K. Michelle Slams Elle Varner

K. Michelle versus Elle Varner

K. Michelle is never one to bit her tongue… even when it comes to a one-time BFF. Just ask Elle Varner.

You know, the chic who K. Michelle previously collaborated with on the track, ‘Cold Case’??? Now, not only do insiders say, “K felt as though she did not get the proper credit she deserved for the song”… Elle is apparently smashing K’s leftovers! Namely, Meek Mill!

“Back in January, Elle Varner Tweeted about Meek Mill trying to hit on her, causing an awkward situation between them.”

Here is what’s out there:

“Fast forwarding to the present a couple of days ago, Meek Mill posted pics of Elle Varner to his Instagram page, joking about the time that Elle curved him in a prior encounter back in January.

Now y’all know K. Michelle won’t hesitate to take it there, and from the looks of things she didnt like the pics to much and took to her Instagram to express her disdain for them…”

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  1. Maybe Elle should’ve requested a list of all the men K dated first before choosing a man in Hollywood. Also, what’s wrong with dating a regular guy? Who wants to share dik anyway?

  2. K Michelle is dizzy. What she gonna do step to every sista who’s dating her exes? That would be all of Atlanta.

  3. I like K. Michelle but she’s starting to get on my nerves. If Meek hit on Elle say something to Meek why Elle. A man is going to be a man. Elle did right by curving him. What else does K want her to do.

  4. K Michelle is mad that she had to get passed around in order to blow up that’s the only reason Mona help her ghetto gaggers go on a lot in the music I won’t be surprised if Elle would go thru the rituals

  5. K is the king of girl you hang and bang while El is the kind of girl you marry and carry so I think K is going to run into this problem over and over again

  6. Keyshia Cole 2.0 is quickly becoming the Azelia Banks of R&B, and I don’t mean that in a good way. Everytime I turn around, both of them are talking shit to someone on Twitter, while I have yet to hear next to any music from either. Is that what you signed the contract for?

    • Lol. Raheim your the truth. What actually happened to putting out music. It’s like even the singers have to come into the industry with beef with other singers.

  7. Now Mediatakeout is reporting that Meek dating Lil_Toyko who is no different than the rest of these THOTS. Her baby daddy is non other than married with a wife and kids Udonis Haslem. Get on on jackie boo

  8. I think that K. has a beautiful voice and is a very talented song writer. Everything else is out of my spectrum of concern lol

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