50 Cent Checks Steve Stoute @ Friday’s Knicks Game!

50 Cent vs. Steve Stoute

Steve Stoute had a whole lot to say about Fiddy last week — but dude seems to be a man of few words, when the pair crossed paths at Friday’s Knicks game.

You’ll recall… Stoute took to HOT 97 airwaves, claiming 50 Cent is yesterday’s news. That’s days before this set of telling-pictures were shot, revealing Fif confronted Stoute on the basketball court at Madison Square Garden.

Here’s what a source had to say:

“N*igga always tough over the radio and in interviews but got a different demeanor when you approach them face to face.”

The Tanning of 50 Cent!


  1. real dudes live in silence…fiddy trying to fight in a room full of people…that shiss aint gangsta.

    • Nigga dats FIF!!

    • You right, he always acts crazy when there is someone to break up the mele before it gets going good. If steve stoute kept his mouth closed, that’s good. Because when 50 cent comes up leaking, there won’t be a 100, 000 that Heard him say, I’m gonna f*ck you up. Then again 50, is untouchable with that 30, 000 dollar per week security detail, that mother f*cker is harder to hit than a stealth bomber.

  2. If you look closely at the picture, I see 50 still wearing that vest! Stay on point!!!

  3. Like that vest is going to protect him. Head, neck, groin, legs, ankles, arms, hands, shoulders, and feet exposed.

    • It will, niggas only know how to bust, but don’t know how to aim. Besides, it is better to have one on then not. If Tupac or Bigge (!) would have had one on, they would be alive today. I thought they were illegal in NYC?

    • Internet gangtas. Hmmmph. 50 is still a real dude. Don’t believe, just ask Ja Rule, Fat Joe, or Rick Ross. Staged for what? 50 is real enough to approach face to face. These other cats aint got no heart.

  4. You a lie. Old n8ggahs, jealous of young money, on the radio trying to form their own little dirty coalition to shut down young black men and keep them from making money. Dirty Steve harvey is one of them to. I hope every rapper confronts their low life azzes. They celebrating what they did to chris brown right now, and it isn’t even a gangsta. These same old b8stards r the ones promoting drug dealing for boys.

    • You saying “young money” reminded me that Lil’ Wayne reportedly has a $12 million tax debt. 1. I pray its not a lien. 2. He needs to get off that lean. 3. Doesn’t he owe QDIII about $3 million? 4. Who does Wayne’s accounting? 5. I know he isn’t liquid enough to pay that debt in full.

      Jacky, please post a story about this.

      • These celebs are not as liquid as they appear to be.I doubt Lil Wayne has 12million in discretionary funds just laying around.Most of these guys money are in assets and not liquid cash.

        • One of the few rich people I’ve known to have liquid cash is Suze Orman. When her mother was alive, Suze spent $20k/mo to provide care for her mother. She advised her mom to buy elder care insurance, as she advises her viewers, but her mom didn’t listen. Suze’s mom died last year in her 90’s. Her mother was so blessed to have such a great daughter. So blessed.

  5. U sound like some old timer trying to get our rappers at war. 50 knows who is out to shut down rap and it aint birdman or game. they’re on the same team.

  6. Stoute spoke out when he should have promoted his documentary and kept 50’s name out of his mouth.So he deserved being checked and as we can see he went back into his shell like the turtle he is.

    • Old timers been trying to shut down the rap community for a while. They rise up, get scared and back down. It’s about time young blood shut these old timers down. I find it highly coincidental that 50 and Diddy was attacked about the same time. They better shut these old fools down.

    • BA: Did you see all four parts of The Tanning of America? If so, what was your take?

      Anyone here can feel free to reply, tbh. “Gimme The Loot” (pt. 2) was my fave. The rest were underwhelming, IMO.

  7. These people got way to much time on their hands. Probably all PR anyway. Fake, Fake, Fake.

  8. Niggas really need to stop hating on 50! He is successful in music an in business Period! He has created a brand for himself an 1 thing i will say , He aint no follower. If 50 dont like you he aint f*cking with you an he ain promoting Homosexuality either! I respect that about him. Plus! 50 had a few cuts but they was hating on him an wasnt promoting his shit. Dude almost 40 so why should he be concern about rap songs when he flipping million dollar deals? Rap is a stepping stone to make better opportunities in Something else.He put niggas on but its not his job to Carry grown ass men. 50 a business dude with no degree an he speaks his mind. His music is dope! Niggas is hating an steve stoute needs to shut da f*ck up! Who gives a rat ass about his list? He didnt create hiphop or rap so… He hating! 50 is LOADED an he didnt dick ride gayz ,nas, an the rest of them bizos to get own. He his own boss! He didnt snake sitch damon dash either! 50 is a hustla an his Body is crazy! Money did him good.

  9. I believe 50 will smack the shit out of game, nas.jayz.an all them niggas! The only nigga that might give him some go is Mack10! Either than that i dont think they can whoop dude ass. He punked puffy bitch ass too! 50 is a street dude an i can see it in his eyes he aint going. He is sexy too with his monkey lookin ass. Lol

      • Lol well who else? I dont see no rapper whoopin dude ass. An mack 10 need to lose weight though. Game bitch ass only got height ova 50 an swiingin on 40 glocc do not make you tyson! Who is 40 glocc anyway lol 50 has done alot of suspect ass shit but what i like bout his suspect ass is dude aint no folliwer, Period! He look like he can f*ck too! Real talk , most cancer men are freaks. They are dogs an crabs but in the bedroom they are on Point. Major Freaks! I was engage to one but them niggas are sneaky an snakes! Lol! Ok, maybe david banner cuz he look like he can fight too. When he droped all dat weight he was sexy.. he still is sexy. David banner dont look like no punk either lol

    • Lol….it’s a few more cats cats other than mack 10 that he ain’t just gonna slap. But it is a bunch of punks in the rap industry…..lol. I would have to say he ain’t gonna just slap. Face or Willie D, Trick, or most of th appears out of Memphis or Houston…lol. If nedde to start slapping rappers He should probably start in Chicago like everybody else and slap Young Berg…lol

      • Lol ! Now you know thats a easy target. So not! Now, i feel if face , willie d step to 50? He wud check them! An face an willie d not in 50 league at all. 50 in a whole nother tax bracket! He needs to start in atlanta with all them fags… ti,etc lol I wudnt mind seeing 50 dog mop kanye bitch ass tho! Ill pay to see that shit!

    Now he’s dick ridin puffy huh? GTFOH

    • I can cosign 100% that although Fifty MAY be somewhat of a drama queen at times, and I don’t like the way he deals with his son, he is very very very business savvy. And I don’t mean in a Diddy sort of way, no–he’s smart in a Wall Street kinda way.

      I will lay 100 to 1 that man will NEVER be broke if he doesn’t sell one more record the rest of his life. Besides creating new revenue streams, he also lives within his means. He isn’t all about convincing everyone that he has the most $$. He knows what he has and he ain’t an over-flosser.

      • Yea he do need to handle his 1st born better. Seriously! That is sad! 50 get dat shit together!

      • If we talking about e best rappers/business men. People think that he is dumb but the best out there is Master P. That dude has made some incredible moves. The dude aint going broke.

        • Master p need to be sending Tupac momma a check every week for how much he Copied pac! Master p is a bidnizx man tho but he Stole evert f*cking thing Pac did!

          • I have to agree with you 100%. I alway hated that about him. Shiit, him and his brothers have all copied pacs lyrics. Silk no rappin ass. Man that dude is in the top 10 trash rappers in history…..but you are right, they owe pacs mama

    • I agree. Supposidly he made only 7 mil las year…. but how is that not guappin up? Are u serious! Dude got his own headset brand, More power to dat brother! All of them coons in many ways but his story is actually inspiring in a way. He had no mom no dad an was raised in the streets. Im happy for him.An, 50 also let you hoes know if you rocking shoes from ‘Bakers’ you a bum bitch! Shout out to 50 for dat cuz i never rocked the hoodbooger shoes Ever! Lol

      • Bakers???? LololoL. …please stop dick riding….you sound like a basic hoodrat that jumps on and off the bandwagon…stop it. 50 aint gonna be checking for your monkey see monkey do azz anyhows.

  11. Please this is exactly what a coward ass bitch does -causes a scene in front of a crowd. If 50 was truly a man he would have spoke to Steve on the side man to man, not like a bitch pointing a finger about to roll his neck!! What a punk ass!!

    • Wait!!Stoute can put 50 on blast during a radio interview for millions to hear,but now 50 has to pull him to the side just because they’re at a basketball game?I don’t think so.

    • 50 approached him on sight. Are you street at all? A real dude will approach anywhere. As far as putting hands on him, 50 isnt stupid to touch him in an arena. But he let him know what it is.

  12. Wow Steve Stout cant catch a break to save his life. First Diddy or was it Nas hitting him over the head with that champagne bottle. Steve its time to get out of the business before you end up missing.

  13. Game did get punked…Financially, that is. 50 and Dre make more money off of Game’s albums than he does. That’s the main reason Game was talking about retiring some years back-It was killing him that his ‘enemy’ got a check everytime he released an album.

    • And Jimmy Iovine is cracking the whip on Dre, 50, Game, etc.

      I would bet my last dollar that Eminem didn’t get jerked like The Game. That old affinity does wonders when its time to negotiate contracts — unless you’re Black.

      • Yes,its already been stated how white artist get better contractual deals than black artist do.

        • Britney Spears is a prime example. She doesn’t write a lyric, yet her money game is long. She was still reportedly worth in excess of $100 million when she hadn’t toured or recorded in years. They are still putting tours together for her, yet she lip synchs and barely moves. White privilege is real!

      • @Bella–Don’t f*cking reply to me, especially when I wasn’t talking to you. Talking shit one day and trying to save face the next isn’t going to change the fact that you’re the eqivalent of a wad gum on the bottom of a desk to me.

        @BlackAnastasia–I’m not the least bit surprised.

        • Tsk Tsk….It’s no surprise though, a gossip blog attracts the cattiest ‘men’. Live and let live, people.

          • Tsk Tsk…It’s no surprise though, people commenting on shit they obviously know nothing about while trying (And failing) to be condescending. I said what I said in response to something that happened on another post, and I’m anything but ‘catty.’ That being said it would be in your best interest to get your facts straight and mind your own business before trying to talk shit.

            ‘Live and let live’ indeed.

          • Anon: That’s what happens when people hold grudges with complete strangers. I don’t have the time nor the desire to be petty. And after being referred to as everything other than a child of God, I would NEVER address someone who came at me sideways, unsolicited and unwarranted. Thank you for your words and your awareness.

          • Yeah, you have ‘talked shit to me,’ Bella, and unprovoked at that. Proof:


            That was the impetus of my comments in the other post involving BA. And you’re the last person that should be talking against ‘coming at people sideways, unsolicited, and unwarranted,’ as that’s all you do, especially towards me. Nothing in my comments in that thread were antagonistic towards you, yet you responded as if I, in your words, ‘called you everything but a child of God,’ so cut the ‘holier than thou’ bullshit.

            Furthermore, like I said to the Anonymous clown earlier, I have never provoked any disagreement with anyone on here, and I consider yours and ‘Anonymous’ attempts to rewrite history to suit your asinine attacks against me as ‘immature and ignorant,’ something BlackAnastasia also attested to in the post you’re referring to. The fact of the matter is the both of you have very shitty dispositions and take these comments much more serious than you claim, whether said comments are directed at you or not. That’s one of many differences between us.

            P.S. I would check the bulb before attesting to shining your ‘light.’ Good riddance.

        • Oh, I’m not talking to you, I’m replying to your thread, Raheim. I’ve never talked sh!t to you. You hopped into something that occurred between me and BA with unsolicited feedback and disrespect, as usual. If I see a comment I agree or disagree with and I wish to post there, I will.

          Continue showing your true colors of immaturity and ignorance. I will continue to shine my light. Goodbye! 🙂

  14. Oh please, I’ve seen enough of the heated exchanges you engage in on HSK, Raheim, including the one you had with Bella and Monique. But nice try. You may have retreated into some sort of lurk mode recently but luckily the archives are there for all (who care) to see exactly what I mean. And I’m not the first person to point out your apparent (and wholly unnecessary) sauciness (for want of a better word). No offence to all the smart ladies on here, but you do tend to give off this belligerent vibe, like a hormonal female. Now, I know how much you enjoy a good rant, so I’ll leave you to it.

    • ‘Oh please’ indeed. And don’t flatter yourself, you’re not worth a rant from me or the keys you typed that angry bullsh!t with, but that’s another story for another post.

      In regards to my ‘history’ on here, smartass, I implore/recommend you and anyone else who’s interested to research it, so the truth that I only DEFEND myself when provoked will come to light, something those on here who I haven’t had to defend myself against/check knows very well. And spare me all that ‘Can we all get along’ bullsh!t, as well, considering the fact that your hypocritical ass is on a celebrity gossip blog saying that. And since I’m stating facts, allow me to state another one: Since you obviously have a problem with me, why did you go about addressing it in a roundabout, subliminal way like a little-ass, scared girl? One would think you’d reply like the rabid, hormonal bitch you are, but I see your bark AND your bite aren’t worth shit.

      Now whether you’re someone I previously had to check for coming at me unprovoked, working for or hired by the site to stir shit up for hits, or just the self-righteous, selective-vision-having, biased, stupid, shitty-attitude-having, lonely crone I wrote you off as at first, I’ll leave you in your hurt feelings and desperation for attention and acceptance among strangers online.

      P.S.: Keep my name out of your font, bitch.

      • And yet you managed a full-blown rant. Complete with lame threats and insults. You are an immature girly-man with too much time on your hands. Grow up, Raheim.

        • And yet you continue to respond to someone you call ‘immature,’ which shows that the only ‘immature’ person here is you. As long as people like your so-called ‘Anonymous’ ass try to start shit with me, I will continue to defend myself, and it’s as simple as that. Just because you allow people to walk all over you on and offline doesn’t mean the whole world does the same, you idiotic, petty wretch. Grow up.

  15. Anon @ 9:13:

    Thank you. Thank you for noticing that I was attacked sans provocation. I was actually the aggressor in my misunderstanding with BlackAnastasia. I apologized to him because I overstepped my bounds and engaged him. But during that disagreement, he and I weren’t calling each other the horrible things I was called by a certain person who had no part in said disagreement.

    I never would’ve expected anyone to speak up about that, so thank you. And I know you aren’t defending me because I don’t need defense. I admitted my wrongdoings and sought forgiveness from BA. He and I are good.

  16. You’re right, Bella, I wasn’t trying to defend you or anything. I just made a not-so-innocent observation based on what I had seen on previous threads. No need to thank me at all. Oh and for what it’s worth I think you and BA handled your misunderstanding/reconciliation remarkably well.

  17. Raheim: We can both agree that neither of us wishes to communicate with the other. I don’t appreciate posting comments on a thread only to see my name being associated with something I never said. That’s common courtesy. You don’t know me, nor do you know who I know and vice versa. So, for future reference, keep my @ off of your keypad and I will do the same. I never @’d you to begin with. I expounded upon something you stated.

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