as scheduled. Most folks thought it was the right thing to do even though their was a macabre aspect to it.

      • the industry celebrates death which is why clive said its what whitney would have wanted because she would have partied herself if a celeb died instead of her.

        know lots of artists who died and their funerals are like concerts.

        take Michael Jackson for instance that was a concert not a funeral I mean it was televised allover the world come on mj was just a musician not the president.

      • Can be rescheduled at what cost? You are not aware of what goes into events planning and the cost involved. If you planned a big party at your home, it cannot be so easily rescheduled without a great financial loss to you also. The show must go on, is true and you grieve afterwards.

      • Agreed, Ray x2. But you’re functioning with a conscience, you don’t worship money and you don’t worship the devil. Some people place no value on human life beyond what they can extract from a person. People who do think will never understand you.

        “At what cost?” Its called RESPECT for the dead. But when you don’t respect the living…

    • the occult worship death.

      the music industry worships death which explasins everytime a artist dies there are instantly tributes and greatest hits compilations unreleased films, documentaries, and other stuff that make sure we remember dead celebrities.

  15. thank u for writing on Phyllis Hyman. I remember still the feeling of what I was doing the day the announcement hit the radio in my area…I felt such sadness.

    • I know Phyllis and she was dealing with a lot of things during that time. A close friend of hers had recently died and that hurt her deeply, she was feeling depressed. A bad patch turned into a storm, she was so beautiful. We all loved her so and miss her dearly. RIP Lady P…

      • Now her death was unexplainable! Like BA said people chronicled her attitude as A Diva. But Phyllis was ahead of herself and for her to be so beautiful and talentive! That’s why I was like she OD on cold medicine when she wanted air condition on her because she said most artist said it would dry out their voice. But not her! She had the air on cause those lights was roasting her! LOL! And its hot on stage! LOL! Gosh I wish she was still here. R.I.P. To The Sophiscated Lady Herself!

  16. I love how your obsessed with these evil demonic people. Some of y’all need to get jobs or go to community college.

    • And some of the people who received their AAs from a JC are out earning their critics. Firing shots from a pea shooter won’t hurt a damn body.

      I’m thankful for forums like HSK. There are too many Black people who are aloof. We need to be aware of who the devils are in our communities and how they target is so we can defend ourselves and defeat them. Kudos to Jacky and everyone here who provides solid feedback and info.

      • Lol.

        I come and read the articles for entertainment laugh and go back to work.

        You idiots take it seriously and spend hours upon hours reading about all these strangers. Many of you are obsessed with the industry but take it soooooo seriously.

        You know much more about these demon possessed people than the average listener or watcher. When I see demonic stuff in TV I switch the channel. You watch the Grammys for 4 hours and talk about it all night on line. What make you better than Clive?

        • You’re here trying to tell people what to do and how to think, but we’re the idiots?!. You must be having a slow work week. Meanwhile, some of us don’t punch clocks. As the poster said below, its a free country. I’m glad most of us have more self respect and respect for others than to sell our souls for monetary gain and fleeting fame. I don’t have time to tell you what makes me “better” than Clive, but you can start there. Toodles.

          • Smart people limit exposure to things they deem demonic. People like you pay even more attention. I agree that the industry is demonic. So I just hit the off button on the TV. Lol… Who would expose themselves willingly to poison. Not someone smart…

          • I don’t listen to the radio. I haven’t in years, in large part because much of what is being played is garbage. I watch certain reality shows, but if and when things get ridiculous, I change the channel and clear my DVR.

            Noting a person’s history isn’t opening a door to the occult. I’m not doing business with him. The Bible cautions us be wary of fools. The fool is the one who remains aloof, while you’re calling people here stupid.

      • Glad to see that you give your kudos and support to a low-life drug dealer and person that beat up women for money. Great person to follow.

        Bella, you seem like an extremely intelligent person. Why take the word of this scumbag?

  17. Sher…
    I am one of the artist who told him “no” and left a 1 million dollar advance on the table. his a&r told me he loved his music and wanted to front me a mill up front to fund my first album. my wife and I jumped for joy like we won the lotto when he said in front of me and my wife that the catch was I had to let that aforementioned mogul suck my dick. I said no I am a straight man of God. he said wrong answer and you’re gonna fly to ny go on a business meeting that feels like a date but if you want this deal your gonna do something you dont want to do. I said no and not only did they rip my contract, but they called another label I was negotiating with and salted my deal with them….much more to this story but I confirm Jacky s story.

  18. hell yeah Anonymous. I have no regrets. signed artists get monetarily get screwed anyways. I bedamn if I got screwed literally and figuratively. a million advance aint worth my soul.

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