Who’s Jacky Talking About? – March 28, 2014


Back when Vivica A. Fox called him her man, she obviously had no problem with who he really prefers to smash. Know why? We’re told, “he’s down with the Boys Club.” Don’t believe me.. Ask Allen Payne.

If he didn’t ‘Take That’ Bad Boy-backing, he may not have made it to the level of pulling a Black Hollywood takeover — Ask Luda.

We’re told.. this Plush person keeps his name relevant “because that blogger stays on his payroll”… Ask Sandra Rose.

He’s a grown azz man who calls another dude his BFF. Now, can you guess the ATL entertainment promoter I’m talking about?


  1. Something had to be wrong with yall, if yall didnt see that, that boy was sweet, and then had sugar in his tank. Viv was just an opportunity for him.

  2. he is such a cutey but he always seem to have such particular strict ways for an heterosexual man im not saying a man should not have high standards but u know what i mean

  3. He has high standards for women because he doesn’t want one. I’m sure his standards are a lot lower with men. Another one bites the dust.

    • Anytime you see a man calling another man

      My Man
      Slapping on the butt

      He’s gay. Most of them terms refer to almost every negro man in hollywood. You wont ever hear a white man doing that or saying that, unless he is out of the closet.

      • He may be a lot of things but there is an absolute that he’s never lonely at bedtime!

      • And the majority of white men in hollywood are gay. I don’t know why you see whites through rose colored glasses but you try to give black the stink eye. 99.% of hollywood is gay and it is white. And these white men are fruity even the ones who act straight.

        Always looking at yourselves threw the worst eyes and them threw the best.

        • Whitemen and women introduced debauchery and homosexuality to the world and they’ve been successful and getting blacks and all others to follow suit.But the Most High Says:Come Out Of Her My People.

          • how uneducated are you??? Greeks and countries around India and the balkans where committing homosexual acts thousands of years ago…moron!

    • Why not meet his qualification requirements and see if you can get some of that special loving. You sound very interested.

  4. I’m not naive…but I find it very hard to believe EVERY MALE that’s an actor, rapper, singer, etc. Is Gay. Every story is about who is doin who & how they got to where they are. So is Every Female in the Industry a whore, bi-sexual? I’m sorry I just don’t think they’re all that way. My thoughts only

    • 95 percent of men and women are either gay, bisexual, and lesbo like george clinton would say pay attention.

      • Chris is right. Let me add on that majority of the heterosexual woman also are the side chicks or mistresses to the married because of this.

      • Co-sign 100% people haven’t realized it yet but when they do they will have a better attitude and be more relaxed.

        • REPLY TO MAXIMUSApologies for not responding earlier and thank you for restoring a degree of sanity and sense to what was rapidly turning into a psychiatric ward for the seriously deluded and a crèche for the illiterate.I would have initially agreed that Maree was making a heartfelt plea but later concluded that she is just another self- interested nonentity with the scruples of a money lender. Harsh perhaps but surely accurate.

        • milch und milchprodukte in jeder form, als kindergartenkind habe ich regelmässig das frühstück verweigert, was dann mit “meiner” etragrossen schokomilchflasche augeglichen wurde.ich kenne limuh noch nicht und würds supergerne testen, vor allem die gums (buin gumibärchensüchtig) und klar mein mann

        • What a lovely soup Mary. Just perfect for a refreshing first course for Easter. Certain to whet the appetite.Thank you so much for sharing. Love the personal touches you added. Thank you so much for sharing…

        • Not making any rules about anything just dealing with common sense. It makes no sense to ignorantly talk about things outside your knowledge base. Does that make sense to you?

          • If it makes no sense to you, hop over it . You probably aren’t the the target audience anyway

    • Some People in the music industry spek on this stuff in their songs. You just have to listen. If they are in the middle of it, whey wouldn’t I believe them when they say it. Coughee Brothaz Said “niggas is selling their soul and bitches acting like acting lik hoes, all because they want to get they hands on some dough. Back stroking, trying to keep my head above water, but not me, I work from 9 to 5, I earn every quarter.

  5. @no need, I am with you. I can’t believe that everyone has to be down with being gay, lesbian or bi sexual just to get on that is just ridiculous. And I just like reading the comments more than the article because I like to read people’s opinion, but sometimes these articles just swing too far to the perverted and even statistically or logically everyone or as crazychris said 95% of men and women are either gay, bisexual or lesbo can’t be true.



    • u ain’t gotta believe it… just like i ain’t believe my EX told me to circle around the block cuz he boys was over there.. AND oh yea.. he BOY was gay.. AND DIS NIGGA IS 42….but don’t believe it… don’t believe nothin u see.. just believe what u want a life is aaalllll roses

  6. @no need & @surabi … these musical “acts ” (and that’s exactly what they are.. an act. Its all an act..) first off, HAVE to be used sexually by the music moguls, etc to “make it big “. Its called the $20 million club.. by moguls, I do not mean Puffy, or Jay -Z, I mean the ppl who own them.. those 2 fall in line with the rest of the acts.
    Second, it, and by it I mean TV, music, film, pharmaceuticals, sports, etc is all part of the agenda to make us all dumb, gay, fat, poor, sick and dead. Is everyone in Hollyweird gay? Maybe not, but they’ve all been tested and poked and prodded to get where they are.. don’t believe it, just ask Shakira.

  7. Vivica sadly seems to be becoming a running joke in Hollywood. Looks like she’s played the game of bed hopping and fortune hunting too long and now she’s resigned herself to becoming a cougar hoping for a young man that’s paid and naive enough to stay with an almost 50 year old woman long term. Plastic surgery has created a caricature and her “roles” are mirror images. Women, too many of you are living the life of extremes when it comes to finding a man. He’s either the “bad boy” because he makes you feel excited and protected until he beats your ass and/or gets you pregnant, or give you an STD and leaves or the guy that’s overly nice, buys you things but has some “quirks” about him that you choose to overlook and just call him “freaky”. Center yourselves and quit looking for what you want and look for what you deserve as a woman, but make sure your house is clean before expecting visitors. Think people.

      • Yes too many would rather sexualize themselves and wear a size too small spanx to get into a two size too small dress or get injections so they can become career strobe light hoes, but I know so many that are educated, career minded and making strong six figures and can’t find a good man. They’re either intimidated by their position and w-2 and try to bring them down or if they’re of the same tax bracket and will not give them the respect they deserve because the man knows he’s a catch and got options. So basically we’re all f*cked up and need to make some changes. Women quit waiting for television to determine what’s beautiful and you’re worth more than your uterus and men we need to quit playing games, looking for shortcuts and take our proper place as leaders. It’s always been in us but all the male bitches are hogging the spotlight. Think people.

  8. exaacctaamundo!!!… they aaaallll freaky deaky see yaalll can’t see me cuz i ain’t rappin nooo mooo… and if u a female they wanna run Gs on u.. u gotta take the train yo.. it NAAASSTTYYYY

    • I always thought he was gay. I saw him in a pair of “fitness tights” the other day. What is so funny to me is that people don’t want to believe their very own eyes. I’m not in the least bit surprised.

    • Wow!@Insider, I have heard the stories (blind items) about 2 group members being raped during a home invasion and were never the same, both mentally and physically. I never knew people were talking about members of Jodeci. I had never heard of Houston Summers. (Google is a wonderful thing) Thank you for spreading the knowledge. Everyday I learn so much from my HSK family. 🙂

      • The Jodeci thing was orchestrated by Suge Knight. All of them are strung out. That’s why they went from being handsome to looking crazy.

    • I remember that dude Houston. I intended to talk about it on a mother post but didn’t get to it. But yeah, he said he was trying to get the daemons out of him….yep I remember that is.

  9. I use to love coming to this website, but now every damn post is about someone being gay. My goodness! This is pathetic. What’s going on Jackie???

  10. Yes @Trina, I just saw that video also. My heart is hurting for this young man. So sad.

  11. Yea they are all GAY, don’t blame Jackie. U have to if u want to excel. All of them rappers, actors, male or female. All

  12. its very sad. especially the loss of his eye …. it sounds crazy until you hear of other celeba that avoid mirrors altogwthwr becauae they think they see demons. heartbreaking that he felt that was his only way. hope he finds some peace finally.i will pray for him

  13. Not every man in the world is gay. Some men really fear God and have respect for themselves. Just because the foolish choose to be trysexuals with no boundaries, does not mean all is included. You have to be true yourself and true to your morals.

    Besides Hollywood is only a handful people. That is why we hear about the same people day in and day out. I do not allow statics nor negative media to dictate how I look at life.

    Usually the person that pays attention to all that nonsense is interested in it. If you fear negative then negative it will be. Someday I’ll be married and I can only pray God will keep us both loyal to eachother.

  14. Can we get a conversation bout who we think didn’t sell out or died young and still made some noise in the industry. I’ll kick it if off, stevie wonder,,,, always singing bout love and god :).

    • That’s a good one, I wanted to do this a while ago. I think that discussion would be very interesting. I would love to do that. Maybe Jacky will do a post to discuss this . But I woul love to Hear everyone’s thoughts on this.

  15. Saw him perform with realgirl Williams and dem non talents with space suit masks ( I think daft punk it was. Stevie sounded bad and kinda looked like he didn’t want to be there.

      • Folks better not hop on HSK and drag my beloved Stevie Wonder. ILH, and when we met, I think he was digging me because he sure offered up his phone number. Lol. He is still bae in my head.

        • Wow Bella, you met Stevie Wonder before??! I always hope to meet celebrities, just to see how they are as regular people. But I haven’t got my wish yet. Or maybe never will.

          • Yes I did, K. I’ve met and hung with some of everyone. Tbh, a lot of my former friends and the men I’ve dated are “famous.” I’m in and from L.A. I guess it goes with the territory.

          • Met flavour flav and ice t when on tour in Australia. Flav was cool but ice t let me get kicked out when I was trying to a autograph. He played himself. This was about 20 years ago.

        • Did he shake you hand and rub you wrist ala Ray Charles?? ……lol.

          • No handshake. We hugged. He is my favorite male recording artist. (Chaka is my fave female recording artist.) I would always hear Bishop Blake announce Stevie’s name in church but I never saw him there. I met him at Mr. Chow, of all places, when I took my mom to dinner one night. She didn’t want to go, but we had a great time.

            • Both my fav to. Wonder why them 2 never did a song together. Have seen record cover of Chaka throwing up the triangle

  16. I believe that this site has gone public. Because, I’ve been going back over some old stories & posts; and a whole heap of comments, posts, and reports are missing! Why is this??

    Like someone said a long while ago…the real truth was in the folks who used to post comments in these stories. Because of actual accounts they’ve experienced. They used to drop knowledge to everybody. So in essence, I guess they had to be SHUT DOWN.

    This site has become so watered down. Because a lot of the genuine posters like “keepitrealnotkeepnitreal, christa, Black Pearl, etc” (i.e. the real ones, not those imposters), have jumped ship! Especially when Jacky was supposedly “missing” a while ago back in 2012 (I think). Subsequently, the “strength” of this site has diminished. Now there are only a FEW real ones left that still try to teach us all like “BlackAnastasia, CrazyChris, etc.” So please people PAY ATTENTION to the lessons.

    • Hey K.1985 I still check in once a day just to see wassup. I don’t post nearly as much or as personally as I used to because of the hostile vibe which has taken over. It’s a shame, because like you said, there used to be a completely different atmosphere here which allowed folks to speak their minds and share. Now, most(not all) of us old regs get beat up so badly by the multitude of “anonymous” characters that it took the fun out of it for me.

      I have noticed in the past 3 weeks that 3 of my personal favorite regs have stopped posting all together. Oh well…it was fun while it lasted.
      But thanks for the shout out!!

  17. @keepinitnotreal still post here just not under the same name handle. And there are a whole lot of others that still post here they just prefer to post anonymously or under a temporary made up handle

  18. It’s very obvious that this psuedo-intellectual nigga is GHEY.

    He constantly talks about his high standards for women and what he “wants” but that is only to MASK his penchant as a vers top/bottom.

    His body is the truth but actually his face ain’t all that. He has his WEAVED IN DREADS and constanly rocking shades and a fitted. Look really good at his face, he aint all that cute.

  19. I remember a video on YouTube of Kat Williams talking about being invited to a Hollywood party and seeing gay sh+t. After that I had to believe that sh+t is true. Plus look at his career, they been messing with since.

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