Tank Calls Out ‘Hypocrisy’ @BET Awards!


Tank is speaking out over the hypocrisy he says led last night’s BET Awards. For him, it was most notably experienced after Young Money was awarded “Best Group” over TGT, who many insiders agree are the rightful winners of the category.

Peep Tank’s tweets:

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  1. He’s right, The BET award elects who they want to win an award not selected by the people. The fans should get the say so not a bunch of rich, white, old men.

    • The only award that the people decide are The Peoples’ Choice and they are whack as hell.

    • Not just the white rich men, but also the black VOLUNTARY slaves that work for them and sell out their black culture so kindly for them 😉

    • Anyone who is willing to pay for an award gets one these days. Why do you think that we cant take a breath without that damn beyonce and JZ name being mentioned. People like them shouldn’t be in control of money. They misuse it for selfish purposes and to keep excellence down and mediocrity up.

      The heads of your govt were not high achievers. They control music, businesses, etc., by making and breaking them with govt contracts.

      So think before you vote for a low achiever in govt, because he will always lift up his kind, and not your excellence.

  2. no surprise, i knew they was gonna win, it be nice to see real talent win, lets not forget this is the ebt or bet awards.

  3. I guess it was bullshit, I didn’t watch it. But they prolly could have won if they could keep old “Baby Hair” off the Mollys when they performing on TV

    • AGREED..I didn’t even watch that train wreck of a show..so I guess I cant comment..ok **NO COMMENT** but who cares, BET is fake, like Tanks says, wack and a snoozer…zzzzzz

    • Dont go hatin on Ginuwine cause a group that won talks bout mollies weed syrup so quit it.

  4. All of them coons need a visit from the drop squad even those punks at BET. Had the nerve to show that video of the civil rights movement. They wasn’t paying any attention to it.

    • Man, that’s my movie! And I agree there should be a real-life ‘Drop Squad,’ because blacks in America are currently at the lowest point since slavery, and more than half of us don’t even know it due to media lies & manipulation about how ‘well’ we’re doing and how this is ‘the best time to be black.’ Bull and Shit.

      • Right. I love that movie too. They need to have some mugs go missing for a few days. U spoke the truth as always

          • If they were to redo a movie, it should be the Drop Squad. Shit life imitates art and you wouldn’t need a script just kidnap young money and Rick Ross.

            • @Anonymous 16:13–The director of DROP Squad, David Johnson, posted the Director’s Cut on Youtube, which shows the movie how it was originally intended to be released (Several scenes were cut for mostly time constraints) and more thoroughly explores/shows both sides of the conflict (The eponymous crew’s and Bruford’s). Johnson also details each scene in the movie and why the above scenes were removed. Here’s a link to the first part:


  5. He’s right tho all I saw on stage was nicki and lil Wayne like them other niqqaz last hit was bedrock all of them wasn’t in the video & that was a feature lmao lil Wayne turning into biggie with bad boy smh

  6. Most up there last night are studio musicians. They need audio tune & heavy production. But its the audience that buys this garbage

      • DAMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wtf?
        I couldnt even listen to the whole video!
        Ive never heard no shit like that. smh

        • LOL Of course a number of her clueless ’90s baby fans rushed to her defense saying shit that ranged from ‘She didn’t sound that bad’ to ‘This was just one bad performance–She sounded better HERE (Names some random performance for people to search for),’ but the consensus is that she isn’t very good live, as you heard. Others said she’d be good with some Vocal Lessons. Heh.

  7. I don’t watch anything on bet but I wanted to see wat all the hooplah was about. Chris rock was funni for the first time to me and the last thing I saw was John legend & jehne aiko..however that’s spelled ha but I watched my fav nurse Jackie

    • Chris Rock was hilarious but he always is. If you liked him on the BET Awards, you’d like him every time.

  8. I would prefer sane black artists to boycott Debra Lee, rather than shame themselves for the cameras. As always, white folks and the shuck and jive set take us for fools. Just don’t attend, f**k what the label says. We gotta draw a line in the sand with this bs, otherwise, it will get progressively worse over time.

    • I see what you’re saying, Tyrone, but the question is ‘Can it get any worse?’ Justin Bieber was caught on camera/blackmailed by TPTB twice calling blacks ‘Niggers’ and he’s at the damn Awards like nothing happened, and that’s just one example. To call this (Overall) bull ‘Coonery’ is the understatement of the year.

      • @Raheim

        BET is not black-owned anymore, just like Vibe, Essence, and other so-called urban media. We shouldn’t be shocked by this bs. As always, the sellouts in our race go along with the plan. Our race is the laughing stock of the planet right now. The 90s babies assumed they were immune from the evils of the pale ones…Really? When Obama got elected, that’s when this post-racial crap jumped off. A bunch of black folks fell for it, now negros are dead broke in the industry because they gave away their culture to be liked by racist white folk…Pity Them!

        • You summed this statement up, PERFECTLY. Idiots gave our culture away (i.e. our style, music, and just our overall essence), and now we’re seeing the results of it. Pretty soon, the masses will think that White people came up with Soul/R&B music (just like what was done in The Blues & Rock n Roll); because everything is so “blended” now in terms of Hip Hop & Pop. And because Hip Hop has derived from R&B/Soul music, the fusion of Hip Hop and Pop has blurred the lines with how the culture is perceived. So that’s why you see REAL R&B/Soul music not being considered” appealing” because whenever Black people make music, the thing is to try and “crossover” to appeal to a white audience. I was watching ‘The Five Heartbeats’ which chronicled this notion. I’m not prejudiced or anything, but you NEVER hear White people giving up their heritage to any other culture in the world. If anything they steal everyone else’s and try to pass it off as their own. And when anyone speaks their mind on “our culture” we’re labeled as a hater or not getting with the times. But as the old saying goes, we must look to the past and know who we are in order to know where we’re going. But as you said, the 90’s generation thought they were long done with the real racial issues; but this extends back to the late 60’s – 00’s. In that there was such a desire to Integrate, and we’ve been subliminally programmed to accept the negative propaganda that’s been shoved down our throats. Therefore, it’s going to take a season of our minds being “purged” from all of the venom that has been injected into our subconscious train of thought. And in order for that to happen, it will be a shake up of some sort to put us (i.e. people of color) back on track, cognitive wise. And as long as The Lord Jesus and The Father (i.e. the creator) sits high, Satan and his minions will not prevail.

          • K1985 the sad fact is R&B no longer sells. There aren’t enough of us buying it to keep the A&R reps and labels interested in finding and signing talent. The only people spending significant cash on music these days are white kids from 13 to 25. If you run a label and you want to make money, you have to cater to them. that’s why Katy Perry, RiRi, Iggy, Carrie Underwood and that shit like New Direction are at the top and they are constantly looking for the next one. It’s unfortunate, but I truly believe from this point forward R&B is destined to be a niche entry in the industry just like Latin, jazz and gospel. It will be available in limited quantities but as a major factor it’s day has come and gone. Kinda like when the YT music shifted away from hair metal and glam rock in the early 90’s leaving a lot of YT artists out in the cold.

          • K.1985–I completely agree with your comment and have been noticing and saying some of the same things for years now, particularly about blacks’ in Entertainment’s compulsive, slavery-borne need to be ‘loved’ and accepted by whites no matter what, and how real R&B/Soul has become something of a niche genre in favor of what passes for R&B today. You also made a great point about how whites never give up any of their heritage to anyone else in the world (Unless you consider the racist barbarism they call ‘Democracy’ their heritage, that is). Bieber and Paris the Praying Mantis chillin’ at the Awards with no worries is, to whites, proof that they can say (And in the case of ‘people’ like George Zimmerman, DO) whatever they want about blacks with little to no recourse, especially when whites AND blacks in the Industry have the same white & Khazar bosses. The ‘purge’ of consciousness you mentioned is indeed necessary in these times.

      • Paris Hilton called black people niggers too yet her parrot faced herpe infected eyeball ass was there all day. its black people’s fault, you love white people so much, you let them shit on you. why complain.

  9. Agreed. This breaks my heart because I question why legitimate directors such as Mara Brock Akil are partnered with BET (The Game, Being Mary Jane).

  10. the awards is just a popularity contest we know wayne and the cash money crew are more popular and richer than tgt.

  11. BET today is a Million times better TODAY, than under black Bob johnson ownership. Oprah needs to stop being jealous of Deborah Lee and trying to steal her viewers, since she cant attract white viewers.

    • Truth be TOld..u cant fall for an obvious troll like that ..gotta ignore em..or just pat them on their head and send em out to play in traffic

  12. Speaking of killing each other, four people got shot outside a club in the eastside of hollywood. There was also another shooting at Lure nightclub! The white owned local news stations (Including TMZ) had a field day reporting on this ignorant bullshit! Damn! I’s 2014 and we are still doing this stupid bullshit? Why?

    • THAT is the million dollar question. It’s more embarrassing to me than the coonery on the stage. If black men with money and success can’t conduct themselves properly, what hope is there for the less fortunate young men shooting up Chicago?

  13. Ever been so Disgusted n ur life that there r no words? ………………………………….
    ……………………………………………!!!! Yeah Exactly!!!

  14. Tank’s telling the truth but TRUTH does not exist in the industry. TPTB wont have it but they will allow half truth,

  15. Viacom has no allegiance to black people, who they care BEYOND less for! Bob Johnson decided to relent on cultivating minds but poison them instead to become a billionaire! I feel Tank, complete bs! Through & through!

  16. MTV bought out BET a long time ago when comic view, college hill, rap city and all those shows came off….is what i heard

  17. Thank you to all who commented. It gives me hope that we as a people are awake and hip to the BS. Not all of us are hoodwinked, thank God!

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