Who’s Jacky Talking About? – June 30, 2014

Blind Item

She’s a singer who recently caught a case of the six-year itch. Know why? Our mystery lady bounced from Roc Nation, last week… after she saw her career was headed nowhere with Mr. Carter. According to an insider, that’s because she may not have given up what Clyde wanted.

Dig the Drop:

“He promised her she’d blow up big time only after she took care of his sexual fetishes.”

Now, she’s said to be “damn near broke…and is an independent artist who’s willing to f-ck for tracks.”

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • Why would Clyde’s old gay ass want any sexual favors from any woman? He must have wanted her to do some freaky ish with non-humans.

  1. I dunno mayne.. I just saw that Jigga print in a concert pic. Bein a good girl is startin to have its drawbacks…WoRD..lmao

    • Size means little to nothing if a man doesn’t know what to do with that thang, lol.
      Jay Z strikes me as a two pump chump. Men who creep with a lot of different women are usually like that because they know they have to get in and get out quick before they get caught.

  2. But if she’s willing to put out for tracks why wouldn’t she flip tail for the camel.

    • I was introduced to Bridget Kelly when Jay Z played Madison Square Garden. She sang Alicia Keys’s part on NY State of Mind. She’s pretty dope.

  3. Wow Bridget Kelly! She’s been out six years with no promotion and signed on roc nation. I respect her and Melanie Fiona for not sleeping with camel but why other rappers in the game? Melanie had better success winning two grammies.



    • GOOGLE: Her Source | Bridget Kelly Announces Departure From Roc …
      The Source ‎- 2 days ago
      Singer Bridget Kelly confirms that she is no longer part of Roc Nation. She’s been signed with the label for six years and has been working on …


  4. I dunno either? Who is it? Melanie strikes me as someone who’ll give it up for a few beats I’ve seen recent pics of her looking tired or sleepy. Who is Bridgette Jones? Lo

  5. I heard Rihanna became bankrupt in 2009. I guess she will stay on Jay Z’s payroll like Foxy, Mya, and Bleek. I could be wrong.

    • Let’s not forget that Rhi was tricking with the likes if Ashton Kutcher and a few others who may have her on paid speed dial as well….

    • Foxy? I thought Jay didn’t want anything to do with her since she got dropped from/’left’ Def Jam in 2006?

  6. jiggas a dog he phukks themand drops them.

    guessbeyonce got tired of her being jiggas plaything.

  7. Jay will always have Foxy’s back. Those two go way back like babies and pacifiers. Lol. Foxy should have had a bigger career than some of these female artists.

    • Well, that explains her always finding a way to mention Jay in her interviews. And the only thing that stopped Foxy from having a bigger career is herself. If she, people in the Industry, and this site are to be believed, she had a pretty crazy run–Came in the game a teenager, got passed around like many female rappers, beefed with and/or fist-fought a number of other female rappers, spit in a Hotel employee’s face because the hotel didn’t have an iron, often had an attitude, got in a near-fatal car accident, suffered severe depression and a brief pill addiction, claimed she tried to commit suicide more than once, pregnancy issues, clashed with then-Def Jam President Lyor Cohen, which resulted in her fourth album being shelved, left Def Jam, went deaf while promoting fifth album & later recovered hearing, had numerous run-ins with the law which culminated in her going to prison for a year, and is now…Barely in the Industry. Crazy shit, right (And there may be other stuff I don’t know about)?

      Come to think of it, I dislike so-called ‘Reality’ shows in general, but if anyone should have one, it’s Foxy–That’d be a great way for her to get back in the Industry.

      • @Raheim

        The music industry is bulls**t, always has been. It’s a plantation all over again. If a sista or mixed chick does not give up her treasure, she’s punished…Bottomline!

  8. I 2 don’t know who Bridget Kelly is. Only person camel man cares about is Rhi, Coonye, Bey, and himself. That’s it that’s all. If he signs any1 is to keep them close so they don’t out shine his crew…


  10. These guys need to stop acting like the can hustle and deal forever! They get greedy for the money! I guess a real job doesn’t pay what hustling does, but AT LEAST ya have your freedom , aren’t locked up like away like an animal in a cage, or dead on a slab in the morgue. These guys hear all the stories of these past dead and living kingpins, dopeboys, hustlers and still choose to pursue , glorify, and live that life! Good luck with that.. It usually leads one of two places, jail or the cemetery..

  11. You might do well with it for awhile..but eventually it will end.You can’t put drug dealer on a resume… You’ll end up yet another loser sitting around reminiscing about “what you used to be, and what you used to have” back in the day! You got these educated women… with careers like (Yandy/ Phaedra) dealing with dudes with records…

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