Will Smith Finally Unveils True ‘Rainbow’ Colors?

Will Smith Picks his Cause

Forget about addressing human rights and/or racial equality — it appears Will Smith places Thee Agenda first! Hmm.. I wonder why?

Let’s go!


  1. He’s a long way from west Philly, Hollyweirded put. He loves Duane Martin more than jada

    • True!!! I believe he is speaking of his relationship with Duane Martin. It has also been said that he had male lovers before he moved to Hollyweird. He is just another dazed and confused sell-out.

    • So true. He has been having sex with men since he was the Fresh Prince. I believe that’s when he was turned out. Benny and Quincy did a job on him. His marriage to Jada was probably arranged. Back then, she was photographed in and out of Peanuts wearing a t-shirt that read “poom poom rules.”

            • I’m from Baltimore, and I KNOW JADA IS BI-SEXUAL!

              I used 2 live right around the Corner from her in WEST BALTIMORE, and remember her growing up. (@ age 9 or 10, she looked just like a White Girl, and we called her “That Prichette Girl.”)

              Just about everyone in B-More-Careful @ the time knew the deal bout Jada.

              Real Talk, with Real facts, cause I WAS THERE.

            • Anon 1, Jada said that she is from Baltimore too and that she knows that you are a bi-sexual. Seems like you two have spent some private time. She said that you liked it in the face.

  2. Who Runs Hollyweird? He has to support the program, regardless of whether he wants to or not. Black Hollywood has to bite their lip on this issue…The Game!

    • I don’t even thinks is Black Hollywood biting there lips. Lets not forget these people don’t live the same lifestyle we do, they travel for long periods of times, spend more time with strangers than there family and seen things we will never know exist. They have there own set a rules and when you have money and connections. There friendship’s and community is whole different game than our ordinary lives where we go to work daily and church on Sundays and spend the majority time with our family.

      • Co-sign 110%. Things here have changed, we use to have intelligent conversation. Things are ever changing and boy have they change here. Longing for yesterday!

        • anonymous 17:47 I am a “regular” of the past year and a half, and I now only skin through the posts perhaps once a day, and usually without commenting. It makes me sad to see how badly the atmosphere here has devolved over the past few months. It is a far cry from the HSK which I enjoyed and looked forward to reading regularly.
          It has become just a variation on a theme which exists at the other urban blog sites which is a shame.

          I can’t help but notice that some of the contributors who formerly posted regularly have disappeared as the influx of hoodbooger rants increase daily.
          Oh well. Nothing is forever.

      • @Tosh

        Remember when Frank Ocean came out? Will Smith and Jay-Z jumped up before folk had time to digest the news. Ironically, both have been accused of being gay in the past…Interesting!

  3. Mehhhh…I don’t care about Will . He has those dead puppet eyes and I believe he’s gay anyway so this is no surprise. Saw him and Jada on the Oscars and there is no chemistry between them. Now….where is the tea on my girl Lupita and her Best Supportin Actress win?

    • Word.

      Took a British director of Caribbean descent, and two African leads to make a movie about AMERICAN slavery. And I ain’t mad at them. Much props to the Black Diaspora talent outside of the U.S.!

      I only say this because by 1808 the Atlantic Slave Trade was outlawed by Britain and in 1812 by France and Holland. Only in Brazil and Cuba and Puerto Rico did the influx of African slaves last until the 1880s. And only 6% of the African slaves were sent to North America.

      See what I am getting at?

      if Black Hollyweird don’t wake up, then let’s not follow them down the path to destruction.

      • Another trick of the Devil to cast Africans as if they’ve ever served slavery when them bastards are responsible for selling the Hebrews into slavery.Don’t fall for the Chicanery.

        • I wonder if anyone else knows that, even when we have a so-called Black President, Immigrants that are allowed into this Country are told not to mess with American Blacks because they will do them harm?

          This is B4 they give them all the benefits that our Tax Dollars and Benefits R given 2 them.

          Real Talk bout the “Divide and Conquer” mentality that STILL exists in the good ol USA.

      • Steve McQueen sad he was shocked that the book was not receiving any interest from producers in THIS country. If he hadn’t pushed, it would never have been made.

        What about the feud between Ridley and McQueen?
        Those two acted like they hated each other last night. Something very bad must have gone down.

      • The group of people on from the TransAtlantic Slavetrade were Hebrew Israelites from the Tribe Of Judah not Africans.Get the book from Babylon Stew Timbuktu and read duet 28:68 for confirmation. Shalom.

  4. Is anybody surprised by this? It is all in the eyes, people. All in the eyes.

  5. Life for so many of you is very narrow. Life on Will’s scale cannot be imagined , understood or condensed into your everyday style of living. It would be like pouring the Atlantic Ocean into an eight ounce soda bottle. There are no words to describe the distance between the galaxies. Will is just fine doing Will…

  6. Spoken like a true homosexual…

    He was FLAMIN on the fresh Prince. He kissed every “it” girl (@ the time) and mad sure Carlton was the butt ( no pun intended) of all gay jokes. All a distraction from his very feminine behaviour(s)

    @5: u ain’t lyin . U talkin bout that “twinkle”. He got it, Duane Martin, tre songs, Floyd mayweather, 50 , Shemar Moore, L L, kanye and Jay-Z (just to name a few) got “gay eyes”

      • What is right with them? Where would any of us be if the world was comprised solely of “true homosexuals?” Man and woman were created to join forces to procreate and populate the earth. “Be fruitful and multiply.”

      • read about how women faired under that kind of society in ancient Greece and you will get your answer.

      • God said its wrong!A man should not lie with mankind because according to the most high,its an abomination.

        • Here we are again with “THE” abomination. By the way are there any other abominations? If so can you please share them with us!

          • Bestiality. Witch craft. Cross Dressing. Bearing deliberately false witness to lead true believers astray. And there are others. Pastors/Priests/Clergy are held to a higher standard. Them committing certain sins, are considered an abomination

            • No stupid. That’s what the bible says. The bible is a guide for believers. Obviously you are a non believer so why are you all over this thread asking asinine questions for no reason?

            • No, darling, you are confused. Insult and insist won’t work here. You asked if there were other abominations and I told you what the bible has to say about it. If it doesn’t make sense to you perhaps you are inhabited by a spirit of confusion and need it expunged in order to understand the Word. Or maybe you are not confused at all, and you just hope everyone else is? Either way, its your problem.

          • Since you would like to know what the many abominations of the Bible are, you should read the Bible. Most people who question the Word want to quiz believers, as though we are unaware of what we believe in. If you want to know something, the best thing to do is RESEARCH it.

        • What about fornication and children out of wedlock or has the Almighty’s view changed due to this widespread and deep seated practice in the black community. If you all are true representatives of Christianity , I’ll pass!

          • Yeah, pass. Don’t worry about our community, focus on your own cave dwelling hairy red crew.

            • What about fornication and children out of wedlock or has the Almighty’s view changed due to this widespread and deep seated practice in the black community

              Why not respond to that part of the post?

            • No to respond to it because its total bullshit. You trot out this same old tired ass fake statistic every time you feel your deviant lifestyle choices are being attacked. its weird that you think children are something to be ashamed of but cosign goat f*cking and anal. to each his own but id take a baby over homos anyday

            • why is it that when someone goes against the grain in any thread they are immediately accused of being white? I am not the person who has posted any of the above stuff, but it has happened to me in other threads and assure you I am not a cave dwelling red head.

              black folks are not monolithic in our thinking

              there should be space for disagreement without accusing each other of being white

            • 18:58
              You trot out this same old tired ass fake statistic every time you feel your deviant lifestyle choices are being attacked

              Why not enlighten us with the true and correct stats on the % of bastard/ out of wedlock children in you community. Lets make it easy for you, just give us the stats for your block. Why do you fight reality when it is facing you every day you walk out of your house? I guess it’s better to point the finger of sin away from you but once again you fail. The amount of energy you put into defending wrong can be put to better use. Like a condom supply co-op project for the community. Sadly you and I both know it won’t work for the thinking of actives ones around “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing”.

            • I don’t believe the person posing all of these questions is white. White washed, perhaps, but not white. There seems to be a disconnect with reality. They really seem to be searching and seeking validation in the wrong ways via the wrong arena. I may stand corrected. Just my read.

          • Contrary to the lies Religion and the white Mans society have taught you Fornication is not Sex before Marriage because according to the bible Sex is Marriage.Fornication is Transgression of The Laws and theirs over 600Laws in the bible that we’re suppose to keep. Stop believing the lies and Come Out Of Her My People!

            • No, fornication is sex outside of marriage and since gay people cannot marry all gay sex is fornication and therefore sexual sin. No matter what the p c Hollyweird community tries to cram down impressionable peoples throats

            • @18:58 Hell yeah sure you’ll take bastard children over everything due to the 8-11 illegitimate kids you have running around those tight quarters you call a home. Oh yeah, there’s an APB out on all the baby daddies for some child support. Life is but a dream ain’t it?

            • Ahhh and now we arrive at the mindless insult portion of the program. Do you envy us our fertility? Why? It doesn’t make sense to be upset that a baby by spilling seed into an anal cavity. The ten commandments don’t speak on gayness, but they do reference envy.

            • 19:41 I know no one that envies misery and that is what a house full of bastard children with no on to help but the Benefits Card. Why do you always try to make sense out of nonsense? Obviously you’re caught between a rock and a rock and want company in your tragedy.

            • March 3rd, 2014 at 19:00
              No, fornication is sex outside of marriage and since gay people cannot marry all gay sex is fornication and therefore sexual sin

              Then what is your excuse? Since all your sex does not have to be fornication, what is your excuse? Please respond with truth, if not no response necessary!

            • Lol excuse for what? The 8- 11 imaginary babies by the 9-12 imaginary men. You believe your own hysterical rant. That’s cute.

            • There are biblical examples of children born out of wedlock who were blessed despite the manner in which they came into this world. That doesn’t stop them from making a contribution. Children born out of and homosexuality are separate issues.

          • Christianity has a face of a white Jesus which us blasphemy because Jesus is described as a Blackman in the bible.I don’t embrace Religion which by the way,derives from a Greek,Latin term which means to desperate and divide.I’ll Pass!Only god creates division not the Pope.

            • If Jesus was black how was he able to be hidden within the Egyptian community? Egyptians are people of color but they are not considered black.

            • Interesting, a Jesus in Egypt story. Give me the scriptural basis for that one. Oh, and who was he hiding from in lily white Egypt again?

            • Anon @ 21:05:

              How can you speak for all Egyptians by saying they do not consider themselves Black? The ones I’ve known checked the Black box as it pertains to race. And they were not all “light skinned.”

            • BA tells the truth. The description of Jesus having “hair like wool” alone abolishes the myth that he looks like the standard depictions. And bronze skin implies melanin.

      • It’s caused by unclean spirits. Lots of satanic practices involve sexual abominations

          • What causes that is we disobey god and refuse to keep his laws,statutes and commandments.Let’s also not forget about the African Lie!

          • Has your dumb ass watched teen mom, Maury, Jerry Springer lately. All those illegitimate white babies and bitches don’t know who the daddy!! Don’t trip! Worry about your country cousins kids, ok!

            • That is sub-culture entertainment, if that is your source of information then there is nothing more to say. Why be interested in what is happening in other communities when you’re drowning in your own misery. BTW, white people have more room for error, know that to be true.

            • Good question…why should anyone be interested in outside communities? What community are you part of again? I didn’t catch that part.

            • My point. I don’t watch but white people are producing and promoting this bullshit.

          • Not sure if your figure is accurate, but most children are conceived via heterosexual intercourse. There are people who reproduce via IVF. There are people who use surrogates. People are reproducing using unconventional methods. IMO, defying God as it pertains to creation is detrimental to civilization.

          • The answer you are seeking is that homosexuals are born to heterosexuals since homosexuals cannot reproduce. But men and women when joined together reproduce, regardless of their orientation.

    • will and carlton acted like a gay couple they went to college together and stayed in the pool house very odd.

      will and jazzy jeff acted like a gasy couple sometimes.

      and lets not forget the butler Geoffrey and all the fat jokes he made against uncle phil.

      as for ther it girls they was all struggling actrsses and wasn’t many shows giving oppurtunities.

  7. Will Smith is a pitcher and a catcher,but he don’t play for the Phillies.Get My Drift!?

  8. Will Smith is a gorgeous man, what about you can you give him a bit of competition in the looks dept?

  9. The thing is, Scientology does not condone homosexuality. That is the main reason why Tammy Cruise and John Travolta got into it in the first place. It tells you that they can fix it, and then when it can’t, they have so much on you from all your auditing sessions you are trapped.

    • There are so many people who are Scientologists whose sexuality is their driving force, be it gay or straight. I would love to know Scientology’s stance on such representations.

  10. WTF is wrong with Will supporting gay rights. Why are u people worried about what is happening in other peoples bedroom? Supporting gay rights doesn’t make u gay, it just makes u a grown ass person with an open mind. This site is losing credibility by the minute.

    • The most high don’t want our minds or hearts open to two men or women engaging in a sex act.Only someone who’s in the spirit of the AntiChrist would cosign or find this despicable act OK.

      • Before talking about the commandants, make sure you’re embracing all of them. Piece meal does not work here!

        • Before you lecture get your scripture together. The ten commandments don’t mention homosexuality. It’s Proverbs and Leviticus both contain multiple verses that describe homosexuality as an abomination.

    • even Charles manson has his fans and women still wanna sex him.

      watch gay porn and tell me if you support that.

  11. Then most high has already set a example of the individuals who also thought these acts were OK.Ask Sodom and Gomorrah how the most high feels about GayRights.

    • The last topic black people should speak about is the Ten Commandants, since you don’t obey any of them. You discuss things as if the rest of the world lives in a bubble. We see and know all that you do and from this vantage point you’re loosing the game as usual.

      • Theres no such thing as 10 commandments because theirs over 600 laws in the bible.The white man abbreviated them to do what he’s best at and that’s deception.

          • There’s no way possible that I can keep all 600 laws in this wicked society.But,even in my shortcomings I do fear the commandments and I’m a Israelite at heart. Half the battle is first knowing the name of the most high and that I’m fully aware of.

            • The question was not if you kept all 600 laws, it was which ones do you keep and adhere to? Why not be honest and answer the question instead skating around the issue. Which ones do you keep, should not be hard due to the small number!

      • @18 45, . You are confused . No one mentioned the ten commandments except you. And the 10 commandments that you are trying to reference do not even mention homosexuality, they speak to married sex: no fornication, or coveting thy neighbors wife. So again, why are you on here hollering like a hit dog? I personally do not care who you participate in sex acts with. Why do you always sho up armed w your fake stats and disinformation?

          • Who is us? What race and religion are you? Since you are asking for info you should be willing to disclose some. So, what race and religion? What gender? Gay or straight?

            • Skate? Hypocrite please. I have seen Olympic athletes who couldn’t execute the elusive figure eight type trickery you ate trying to pull so don’t even try it. Disavow your misguided notion of white privilege because you ate not running this. You want to ask questions answer some. What is the name of your race? What a sex orientation are u ?

            • Oh and before you try to pull some combination double axle triple flip combo over the typos I meant, what are you trying to pull and what race are you? And are you gay? Got it? Good. You answer then and only then can you go about demanding answers

          • I admit I do not adhere at all times but I am human I make mistakes, I also recognize those mistakes and would not defend what I know to be against God. Day by day!

  12. Willamena Smith is a old tired Queen!and so is that lil dude he’s married too,next

  13. Hahahahaaaa….the troll is frantically hitting up google trying to put together some sort of comeback since its fake ass statistics didn’t slow you down. Ha!

  14. That whole father son liplocking had me disgusted for days. If it were a non famous father & son doing that, best believe the father would be in jail for public indecency or something…

    • The worst part of the lip lock is his son literally trying to run from him. I dislike seeing anyone kiss their child on the lips.

  15. This thread is Anonymous troll heavy. See where I’ve mentioned the topic of ‘confusion.’ There is much confusion on this thread because of one or more Anonymous individuals with afflicted spirits who are attempting to trip up or confuse others because they are confused.

    If you want to know what God’s word is, consult a holy book or better yet, HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH HIM. God is everywhere. He is the Creator and he dwells in all creation. If you are living, breathing, and given the ability to create confusion for people who can see that you aren’t playing chess or checkers, you are playing Uno. You are easy to read.

    It is clear that you are heterophobic and anti-Black (though I suspect you are a self loathing PoC). You are also anti-woman, which is most unfortunate, being that a womb is the vessel that transported you to this planet for you to attempt to spread confusion.

    Basically, you have a lot of hate in your heart. You clearly feel that you have been forsaken at either one point in your life or many stages in your life. The sad fact is, you fail to realize you have been blessed and protected, in spite of your disobedience. You also don’t realize you were forgiven before you sinned.

    People speak of God with such hatred and contempt, which is sad, because God IS love. If you don’t wish to study the Bible, Torah, Qur’an or any other holy book, or should you shun a religious discipline, then study love. Upon studying the 4 different types of love, see where they lead you. And understand that people can disagree with your life choices, but they can still live, respect, accept and pray for you as their brother or sister/a child of God. You don’t seek tolerance. You seek love and acceptance. Guess what? You are loved and accepted, even if we disagree.

    • Bella, that comment says it all. It’s heart warming to know that although we are all imperfect some of us are making strong efforts to striving to follow scriptural guidance.

      • Thank you, Anon and Pat. I will be a work in progress until I take my last breath. But that’s life, and that’s ok. I am tired of seeing conflict and engaging in conflict with my brothers and sisters in Christ over labels and classifications. Man created that division, not God. I am interested in seeking God power, not power on earth. All of this is His. All of us are His.

        Stay blessed!

  16. Corr: You are living, breathing, and given the ability to create confusion for people who can see that you aren’t playing chess or checkers, you are playing Uno. You are easy to read.

    …they can still love, respect, etc.

  17. Who is the open enemy?

    Our enemy seems to be our own, I truly believe due to drugs, homosexuality in prison, white racist economy, fast food, media, entertainment and a racist medical system, our souls got weak and white racists got into a lot of the souls of our people. Most black folks you see are just really vessels for white racists.

        • With your spirit man. Your Father breathed a little of himself into you so you should be able to have discernment. The battle has already been won for us. You simply have to walk by faith.

    • The main visible enemy of the black community are the white racist liberals who promote the killing of black babies via abortions, homosexuality as another form of population control amongst blacks, welfare so that our people can remain dependent upon them, and the list goes on and on. The Democrats have historically been the most racist party towards blacks. Nothing has changed except their tactics and the fact they have made black people think that only the white Conservatives are the racists. Both parties are full of shit, but the Democratic Party is worse. Black people need their own political party.

      • There will be no coming together of all facets of our community until all of you realize that homosexuality is not a choice!

        • Stop with the lies. Homosexuality is a choice, just like rape, incest, bestiality, murder, and etc. I’m attracted to tall dark chocolate men. Was I born that way too? Studies done on identical twins where one is homosexual and the other is not have proven that homosexuality is not due to genetics. So spare me with the BS and any pseudo-science trying to suggest otherwise. If that’s what you like, that’s what you like, but don’t try to make excuses as to why that lifestyle should be considered normal and natural when it’s not! BTW, I don’t care if homosexuals are apart of any attempt to unite the black community.

          • Sad commentary that you have all the answers and they’re all wrong. You won’t be apart of the unification anyway. Nothing lost with you. You failed the mid-term, good luck on your final.

        • Funny how in the 1990s the gay defense was that their PREFERENCE was nobody’s business. Now, at the millennium, it is not a preference, but a genetic code.

          Not buying it.

  18. Reecie your post is a beautiful thought and I truly respect and thank you for sharing your thoughts. And I agree. At the same time some truth was spoken from the person(s) who asked a very real question: How can you fight the enemy when they walk amongst you and somtimes look like you? Let’s take Don Lemon for starters. Now here we have a black male from the deep south who has chosen his sexual proclivities over his race. Let’s look at Jason Colins. Real brothers and sisters are still mourning young Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin and so many others. Yet, Jason Collins (so-called 1st “out” basketball player) chose to identify with and honor Matthew Shepherd. Instead of realizing that way before anybody sees his “gayness” they will see his blackness. Young black men and women are literally being shot dead on site because they are black. However, the black gay community increasingly choose their gayness over their blackness. So, again, I agree with your sentiments. However, I too have to ask the question: How can you fight the enemy when the enemy walks amongst you?












    PETER PAn was a pedophile, rapist and kidnapper.

    the purple pie man on strawberry shortcake was a pedophile a grown man chasing little girls around for a damn secret recipe wearing purple tights.

    gay agenda been spreaded since the early 20’s crossdressing Milton burle, jack benny, George burns every tyv sitcom in history had gay references every actor black, or white had to promote the gay agenda films abouty crossdressing and songs spreading the gay agenda without the artists ever admitting think luther, prince fruity ass, and Michael Jackson who won awards buit was molesting kids.

    at least Madonna, boy George, david bowie and mick jagger kept it real.

    the beatles was always open about Satanism, wicca, and atheisism.

    jimmy page was a devout Crowley fan his involvement with holy magic caused the deaths of his drummer and Robert plants son.

    Crowley wore weird outfits that gene simmons and kiss wore when they debuted.

    donna summer sang about sex, drugs and prostitutes.

    rick james promoted sex and drugs.

    lady gaga and katy perry is doing rituals about the black horse, simulating birth of the goddess scenes, the egg is a symbol of fertility and beyonce is doing her part honoring semirramis, kali, venus, isis, anut, or whatever of her 666 names.

    ciare did a song with Justin timberlake called love, sex and magic promoting sexmagic.

    kanye has a god complex his fans have devoted a creligion to him kanye is not sent here to die for anybodys sins.

    damn identity crises folks don’t know who they wanna be or what god they serve.

    farakhan praising a satanic racist saying whites and blacks need to learn about hubbard and let ourselves bne mindwiped for the coming of xenu.

  20. I remember when they interviewed when they 1st got married I think it was on Oprah but Jada said if this don’t work I may have to try something else like Ellen. So she was letting it be known that she’s into the ladies. If you follow her from A Different World, Low Down Dirty Shame, etc she was very much a tomboy so I believe it.

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