Ray Rice Wifes-Up Baby Momma To Keep Her From Taking The Stand?

Ray Rice Drama

“Neither Rice or Palmer wish to move forward with the case.”

Ray Rice may have just sparked a new trend of Shotgun Weddings — all to cover his azz in court. You know.. the kind of nuptials that are exchanged one day after being indicted on a third-degree aggravated assault charge, over allegedly knocking his baby momma unconscious!

Now that Ray and Janay are officially ‘Man and Wife’… by law, the pro-footballer’s new bride can’t be forced to testify against him in court.

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and fiancée Janay Palmer reportedly were married on Friday, only one day after Rice was indicted by a grand jury for allegedly assaulting Palmer at an Atlantic City casino last month.

Rice was indicted on Thursday on one count of aggravated assault for the February incident. The charge is a third-degree felony carrying a potential penalty of three to five years in prison.

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti told reporters earlier this week that Rice will “definitely be back” with Baltimore for the 2014 season.

Here’s what Rice’s lawyer, Michael Diamondstien had to say before the night wedding:

“We deny Ray Rice committed aggravated assault. Neither Ray nor (his fiancée) Janay Palmer wish to prosecute the matter.

Ray and Janay are together. They’re happy, and they’re in counseling.

We believe that as a matter of law that Ray Rice did not commit aggravated assault.”


  1. See, now this is the way to get a man to put a ring on it:

    Get pregnant and have a child before a wedding, get stinking drunk, throw punches, get knocked out and dragged around, arrested, and then get married to be kept from getting on the stand.

  2. Marital Privilege does not apply in this case. She will hv to testify against him if called to testify.

    • She didnt have to get married but if she doesn’t support the prosecution they really have no case so it will look bad on the prosecutor for wasting money on it.

      • Bingo. If she is now a hostile witness, the prosecution has nada.

        Mr Diamondstein ain’t a fool.


  4. She’s thinking about the money…Business Decision! Lucifer is never at rest…Never!

    • She may be thinking about the security, but he is thinking about keeping his job and staying out of jail. One hand washes the other. Neither is innocent.

  5. He knocked her out and dragged her, he knocked the sense out her because I would have sued his ass and still got paid.

  6. Diamondstein sounds like the name of a imposter Fake Joo!These people are nothing but the Synagogue Of Satan. Revelation 2:9

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