Benzino Shot By Nephew During Mother’s Funeral Procession!

 Benzino Shooting

Raymond ‘Benzino’ Scott is listed in ‘stable condition’ after being shot in his right arm. Cops say Zino’s 36-year-old nephew fired the bullets.. while the LHHA star drove behind a hearse carrying the body of his late mother, Mary Anna Scott. Benzino’s nephew, Gai Scott, now faces charges of armed assault with attempt to murder. He remains in custody and is set to be arraigned on Monday (April 1, 2014).

“There has been growing family tension between Raymond Scott and Gai Scott.” ~Timothy Cruz, Plymouth County D.A.

Sources say the shooting happened just before noon today (March 29, 2013) during Mary Scott’s funeral procession — travelling through Duxbury, headed for Plymouth’s St. Peter’s Church. That’s when Gai Scott reportedly fired several shots from his Bentley into the red Dodge SUV Raymond Scott was driving.


“At some point when the cars were side by side, Gai Scott fired several shots into the red Dodge SUV being driven by Raymond Scott… Raymond Scott got out of his car and was driven by a passerby to the Duxbury police department. “

Here’s the latest from The Boston Globe:

“It was a 12 o’clock funeral. . . . They were a little late,” said the Rev. William Williams of St. Peter’s Church. “The funeral went on.”

When the funeral procession arrived at the church, said Williams, he looked out the door to see the hearse and a limousine both smudged with blood.

“They were pretty upset about the death, and this made the sadness even sadder,” he said.

Benzino Shot


  1. This situation is so disturbing. I’m glad Benzino is doing better. I cannot imagine being part of a funeral procession and being shot. That’s sick. Prayers for the deceased and the Scott family during their time of bereavement.

    • What did benzino do to his cousin, find out jacky, it can’t be about money. If it is that sucks. It has to be deeper.

  2. Really. Is that only time he could get him. Benz probably deserved it. But time and place for everything.

  3. Just wanna say this guy is a nothing. I remember when he tried to brainwash people in the source magazine that made men was the shit. And shit they were. Funk faker. Really couldn’t care less.

  4. -Freddie Foxxx put a gun in Benzino’s mouth on the Flavor Unit tour bus, because Benzino would not stop talking shit about what a thug he was

  5. When photos/selfies are taken with certain phones iPhones or Androids the camera reverses the shot….try it.


  7. Regardless of the weasel Benzino can come across, this is disgusting. Let the poor guy grieve his mother. Black brother keep black brothers down.

  8. All of this senseless shooting is ridiculous!! Reminds of my hometown! Prayers goes out to Benzino and his Family! This is crazy! Couldn’t his nephew could have done this or go to his Uncle and talk things out? Like after the funeral or two to three days after the funeral? SMDH!

  9. Duet 28:54 So that the man that is tender among you,and very delicate,his eyes shall be evil towards his brother,and towards the wife of his bosom,and the remnant of his children he shall leave.[black on black crime is in the bible)

  10. I think the first pic is a selfie he took while looking in the mirror. Hopefully Jacky will post more details soon!

  11. Vh1 cameras rolling the whole time no doubt.. seems like publicity stunt to me.. I wanna see the bullet hole or scratch or whatever .. I don’t see any blood smudges either.. this probably never even happened and it sure didn’t go down as they say..

    Could the mama have been a sacrifice? My first thought always when these acts bury loved ones like parents.. it was a sacrifice for his strong name in entertainment.. sorry, having trouble typing & laughing on that one..

    Is that Ty Burrell from Modern Family in there with him? What’s he doing there?

  12. Why do we care so much about the thugs an the wanna be thugs? Last week it was a celebration cause one of these low lifes got out of prison. This week we’re supposed to pay attention because one of them got shot up by his own relative. You live by the sword you die by the sword. I have no sympathy for those trying to live that life.

  13. @willie jones jr
    ita and kind of thought the same thing
    I also wondered was Benzino an attempted sacrifice too?
    I know some pe6ple just die naturally under normal circumstances and causes
    But the people in the industry can be so greedy for power and money that they may try anything to make it to the top
    Im in no way implying Benzino would do such a thing cause u can tell that he realy love his mother
    But i wovldnt put past many others that would
    Mediafakeout claims to have details on what alledgelly happened

    • Thanks. Ive read this elsewheres too. Industry ppl are so shady and the media tell so many lies.

      Plus they are filming because he & skeevie opened that bar a few weeks back where they staged that fight, most likely where this beef started..

      • That fight wasn’t staged. Althea did get get cut by a bottle. There is a cut on her forehead.

  14. Wow this wasnt even a gang funeral Benzino was burying his mother. Why would the nephew do such a thing. I hope this wasnt a publicity for the new season of love and hip hop Atlanta but if so Mona Scott probably had the cameras rolling. Sad story.

  15. If someone is shedding one’s blood that has zero to do with publicity or Reality Tv.That’s real life.All this sacrifice talk is getting redundant.

    • Amen to that BA. I mean, celebs do dumb stuff, get sick, take drugs and die like everyone else in the world. I can’t believe how focused on sacrifices this site’s readers are. Especially the ones which are easily explained by the circumstances, like Whitney RIP Houstons’s death after everyone knew she was headed that way for years.
      But I guess some folks like the excitement and intrigue of mystery. lol

  16. Cuz knew the blood sacrifice that goes on … Maybe he went all out on Benzino nothing was wrong with aunty … Benzino needs that sacrifice!

  17. it was something about a house the mother and her sister owned, life insurance and hate

    • Makes perfect sense. I figured there was a family feud. That was the wrong time and place to execute a shooting.

      God bless and keep his mother.

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