Diddy Continues W/ After Party After Bullets Bring Down ‘Charlotte Takeover’


“Really? And these are the people ya’ll continue to support. Not even a prayer post. WE all know he got low real quick.”

HSK Exclusive – Open gunfire ringing through Diddy’s over-the-weekend ‘Charlotte Takeover’ didn’t stop the Bad Boy from taking the turn-up to his Ciroc ‘after party.’ That’s after the shooting reportedly left two-people with bullets in their legs, and several attendees injured from the stampede of panicked party goers scrambling to get out of the building.


It all went down about 2am Sunday morning, during the CIAA basketball tournament party hosted by Diddy, Fabolous and Future. Cops say, “something happened in the crowded ballroom. An argument started, somebody pulled a gun… the victims are recovering… no arrests have been made.” Now… not only are Diddy’s event organizers being blasted for “lack of security measures”, Diddy’s in the hot seat for appearing to not give a dang about what happened…

“Had to run my ass off! Can’t believe no one checked people! Not one person, not even purses.”


Here’s what Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs took to social media to say, moments after the shooting:


Check out Diddy’s Sunday afternoon Twitter activity:


Before the gun-riddled event:




  1. Damn shame! Charlotte will not host the CIAA next year! It will be in Raleigh!

  2. the shooting came to Atlanta, cause a popular dj in ATL got shot by cops outside of Velvet Room. I don’t think I wanna go to any of Diddy parties.

    • the only way u can avoid shootings these days is to never go outside, stay inside by yourself, and away from windows.

      • u forgot, even if I stay inside by myself, there can be a home invasion. they can come in and shoot me. thank you for your advice.

  3. Diddy: stampede at City College 1991, 4 dead
    U Maryland 198? riot, concert cancelled

    Shyne: 12 years for shooting
    Now this.

    When folks gonna realize Diddy into sacrifice?

  4. Why is he doing cheap party hosting when he is a mogul who owns his own video network called Revolt?

  5. Daddy is the devil. He don’t own ciroc, it makes me shit with a stomach ache after drinking it. WAKE UP PEOPLE. STOP SUPPORTING THESE BLACK DEVILS

  6. Diddy use to have nothing but, A-list parties. Now he, got Ghetto hoodrats on speed dial. I hope nobody got seriously hurt.

    Oh! How the Mighty has fallen.

    • Naww, he just go to the hood when it’s time for him to help end some you black lives. After a few black young mothers and father die or lives get ruined, he will go back to his cave in the Hamptons and throw his A-list parties. The heathans will get together, drink and laughter about the spent lives

  7. A.mess.com
    And #wow @ the advert for the after party. Just sickenin

  8. It must be time for Diddy to pay up with more sacrifices… The party he hosted back in the day resulted in a stampede and I believe two people were killed. Hey, what cha gonna do when the devil come’s a callin’.

  9. Hey, the same thing Devil worshipper Clive did when Whitney died… the party goes on without a hitch after the deed is done. Someone must pay the price.

  10. How many of us have to die? Puffy has a lot of blood on his hands. As a people, we have short memories. Black People, these rappers could care less if i or any of you get killed because of their stupidity.

  11. Diddy dont care about nobody but Diddy. He didnt do anything for the people who died at the basketball tournament at City College back in the 90s. Im sure he had something to do with both Big and Pac’s murders. He threw Shyne under the bus and all his others artists on bad boy. Karma is going to catch up with you Diddy wait and see.

  12. Diddy only cares about Diddy. There was a similiar incident back in the 90s that stampede at City College which left several people dead. Diddy didnt do nothing for the victims or families. The incident with Shyne people got shot and injured and Im sure Diddy had something to do with Big and Pac’s deaths. Anything associated with Diddy run!!!

  13. Black people need to stop supporting this man. These celebrities dont care about their fans. How many have been killed outside these rappers concerts. At French Montana and Meek Mill concerts people have been killed. Its been said that Lil Snupe may he rest in peace was a blood sacrifice and Meek was behind it. Open your eyes people the devil never sleeps!

  14. Duh!! This is classic shawntae Combs! Gunshots just seem to follow this broad!

  15. That is how Satan works, you have to do evil things to please him & the more people you hurt or the more innocent the victim is, depends on how much “power” Satan gives you….apparently Diddy must be still trying to pay back Satan for him getting “Revolt”….Its never enough w/Satan, but then again Diddy already knows this….ask Biggie Smalls.

    • Well I sincerely hope when the devil is done with Diddy his ass will be in hell forever burning.

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