Who’s Jacky Talking About? – March 17, 2014

Blind Item

He’s the original Ice Cream man… proven to have No Limit when it comes to kickin’ his baby momma when she’s down. Just ask C-Murder, who disowned our blind item as his brother.

This Miller man may have a reported $200M in the bank, but his ex-wife — and mother of his ICDC-repp’in son — recently revealed she’s on welfare! This, after insiders say he kicked her to the curb over a drug addiction, rather than “showin’ her some tough love by forcing her to go to rehab.”

Sources say this ‘Good Side, Bad Side’ dude’s priorities led him to give $75K of his guap to a random “to get her off the pole.” Don’t believe me.. Just ask White Chocolate.

Wait… there’s more!!!

We’re told he also “bought Lexus trucks and Mercedes Benz whips” for a line-up of his other favorite strippers!

It’s a situation his troubled ex-wife was hipped to after Uncle Sam sparked a beef with him, back in 2004. That’s when the Feds informed the Sista of his infidelities. Now, one of the very women he was cheating with isn’t only his live-in Filipina… she’s also the mother of his Nickelodeon star daughter, Cymphonique.

He’s a dad said to have convinced his now 24-year-old son to “drop out of UCLA… to make more money as a rapper.” Today, his son’s name remains missing from this music mogul’s new roster of young rappers.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. I wondering where that random ass daughter came from with that ghetto ass name…P is wack!

  2. c murder and p were just 2pac wannabes.

    p wanted a piece of deathrow he could’nt sign pac so he settled with snoop.

    yukmouth made several tunes dissing no limit.

    romeo was a bow wow wannabe and ripoff.

    silkk never could rap worth a phukk he got by because of p.

    got sick of hearing c trying to be 2pac.

    • Yuckmouth started in on P, in like 95 because he stole that whole ice cream man from the Bay Area rappers, I think Mac Dre was the one really pushing it. But they had mo respect for Ps rap game but his hustle was next level…..but they had like 4 rappers in the history of no limit who could actually rap. And two of them MYS and another one was TYKAL……lol. The other is Mya X, and the other one was…………………..crickets….lol

        • If only you knew how many rappers have stolen from the Bay , it would shock you! P isn’t the only one.

          • Bay Area rappers are so damn talented and revolutionary. I was very fortunate to witness a few of the many musical movements when I went to school in the Bay.

            Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Souls of Mischief, Casual, E-40, Ant Banks… It was a dope time.

            • The number of rappers who stolen from E-40 alone is over a dozen. Nobody wants to give the bay the proper credit they deserve! It’s bullshit! Shit like Fo shizell my nizzell, Captain save a hoe, sprinkle me mane, ya underdig, all of that shit is 40 water!

            • Oh Bella!! I love this! Del Tha Funky Homosapien is my favorite! I did not know that he was from the Bay area. I listen to him almost daily.

            • NBA:

              E-40’s slang and rapping style are everything!!! I was on him before I set foot up North. Lol. I was saying ‘hella’ before I got to the Bay because one of my best friends in high school was from the Bay. Lol


              Yes, ma’am. All of the fellas I mentioned are from the Bay. I used to see Del on occasion, mobbing thru campus, though he wasn’t a student. Lol.

            • all dat izzle stuff is an old form of pig latin. it didnt originate in the bay. neither did captain save a hoe originate with e40. dats old pimpin talk. however hip-hop did appropriate alot of bay slang. but thats how language works. people borrow from others. but the bay has contributed ALOT to hip hop no doubt about it.

        • Yeah, back in my CD buying days, I had 2 of “get it on Jones” CDs….lol…fiend was ok…..and so was Mac.

          • Remember the east had absolutely no respect for E-40 or the entire bay in the 90’s. Biggie and Puffy came up to the Bay to perform and you remember what almost happen to Biggie. Now in 2014, everybody in the east and the south are saying and doing shit 40 water was doing twenty years ago. Get the f*ck outta here with that plagiarizing bullshit!

            • Don’t drag the entire East coast. The first time I saw Wu-Tang was up North. They were cool. Always have been. They never came to CA with attitudes and egos. They were always humble.

            • The East Had absolutely no respect for anyone except East coast tapped. You are talking about an era that revolutionized rap. When they were ignoring and dissing E40, they were also dissing Geto Boys, Outkast, Goodie Mob, Ball and G, Twista, Parrish….they messed with cube …..they got to talking so much shit that Rasheed Wallace started talking shit….. But the East was like that with everybody, now they have to be a lot more humble right now

            • Everyone from the East wasn’t like that ELTHP. I spent 10 years on and off around Wu-Tang. They made a lot of money here and were very well respected. I never knew Nas to disrespect the West. He performed here. Same goes for Biggie. He died here. He was a cool dude. A friend of mine, Bigga B, threw shows out here called Unity. He was the main one booking hip hop artists in L.A. East Coast artists loved and respected him and us.

              RIP Bill aka Bigga B.

            • P.S. I know there are definite exceptions, but it was always my experience that West coast dudes hated East coast dudes because the East coast dudes would come here and snag the dopest women. Lol. The “hatred” was a result of pure jealousy. And East coast men at the time were truly gentlemen. Kind, generous and humble, unlike L.A. guys.

            • And where did forty get his style from.None other than Calvin T from Richmond ca.pop yo calla-richmond ca.Player Hater filthy phil again Richmond Ca.

            • Practice looking hard -boots from oakland .captain save a hoe rbl Frisco.fa shezze my nezze 3*crazy oakland.mi mail than the rest of the pushers,spice one Hayward.Forty never had nothing original except week as Tangy.

        • you mean the girl who only made 1 alnum.

          she wasn’t that special she sold sex.

          herr album cover was more memorable than the music she was p’s cousin.

          • Mercedes album wasn’t bad at all and rumors says she’s actually a Lawyer nowadays. Not certain if that’s true though.

            • Mercedes has a JD?!. I remember a mom and pop record shop in Inglewood that had her poster in the window around the same time Mariah released Rainbow. Asses all in the window! Lol

    • Make Em Say Ugh”was a known song and slang that was out in NewOrleans perhsps ,20 years before P decided to barrow it with out giving the artist they’re just due.

      • That reminds me of the phrase “bling bling.” The first time I heard “bling bling” was Supercat “Dolly My Baby” circa 1993. Rapper 3rd Eye said “bling bling,” yet Baby credits Lil’ Wayne with coining the term. No.

      • No disrespect, but that chant didn’t start in new Orleans….but if you want the real song, I will send it to you

  3. How can a father have the audacity to tell his son to drop out of college. A college degree is extremely valuable and it’s one of the few things the white man can not take away from you. A college degree from USC is more valuable than most college degrees. What the hell is wrong with Master P?

    • Not defending P’s actions, but at the height of P’s career, he had no education and earned a reported net worth of $500 million. There are a lot of people with advanced degrees today who are receiving food stamps and “welfare.” No lie. Education today isn’t as valuable as it once was.

      • I did say that his hustle is next level…..no doubt. You can’t take that away from him….he ain’t no joke at the negotiating table

        • P and E-40 helped change the game as far as indie artists and distribution deals go. I’m sure they can teach courses at esteemed colleges and universities.

            • The independent artists and label owners know the split, points, etc. People signed to major labels don’t. That’s why they are easy targets when it comes to getting jerked. Baby is brilliant when it comes to business, too. I wouldn’t sign with him nor would I trust him, but knock me over with a feather if and when he ever goes broke.

      • Master P attended college in both Houston and Oakland but didn’t graduate.He does have two years of business experience under his belt from Merritt JC out in Oakland, Ca.

      • Darling’s, Percy aka Master P does in fact have a bachelor’s degree. Him nor his brother’s are real street cats. I mean, not even in the streets at all or knowing that life til C took it another level. They just sold drugs.
        The way he treated his wife when they were still together was deplorable. She has nothing cuz he controlled the shit out her and wouldn’t let her have money, ANY type of life nor friends. She couldn’t even have a personal trainer to work out in the gym in their community!! Even with another women present! He is a swindler and not a man of his word. You know he’s lying on that woman and knows that she has nothing because he made it that way. You can judge all you want, but you never know how life may pan out for you. And trust she tried for years to get from under him.

  4. Thank you for this thread, Jacky. I’ve been mentioning Sonya Miller’s financial woes on HSK and Twitter. Folks here jumped on me like I was withholding child support from her. Glad this info is seeing the light of day. She deserves better!

  5. These cats have no loyalty to the women that helped them build their weath. It’s a common thread among blackmen in entertainment, Sady! Yet, they want our money just the same. Master P helped take Southern Hip-Hop to the next level, the same can’t be said for him.

    • Yes!!! I said this on a previous thread! Sonya Miller was a rapper. She sacrificed her own career and potential fame to be P’s loyal wife, mother of his children and help see his dreams to fruition. She truly deserves half of his net worth, because she earned it in every sense of the world. She is one woman who isn’t a golddigger!

      • No Pun Intended, but if Sonya is not a gold digger why is she coming out now attempting yo disgrace this man on a public platform after a seven year separation?The timing has nothing but Monetary aspirations on Sonya’s behalf as far as I’m concerned.

        • Why do Black men always claim someone is trying to disgrace them when they’re called out for not doing their jobs? If you’re being irresponsible, expect someone to notice or even point it out.

          This battle has been ongoing. There are court documents to substantiate it. Perjuring yourself under oath can result in sanctions and even jail. I don’t think she is that dumb.

          • Sonya could have gone a more civil way about getting her point across because in reality,its none of the publics business.Her actions resonate with I’ll intent.

      • @Bella

        Loyalty has to mean something to these brothas, Seriously! It makes all of us look bad as blackmen. This is a strike against us, cats need to open their eyes.

      • she wasn’t that great back in 91 p was trying to be eazy e and ice cube he admityted it.

        tru was an nwa wannabe group.

  6. In defense of my hometown brethren Master P,Sonya Miller is full of shit!!Master P pays all of her bills up unt8l this day,and she was not selling CDs out of the trunk with Master P when he moved to Richmond,Ca.She’s looking for a come up because she’s having drug problems now.

    • @BlackAnastasia

      If Sonya is battling drug-addiction, he needs to make that known to the court. Of course, money to the dopeman is wasted money…We All Agree!

  7. P told a judge his monthly income is $1,000 or $1,200/month. As such, he was ordered to pay around $120/month to Sonya for support for 4-5 minor children. If he is paying all of her bills, why wouldn’t he convey that to the judge? I would imagine her bills exceed $1,200/month.

    I may stand corrected, but I think Romeo is the one who has been helping her out. At least that’s what Sonya said. That may be the reason why Romeo left USC.

    • She gives Romeo her monthly expenses and Romeo in turn gives them to P and he then takes care of it.Sonya should of planned ahead or carved a Niche for herself but she was obviously complacent. Now she going to Massa begging for some crumbs.

      • Had she carved a niche for herself, she may have been the one holding the wallet and he may have been the one “begging,” as you say. Keep believing she made no contribution to his success. I’m sure a court of law and judge will determine otherwise.

        I find it convenient that a mention of Sonya being on drugs surfaces when she is seeking child support. If she is an unfit mother, he should be filing for custody, which he isn’t doing last I saw.

        • Uhm,Bella my love,I’m from NewOrleans and I know more about Sonya than I care to divulge because we have a certain code that we live by in NOLA.All I will say is Sonya is nothing but another hood chick from the calliope projects whom got lucky.

  8. For every come up there is a come down…Romeo was also very talented ball player in school. Hate how brothers diss the ones that were with them from the start..sad

  9. It’s ironic that this former dope dealer is asking his ex to get tested in order to give her money. Hypocritical niglet.

  10. Mystical, Soulja slim, Mia X, and Fiend were the only hard rappers on No Limit. SERIOUSLY

  11. Hope P does the right thing this is embarassing. Word is she was on drugs back in the day before he met her. He cleaned her up and after all the infidelity, abandoned with 7 kids, showing favor toward Cymphonique and her Filipino mom (, and being treated like an unkept wife she fell into depression and got back on it.

  12. Dru Down started the Ice Cream Man thing, well actually the whole concept was Chris Hicks idea, C&H was his nickname, Luniz was featured on the track. Far as 40 starting slanguage out here, he’ll tell you, the one’s who really started bay area slanguage was 3X’s Krazy.

  13. Baby and Wayne have color issues as well, only “red” chicks…but still dark sskinned women worship and protect them.

    • their daughters are dark skinned and will suffer the consequences they have upholded, “no dark women allowed.”

  14. Master p. look at his name. Slave MASTER P. them no limit artist got stuck for they publishing. He then juxed them folks for them direct to dvd movies. His business model is official. Fifty cent copied it to perfection, with the exception of pimping his kids on Disney. As far as dating white Asian or Latino women that issue is bigger than master p Russell Simons 50 cent and the whole male cast of best man holiday. Racial mixing is a natural phenomena. If you study the ancient history of every culture you will find racial mixing. You can blame racism sexism feminism or ignorance. If god did not wat people to have babies outside they phenotype the DNA wouldn’t match. On the plantation the MASTER would cross breed races according to his economic needs. Western culture is becoming majority mixed with many smaller races being mixed out in the next 200 years. Master p is just looking at the big picture and trying to stay relevant. To each his own. If breeding lighter were a success strategy then tiger and Halle families would be success stories. Love yourself first and the world mimic you.

  15. all the nl artists are broke.
    mia x begging for a FEMA CHECK.








    • Unfortunately thats thw way the music industry is…it’s slimy and unforgiving. There are a lot of broken artist. Don’t believe me azk the king…P DIZZY.

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