Jay Z & Jeezy Set It Off On Drake!

Jay Z & Jeezy Come For Drake

Jigga’s taken it back to the diss track. This time, Drake’s the target. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Jeezy, who Mr. Carter recruited as his partner-in-rhyme for the job.

“You already know… N*gga, you don’t got a flow.” ~Jeezy

Jay and Jeezy have set it off on October’s Very Own in their summer collaboration “Seen It All”, released today — complete with subliminal Drake-disses…

“Your whole team, Hot Boyz closing in…” ~Jay Z

Here’s what Jigga just put out there…

“All the young guys think they’ve made it, but they need to show a little more respect to their elders.”

Here’s a snippet of Jay’s ‘Seen It All’ lyrics…

“I was in the S-Class you was just in class /You know I was finna blow like a meth lab /Expanded the operation out in Maryland /Me and Emory Jones in the caravan /Took the show on the road out in VA”



    • Because Drake really let his success & fame go to his head and started dissing Jay-Z outright and other rappers subliminally in songs and interviews, saying shit like he ‘felt like a King in this realm (Of rap music)’ just because he’s a corny Pop-‘rapper (More like bad R&B singer who just happens to rap)’ who went platinum by appealing to ’90s babies & simps who give out more passes to rappers than Greyhound employees.

      This is the same reason Pusha T clowned the hell out of Aubrey and his bosses numerous times–They all front like they can’t be f*cked with on YMCMBYMCA, but the truth is that they’re all shook of different rappers at different times: Drake–Pusha T, Wayne–Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Clipse, 40 Glocc, Nicki–Lil’ Kim, Keys, and all the other females she subliminally disses then acts like she’s the victim when they respond.

      But to be fair, Jay-Z is more often than not just as shook as Aubrey, especially since he’s become the #1 rapping lapdog of the Elite, but at least he’s said rappers’ names in his diss songs and interviews, something Aubs will likely never do.

        • Of course they all do it, the difference is that Drake’s Charmin-soft, fake-thugging, simping, bad-singing ass is delusional acting like he’s good enough to be the ‘King’ of Rap. Kendrick’s verse on ‘Control’ was simply a reiteration that Rap is COMPETITIVE, not the ‘We Are The World’ love-and-positivity-fest Drake thinks it should be because that’s the kind of Industry he’d best fit in.

  1. *sigh* Jay Z needs to sit his ass down somewhere. Didn’t back in the day he was supposed to be retired? Well he need to do just that. Jeezy fool is a damn puppet.

  2. Wish these geriatric rappers would flatline and give new heads a chance for creativity or at least get a piece of thd pie. Poor wheel chair jimmy.

    • And that’s the problem, too many of these youngstas want somebody to move out of the way and just give their entitled asses something. Last time I checked if you want the crown you need to come take it. Quit being lazy and bring something we havent already heard ten years ago.

      • jayZ has been rapping about the same nonsense as reasonable doubt. having a monopoly doesnt mean that you are good, just overexposed and well connected.

  3. I don’t care how old a rapper is, all I care about is them coming out with dope music. People so petty and ageist these days it doesn’t make no fkn sense.
    With that said, this track is only average. Somebody need to reintroduce Jay-z to DJ Premiere or Statik Selektah or something. He didn’t have to totally abandon the NY sound but oh well.

  4. Fuck jay!!
    Go build a yourh center in marcy projects
    Matter fact go help yo niggas back in marcy
    Projects nigga!

  5. To the person who asked why Drake, why NOT Drake. Still can’t believe people buy half the garbage out here masquerading as rap.

  6. Drake caught Jay and Jeezy picking up trannies that look like Beyonce and lil Wayne.. now they want revenge..

  7. And didn’t jay z help to endorse drakes career into stardom??? But all of sudden he wants to get with Jeezy and talk shit about drake???

  8. Beyonce probably got a crush on drake
    And jay insecure camel face now wants to
    Come at drake.
    Im not a drake fan at all .. But do it really
    Take 2 old niggas to dis 1 young nigga??
    Thats punk shit mane!

  9. Jay Z better stop with his geritol looking ass. Im a have to call Solange to karate chop 2 his ass!

  10. The verses these two jigga,and jeezy spit was hot like fire…….take that drake!

  11. Jay Z never respected his elders in the game… biter… blue print…krs one…ether…

  12. It’s funny jay z be gunning after these other rappers but when 2pac made diss tracks about him on damn near every sOng especially bomb 1st jigga stayed silent but popped off on every body else

  13. Rap painted itself n a corner. Only so many luxury car brands out there. Shits lame times whack at this point. Name a new vacay spot, designer. Foh.

  14. What rappers won’t tell u is the chinesedude from the hangover made more off his ringtone than any rapper did off album sales. Rap about that. All an illusion.

  15. Jay-z nor Jeezy would be foolish to battle Drake
    J is the GOAT
    Jeezy is Trap King
    Drake is now and the future

    stop hating on his background, etc, etc

    Tha nigga nice(old school word)
    so relavent now NICE

  16. this conversation is laughable. What is the matter with you people. all of these rappers are the same booty lickin, trans loving, devil worshippin, money grubbin, swagga jackin, opportunistic, ghost writer spittin, drug addicted, alcoholic, self centered, puppeted fools. not one is better than the other! it’s hilarious this dialogue like jay do this, aubrey does that.. HA.

    • Since you’re talking about me, someone asked a question about why Jay is going at Drake, and I answered, idiot. Reading Comprehension works…HA


  18. Jay is a hater. He was jealous of the buzz dipset had and he’s jealous of Drake. Sit down old man and let this dude have at it. Drake is dope as f*ck and he became dope doing shit that wasn’t heard of. When he came in the game, no one was doing what he was doing AT THAT TIME so he was like a breath of fresh air. I used to be a huge Jigga fan but he sickens me now. He fell off crazy.

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