Rihanna Dubs BET Awards Corny!

Rihanna Dubs BET Awards Corny

RiRi didn’t only not show up to this year’s Bey Awards, she didn’t watch the “mess” either. Just ask Tank.

Peep this:


Rihanna isn’t the only one who didn’t bother to pull through… Drake and Lupita took a pass too!


      • I enjoyed it, too. the 90’s groups came out & did their thing, loved seeing Silk & Troup and Lionel Richie. the last time, I saw Rihanna perform on BET awards, it was a snooze fest. Rihanna is a boring performer, to me, so I didn’t miss her. Lupita is only gonna go around white people, unless Oprah is there, like at the NAACP Image Awards. Drake will be at the BET Hip Hop, he didn’t need to be at this one. I don’t hate on BET Awards & Soul Train Awards, it is the only place black people get to see black entertainers on tv. back in the day there was Soul Train on every Saturday & in the 90’s, we had Arsenio Hall, now there is nothing, so Rihanna is corny, too.

  1. 1)Rihanna hasn’t been to the BET Awards since 2008 because the way they treated her after the Chris Brown fight. They clearly took Chris’ side, so why would she bother?

    2)Drake has pulled out of the BET Awards at the last minute for the past few years. It’s just a diva move. I personally think he’s threatened by Chris Brown and all the attention he gets from the audience.

    3) Lupita is at the point of oversaturation and was probably advised to stay home. Or, she just didn’t want to go.

  2. BET awards are fake and played out . I skipped watching so I can understand why stars skipped attending.

  3. Shes on vodafones network must be in the EU? Shes right and doesnt rely on bet demographic to survive. Doesnt seem like anyone enjoyed the awards this year.

  4. A lot of people enjoyed the BET Awards this year including me. At first I wasn’t going to watch because of Chris Rock — he isn’t all that Black friendly in his personal life. Smashing Madonna is just nasty to me. That would potentially bring a disease home to his wife. But he ended up being kinda funny – I’ll give it to him. The awards had something for every age. I enjoyed CB’s dancing and his girl dancers are off the chain. The TreySongz dancers were amazing. How do I get that limber? I got introduced to August Alsina and think he’s amazing. I’m an old timer so I really enjoyed Yolanda Adams and Lionel Richie. It was really a good show and Phylicia Rashad showed all the younger girls that you can be sexy without showing all your breasts.



    • yes, Phylicia looked beautiful and made a great speech about Ruby Dee & Dr. Maya Angelou. I also enjoyed hearing Myrlie Evers-Williams, the wife of the late Medgar Evers, who said, back in the day when black people would come on tv, they would black their face out. I had heard a bunch of stuff about back in the day from my parents, but hadn’t heard that. now black people hate on BET Awards. I don’t love everything about BET, but I don’t hate it either.

  5. Yes I agree that Rhianna’s demo is not that of the BET’s. But as a somewhat more advanced age demo, I thought it was above average to pretty good. I thought CR’s comedy was the best in eons.

  6. Anybody else despise Rhianna? lol. I mean seriously. She is just so damned stank all the time. I’ve really come to hate her. I haven’t watched ANY award shows since I was a teenager. I just don’t give a damn about it. So, I can understand people not showing up. But at the same time…I cannot stand Rhianna. She has no talent and tries to roll a lightweight bully.

  7. I’m no Rhianna stan nor am I a hater, but I will say that she’s overrated. She’s cute at best and it takes a glam squad to have her looking better than mediocre in the face. She can’t sing and her live “singing” (aka caterwauling) usually makes my ears bleed and my neighbors dogs start howling. I told my daughter that if Rhianna and her lack of singing skills and stiff body movements can make it in this industry, then she can and my baby can’t sing a lick. But since I don’t want my child to have to sleep with every other person to get ahead because she lacks natural talent, she’ll just go to college and live a life to be proud of…not one where she has to walk around damn near naked to get attention or one where it’s a persistent rumor that she has the clap and/or oral herpes.

    • Next time while lecturing your daughter on Rihanna or anyone else, be sure to include this, it’s not good to gossip or spread rumors about others. You sound like hypocrite.

    • I think she’s a beautiful girl but I still don’t understand how she has gotten so far in music. I just want the 90’s back.

  8. I don’t watch anything on bet, but I thought I’d give it a try. I left after John legend and jehne aiko. I agree Chris was more funni that night than he ever was…as for riri..the things hoes say.

  9. Rihanna Is Coon Point Blank Period…….Vodafone Is Cheap Bet She’s On “Pay As You Go”

  10. Riri needs to stop being mad that Chris let krakatoe come to the show instead of leaving her at home per usual.

  11. I appreciate them for bringing out Silk,Color Me Bad, and I forgot the first group’s name but what about Joedeci, Aaron Hall, Mint Condition, After 7, Christopher Williams,Intro, etc. You get my point BET next time.

  12. Let’s not foget about the ladies like YoYo, Mc Lyte, Queen Latifah, Salt n Pepa, Kut Klose,Mokenstef, etc. Come on BET represent for the ladies.

  13. Those white people don’t want yall at the emmys or grammy’s…just ask macklemore. Lol

  14. Attended both… You gotta act right when you go. No antics. This might be a downer for some of these clown artists who want to show up and act a fool.

  15. I loved Chris Browns performance. He could have performed all night. He’s very talented. I still believe that JayZ caused all of the CB stuff to become so out of hand because he was afraid that CB had to much influence over Riri–and she’s JZ cashcow.
    Tori went along with it because she was advised that it was best for her career, but she didn’t want to because she loved Chris so much. That’s why she became so rebellious. She was trying to let everyone know that she’s the same as Chris. That they had that type of relationship. If you look at her victim pictures you can plainly see that she wasn’t abused, but that her injuries were caused by her attacking Chris while he was driving and him trying to get her off of him. JZis the true culprit. He is evil, cold, and heartless. You have to be to run a drug dealers group. He is driven by cash and power and he will use anyone to keep it

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