Who’s Jacky Talking About? – July 11, 2014


This pair of music men are being put on blast for sharing secret smash affair!

One is a singer… the other, a music producer. Their alleged bromance said to be the reason why our mystery music producer was facing divorce, last year. Though the beat-maker and his beard are have since reconciled, her first discovery of his switch-hitting — with this white MJ wannabe — is what we’re told led her to seek divorce.

According to our insider… not only did their reconciliation allegedly involve her collecting hush hush money, the bearded-agreement is said to also include him granting her the green light to keep her Motor City side-man.

Dig the Drop:

“He paid off his wife because he didn’t want his homosexuality exposed in their divorce. He also allows her to have a dude. He’s from Detroit.. and she secretly flies him out to stay in her Atlanta condominium with her.”

He’s said to be obsesses with our other blind item. Just ask the Popstar’s beard-bride, JB.


  1. timbaland..justin Timberlake…jb=Jessica Beal but who is the other b.I.?

  2. Not buying this either. yall try to throw random shit together and people will believe it.

    • Stop trying to be me! I dont use the word ya’ll; I’M FROM CALI!!!!

      Your grammar is improving!! Good!! Lol.

      Just Joi believes Jacky MOST of the time.

    • Exactly ! and I learned my lesson thinking the same thing and was very pleased and surprised when I finally decided to get romantic with my fat dude and he was packing my goodness lol no more stereotyping for me.

    • MagnumXL or not FUPA and male breasts are gross. I can only imagine the stench of mildew between the creases during a hot sweaty romp. Perhaps in the next lifetime I will come back a deeper more introspective being. Eww eww eww!

  3. I figured that Timbaland was the first but Justin threw me. I thought maybe Tinbaland and Genuine being as though he was inspired to dance like the black and the white MJ until I seen JB. I was like what does James Brown have to do with this.

  4. Wow say it aint so Justin Timberlake sleeping with Timbaland for tracks! Lol. For a minute I thought it was Robin Thicke.

  5. Tim isn’t a fairy lol. I don’t even think Justin Timberlake is either. Justin Bieber, definitely.

  6. Lol, u bootlegging. Read another blind about these niggas today. U biting off that.

  7. Wow if this is true wow is the only thing that will come out is there any one that is not gay?

    • That was a rumor that was planted by a bogus Black gossip site that is akin to The Onion. All of the stories posted by that site are fake, by their own admission.

      • I didn’t know we had a version of The Onion! I’ll have to check that out. Lord only knows how many low information folks have spread rumors behind not realizing that it is a parody site! I remember last year when Jacky posted a story from a sports version of The Onion which said that Dale Earnhardt Jr. had never met a black person before doing an ad with some rapper. Folks here went nuts swearing to never watch NASCAR again.
        The shock to me was how many seemed to watch it in the first place. Then I had to work at an event at Daytona Speedway for my company, and I was again shocked at how many people of color visit the place on vacation.

  8. Bromance is not the same thing as homosexuality. In fact, bromance is the whole “no homo” thing where guys are close as brothers but with no sex in it to “homo” the whole thing up.

    • bromance can lead to homosexuality. it can be a possible gateway if in the wrong setting

      • Man why did a pic of will smith and duane martin on holiday appear in my head when reading this.

  9. Yeah right! Jessica has herpes and so does Justin, she’s not letting him go NOWHERE! That’s her meal ticket, he wanted Britney but she’s a lost case.

    • Supposedly, yes. Supposedly she gave JT the herp. But her mind is so blown there was nothing he could do for her, true love lost I suppose. I have heard Jessica uses a strap on but those were always jokes.

      • Now this I can believe. Jessica always had a mannish presence to her. I thought she was a future lesbo back on 7th Heaven.

        • Blind Gossip had a blind that exposed the strap on use. A papparazo with an extremely compromising pic got paid off ….but who knows what’s rumor and what’s true.

        • That is true, I can’t live in a world without Britney and Justin! Greatest illuminati couple ever! Also unfair Derek Jeter, infects everyone…

        • Gluten What I can’t figure out is why with his money isn’t Derek Jeter taking an anti-viral to suppress his outbreaks? I mean, I know you can still pass the virus, but doctors say that the odds are very slim of doing so. Half the people I work with are taking Valtrex, so why is he spreading it to every woman he meets?

        • He’s prob mad that he has it…. It became noticeable that everyone who has dated him ends up with/has herpes. There have also been stories about this for years. And you are right, why doesn’t he keep that in check

  10. They all got herpes jessica alba, derrick geter, jessica beil, brittany spears, paris hilton, rihanna everybidy knows she has it

      • Derek Jeter is patient zero to many female celebs with the herp. That’s old tea. He dated Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Mariah Carey, Minka Kelly, Adriana Lima, and several others. Justin contracted the herp from Britney who got it from Wade Robison (sp).

        • NOW I get the Justin-Janet Jackson connection B4 the “Wardrobe Malfunction” thang. Janet has Herpes 2.

          • Janet Loves da Gay Porn, and is not a stranger to the Strap-On, which further explains the Justin Hook Up.

  11. Rihanna that nasty hoe shes a walking disease cant stand that alien big ass foreheaded hoe I knew chris brown didnt beat her up the illumnati srt him up wit her nasty ass he needs not to never f*ck wit that hoe again in life let the industry keep passin her around sex slave herpes infested bitch cant stand that hoe

    • Take your meds do you raise kids with that mouth? Chris beats down women cause he’s down low.

      • He aint gay. He has rage issues from the sex acts he was forced to participate in that were unnatural to him. He is violent toward women inclusive his mother probably due to her sort of giving him up to the industry and all its predators. He’s not a bad dude but he needs help to work past his demons.

        • No one is saying that CB was born gay. But when an impressionable teen boy has his early sexual experiences with males, even if it is against his wishes, that leaves a psychological imprint which is very difficult to shake. It’s like women who grow up in a home where the man is abusive to their mother. Nine times out of ten they will seek out men who will effect that same chaos in their lives as grown women.
          My guess is that CB hates his mother for selling him out to men, he hates all women because they remind him of his mom and he is compelled to revisit his abuse which causes him to hate himself.
          His only hope is to get a good therapist and be dead honest about what happened to him. It’s possible to turn these things around, but it’s not easy.

        • Bow Wow mother did the same to him. Let him go on unsupervised tours, when he was a little boy, with
          Snoop dog and the dogg pound

  12. Justin was turned out by lou Pearlman years ago.

    when Pearlman used to walk out naked in front of n sync and backstreet and told the guys to run trains on him which they did.

    and everybody wonders why aj mclean turned to drugs if I had to phukk fat ass ugly ass lou Pearlman yes I would have to do lots of drugs myself to even consider phukking Pearlman.

    • The Trans Continental pederasty scandal is right up there with all the pedophilia scandals, concerning famous predators, breaking in the UK right now.

      I bet my 401K that Lou the Lech had some form of sex with 85% of the boys signed to Trans Con “bands”. And that’s a LOT of teen boys, because he always had 3-4 groups “in development” which never made it to the rec studio. In other words, they were his own private stable of f*ck buddies in waiting.
      As you so aptly described, some didn’t fare so well after escaping Lou’s filthy paws. AJ Mclean is a perfect example of how survivors turn to drugs and alcohol in order to blot out the pain.(see Chris Brown too)
      All in all, JT came out better than he could have considering he was Lou’s fave boy toy. Sure, he can’t shake the homosex which was forced on him as a post-adolescent, but he at least is somewhat believable as a hetero male for film and record selling purposes. JC Chasez not so much.

      • Thats awful that man needs to burn in hell for victimizing those boys. Their fame whoring parents as well like Nick and Aaron Carters’ mom.

      • Let’s just say he has a “type”. He does seem to enjoy the Menudo style PR boy from time to time tho.

        His prototype is the beach blond blue eyed “All American boy next door” type. That’s why he made JC and Justin color their naturally brown hair blond. I would say that Nick Carter was close to his ideal when he was 14. Lucky for him he sprouted up big time @16 and at 6’2 he no longer fit Lou’s bill as a Tom Sawyer type to canoodle with.

        Parents: whether it is Boy Scouts, church or showbiz, if any man seems fixated on “helping” your sons, RUN!!!!!! It just isn’t normal and it never ends well.

      • Do we really care about him not signing and taking advantage of little Black boys?

        • Lou Perlman might not have taken advantage of little black boys, but Quincy Jones surely has. Don’t believe me, ask MJ.

          • Are we getting the Ouija board to ask MJ? You mean ask Tevin Campbell. Hell, ask Kidada Jones. She used to walk around her father’s house naked as a 15, 16-year-old girl. She was promiscuous at a very early age. She dated LL for a few years and Puffy very briefly. She is the liaison between many people in hip hop and her father. Aaliyah was her bff. Kidada dated Pac. Notice the trend. She was in Vegas when he was shot, but she wasn’t in the car with him. Hmmmm.

  13. Nasty completely nasty sick as f*ck in so discussed Hollywood is a nasty cesspool in a minute there I guess everybody will be gay I sincerely hope these are the last days cause its sick out here

  14. just goes to show how half of yall are in that slave-mentality idolator mode….b/c its Justin Timberlake yall negroes just “can’t believe it”, but if its about a black dude yall quick to believe it & rant about DL dudes lol….Justin go to them mansion parties too

  15. Wow… This is very sad… I hope Timbaland doesn’t attempt suicide again. And, Lou Pearlman is getting all the “train” love he wants (or doesn’t want) in the low security prison he’s in now… I knew JT kept putting JB off for some reason. She gave him an ultimatum…and he was forced into marriage with her.

    • It was a typical showbiz marriage of convenience. She lives with her girlfriend who is a successful stylist and he does as he pleases.

      I doubt that Lou can get anyone to have sex with him, even in prison, without offering money and fame as the incentive. He is one hideous troll with no redeeming characteristics.

      My guess is he pays for it in prison just as he did on the outside. *shrugs*

      • Marriages of convenience are so real. Someone just told me about Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas. They said the couple had been living separate lives for years. She had other men, he had other women, and when the time arose, they’d appear on red carpets together, playing the role of the happily married couple. I was shocked, tbh, but worse things have happened.

  16. Thank u kingdom8 they dont believe it cause it justi t I believe cause they all are gay for pay these fools are totally brainwashed thats the way they want u to be idol wirshippers

  17. Just like people dont believe they eat shit they have to get f*cked in there azzes to keep there fame goin women too ghetto gaggers all get peed on the rituals an mostly all of them got herpes too

  18. I would rather stay “poor” than to trade their “rich” lifestyles .No thanks keep that unnatural behavior .Having to perform rituals and deep dark demonic shit no thanks.My lifestyle is a dream compared to their glamourous fantasy .

  19. Jacky, u deleted my post about how u stole this blind item from another site. How some insider give u the drop when u jacked this? Thought u was connected man and didn’t have to bite off no one.

  20. My bad, I see where u left my post up. U didn’t delete it. Don’t know how I missed it.

  21. There is a video on YT called “NO LIMIT-REAL TALK” go listen to a industry insider tell you how these sign deals by force and sex rituals. In order to make it many of these dudes took it up the ass.

    • I saw that video and brother broke it down. These dudes get turned out just for a deal. They got most of these brothers we would never suspect recorded having sex with other dudes. They drink and do drugs to cope with what they did for fame.

      • What’s the name of it? I typed in ‘No Limit – Real Talk ‘ & got a bunch of junk…

        Id love to see it cause I’m body.

        • Try Shocheese “No Limit Forever Real Talk”…that brother came hard with the truth about industry. He better watch his back.

    • I have to echo Willie Jones Jr. Typed No Limit – Real Talk on YT and got everything but an industry insider video. If you know the actual video name could you post it cause I’d like to watch it.

          • It is good. Not really revealing anything that you probably don’t already know, but it is good.

            The info ShoCheese gave in his video is the same stuff Katt Williams has been speaking about in his stand-up. That’s why the powers that be continue coming for Katt.

  22. Someone needs to write a tell all book on nasty Lou Pearlman, Dan Schneider, Chris Strokes, Diddy, R Kelly, and the other perverts in the industry because if these sexual rituals are going on then they need to be exposed!

      • There’s that Zelma. Child sexual abuse is a rancid daisy chain which reaches back generation before generation. At some point, a person has to man up and be strong enough to say “This ends now with me” and get the help, meds or simply avoid all contact with children in order to kill the generational snake has been created. I read a case history in which a man felt so compelled to have sex with young children(not teens) and even the female hormones he was taking couldn’t stem his desire, so he was illegally castrated by an underground doctor That was the only way he could insure that no more children’s lives would be stolen because of what happened to him as a child.

    • They or their family members would be killed. Not to mention they would be exposed for the role they played in it.

    • OMG That was hawt in a weird way. He may not dance as good as MJ, but no one can say he has no moves.

      • This is the BI.


        Its been rumors about black and white female singer sexing for tracks but they’re are not the only ones according to a source.

        Allegedly, a white male pop star (despite having a significant other) has also slept for tracks, mainly, with his black (male) producers.

        He’s known as “the rider” behind closed doors because he can ride the hell out of a man. According to rumor, his backdoor is stretched out and he has allegedly slept with two black producers (one of the producers is eccentric and the other has a temper and is responsible for the majority of his hits).

        These men make his music sound hot, without them, he wouldn’t have gotten anywhere and he knows it, that’s one of the reasons he puts out. And behind closed doors, he’s a black c*ck chaser, mainly in Brazil and the DR, away from prying eyes. He’s also described as needy and sensitive.

        He’s at the top of the food chain when it comes to bottoms and he’s circumcised according to our source and he’s nicknamed f*ck toy behind his back.

        Madonna has allegedly outed him behind closed doors because of his arrogant and entitled attitude.

        When he first got put on, more than once, a staff member of an white music mogul, saw our singer slipping out of the mogul’s room late at night, tucking his shirt into his pants with a sleepish look on his face.

        He’s also slept with an ATL rapper known for turning out a diva’s son.

        Who is he?

        Who is the eccentric producer?

        Who is the producer with the temper?

        Who is the ATL rapper?

        IN OTHER NEWS:

        I’m not saying the following clip is the subject of the above Blind Item, but watch this clip “ASAP” before its deleted from youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6pnkUmTkVA&feature=youtu.be

  23. Everybody needs to see a damn shame now thats very good to see about the industry I think its about 6or7 dvds an the man who made them got killed thats crazy so u know the shit is true

  24. Whatever sexual perversions you dumb f**ks promote here talking, these celebrities know the price of fame from the beginning. it’s always their choice. So instead of pitying or chastising a celeb you idolised in blissful ignorance who has turned out to be a perverted f*ck. Ya’ll should spend more time educating the kids not to idolise people in the entertainment industry instead of writing shit on a message board….

  25. Off topic. I know about the music industry but but, I have a question. I would like to hear any one’s opinion on this. The SI recent magazine is boggling my mind. I thought that SI was catered to men who loves sports. So why do they have this body issue with men posed completely neckad? Is it to get women to buy the mag. or what? Another thing is how do certain athletes become so popular with out earning it? Do y’all think athletes do this gay stuff for fame and money to? Ija

    • Every red blooded woman and man cried out for the right to see Prince Fielder nekkid. It’s something that needed to be seen.


  26. All celebs, sport stars, politians, models etc do what they have to do to get ahead. The more they are willing to do the more famous they become.

    • No truer words….I had many an experience when I began modeling with a well known agency in NYC. Industry is full of paedophiles and perverts.

  27. Jacky should do one on sports. I have seen some videos on YT about sports (especially football) and the elite. I really believe that sports. Football especially is used as a distraction from what’s really going on. These athletes get paid too much money. Then again they are getting paid good to keep up with the agenda.


    I am so glad that the truth about Elgin “Ginuwine” Lumpkin is finally coming out. He is NOT the great father that he or his wife portrays him to be. Speaking as one who has inside information, Tiffany has every right to feel the way that she does because Ginuwine has never been a great father to her. Ginuwine was young, dumb, and full of cum in his teens and 20’s and ended up having 4 kids by 4 different women before he and Sole met. From oldest to youngest they are: Tiffany, Elgin Jr., Ginel, and Tahjair. Ginuwine has admitted to being more of a big brother to the two oldest, Tiffany and Elgin Jr., than he was a father. If you all watched the Life After episode that featured Ginuwine, Sole even stated that “He’s such the family man NOW.” This indicates that he hasn’t always been a family man, which he has admitted as well. He used to only just send checks to his babymamas (reluctantly so) and didn’t really spend time with his kids. The only exception is Lil Elgin, namely because he’s his namesake. He and Sole’s two daughters, Story and Dream, are the only two of his children that have ever experienced him as a real father.

    The main problem that Tiffany has with her father is that he treats his wife Sole’s two daughters, De’jan and Cypress, better than he’s EVER treated her. De’jan and Cypress are NOT Ginuwine’s biological daughters but they are treated like princesses, while Tiffany is ironically treated like the step-child. He has done significantly more for De’jan and Cypress than he’s ever done for Tiffany. These two girls not only get the father-daughter relationship with him, but also get to experience the perks of him being “Ginuwine” like front row tickets and backstage passes for concerts, expensive gifts, including a Mercedes that Ginuwine recently bought Cypress, trips, etc. Tiffany doesn’t get all that and NEVER has! Another instance of how he unfairly treats Tiffany occurred last year when Sole’s daughter De’jan went out to California for a six month cosmetology school program. The whole family, including Ginuwine, flew out there to help her settle in and get situated. Tiffany went to the same cosmetology school but her program began about a month later than De’jan’s and her BIOLOGICAL father GINUWINE didn’t even see fit to help her get situated even though he did so for his STEP-DAUGHTER. Can we say f*cked up??

    To add fuel to the fire, De’jan and Cypress talk shit to and about Tiffany (and her family) and feel very confident in doing so because their step daddy Ginuwine makes them comfortable in doing so because he does it himself. And the really crazy shit about De’jan and Cypress’s attitude toward Tiffany is that their own biological father, DEREK LEE, is a deadbeat ass nigga who hasn’t supported them AT ALL! If anything De’jan and Cypress should be able to empathize with Tiffany since their father hasn’t done shit for them, but they don’t. Why? Well because Ginuwine is famous. These two girls, especially Cypress, LOVE the fact that Ginuwine is their step-daddy. They think that they are better than other people, including Tiffany, and aren’t shy about showing it.

    Perhaps the biggest issue that Tiffany has with her father is the fact that he won’t own up to his f*ckery and admit that he’s done her wrong. He just wants to act like it’s whatever and expects her to kiss his ass and give him the utmost respect even though he’s never been there for her or even have given a damn to have a relationship with her.

    I have so much more that I could say, but I’ll just stop here. Maybe the fact that Ginuwine’s ass is being aired right now will cause him to do a little self-reflection and make him reach out to Tiffany to try to make things right. However, I’m not holding my breath because he’s way too prideful to admit when he’s wrong and will most likely just write this off as Tiffany being jealous or a hater which is an attitude that is highly prevalent with him, Sole, De’jan, and Cypress. If you don’t kiss their asses, whether you’re family or friend, they don’t f*ck with you…

    • Very f*cked up is true, and its probably true..Too much detailed info for it not to be. I can’t stand men who do sh*t like that.They get with a new woman and act brand new..neglecting their own biological children while playing daddy to someone else’s child(ren) be careful how you treat your kids.they group up eventually and see you for what you really are. Never know when the tables will turn and you may need them!

  29. To me this seems a personal family matter that doesn’t have anything to do with us.

    • Personal matter that has nothing to do with us? Uhm you are aware that you are presently sitting your azz on a gossip site are you not? No room for soap box analogies up in here..

  30. I thought Sam Salter was Dejan and Cypress’s dad? Oh well Sole has always had a nasty attitude and I guess that rubbed off on the kids. Ginuwine doesnt look as good as he did years ago I think he has multiple sclerosis. He needs to own up to his wrong doings. All I can say to Tiffany is the best revenge is success.

  31. If Timberland and Timberlake were nutsack buddies
    then JT and Nelly definately were too.

  32. jus os you hoes know fat niggas you to be slim so that has nothing to do wit dick, imma 280, 6’2 wit close to ten easy, pls believe

    • Sure ain’t show up today!
      I’m on East Coast so I already have to wait til afternoon anyways…
      But this is redic! I need my tea!

      • Jacky works on a different schedule than the National Enquirer Willie. It’s something we all have come to understand.
        The drops come when they come.

        • Sorry guys.. I got a bad gossip addiction that Id love to kIck and I get antsy waiting for the best!

          This is my favorite page although it seems different than it was a few yrs ago… even the comments..

  33. Justin Timberland Is A Racist (The Justin Means Racist) Back In ’04 Him And His Band Mates Called His Black Manager A N1gga!!!!
    In 2012 At Justin And Jessica’s Wedding Reception. Justin Made Of A Black Homeless Man With His Front Teeth Missing

    • But these black artist just keep lining up to work with this copycat black artist emulating wanna be JT anyway..Why is that?

  34. JT is not gay. I’ve hug out with the dude and he’s always liked women. Surprisingly, he seemed to have a thing for sisters.

    • All those twisted Illuminati f*cks have to sleep with the same sex to fulfil some perverted oath to keep that money rolling in. There’s even rumours Jolie had to engage in beastiality to get ahead. No wonder she got strung out on drugs to block it out!!

      So i understand John Travola said he was completely straight when he came to Hollywood, but those strange folk turned him out till he can’t get enough of dick.

      Just coz JT he likes black women doesn’t mean he hasn’t sucked on Timerlands balls.

  35. By law they asses is suppose to go to the nearest Health Dept if they got a STD! If they don’t show up, a bench warrant is issued. No matter what kind of STD U have! If U don’t give up names, they will lock your ass up!

  36. All these folks getting up with folks who got a STD report they asses! Oh DHEC is not playing nor discriminate nobody! NOT EVEN CELEBRITIES!! So those underground clinics will be investigate by state board! Now that I definitely know!

  37. All those twisted Illuminati f*cks have to sleep with the same sex to fulfil some perverted oath to keep that money rolling in. There’s even rumours Jolie had to engage in beastiality to get ahead. No wonder she got strung out on drugs to block it out!!

    So i understand John Travola said he was completely straight when he came to Hollywood, but those strange folk turned him out till he can’t get enough of dick.

    Just coz JT he likes black women doesn’t mean he hasn’t sucked on Timerlands balls.

    • ^^^^Glad somebody knows what’s going on. Most of those celebrities have to drink piss and eat shit too! They also have to sell their soul to satan! It’s some real shit; literally!

      • Also drink blood and vomit. I read the Olsen twins drink Sandra Bullock’s menstruated blood.

        • That is just exaggerated YT conspiracy tape bs.
          If you choose to watch that stuff or read those sites, try to exercise a little common sense and realize that colorful mind blowing sensationalism is the means by which many of the sites attain their hits/clicks. The other ridiculous story going around was that Miley Cyrus drank photog Annie Leibowitz’s menstrual blood.

          The Olsen twins have more money than Sandra Bullock and there is no logical reason that they would need to perform such a grotesque act even if it were feasible.
          If a writer had claimed that in 1999, a teenage Britney Spears had been forced to drink Madonna’s menstrual blood in hopes of replacing M at the top of the pop chart at least it would make sense in a twisted sort of way. But for a up and coming celeb with the juice of Miley, there would be no need or reason for her to drink 65 yr old lesbian’s Leibowitz’s blood.
          Take this stuff as entertainment and don’t fall into the trap of becoming low hanging fruit.

          ps Sandra Bullock did not adopt little Louis in order to drink his blood and become young again. She adopted him to save her “good girl” image after it was revealed that her husband Jesse James was a devout Nazi-phile(and there were photos of her dressed in SS uniform wearing a Hitler mustache.) Really.

          • I still find it sinister. I will never trust these hellaweird stars and their get a black baby trend. It strikes me as sinister. And. Sandra began the process of getting Louis way before the Nazi scandal broke. She didn’t complete it until after but she began it long before.

          • @Anon. You miss the point. Its not about whose got the money NOW. In order to ‘come up’ in the first place, you have to go through some kind of ‘initiation’ and ‘blood ritual. It’s called paying your dues.

            When Lady Gaga’s PA sued her for unpaid salary, it eventually got settled out of court but not before court papers revealed Gaga required this PA to be with her 24/7 – even sleep in the same bed, so the demons wouldn’t get to her at night.

            Again in court papers Al Gore’s wife (Tippa Gore) divorced him citing amongst other things that he would conduct satanic sacrificial rituals in a secret room IN THEIR HOME. He would listen to ‘hellish’ heavy metal music, used to sit in a corner of the room ‘chewing bones’ and was said to be ‘possessed by demonic spirits’ and this in an ex Vice President.

            Go look it up.

            So I would assert that it’s not overly far-fetched that these minor celebrities would stoop to drinking blood to get on. Ask Kesha who did it n stage.

            • It’s all out there in plain sight.

              Just type into Google any variation of:
              Lady Gaga PA sues / Lady Gaga afraid to sleep alone / Lady Gaga afraid of ghosts and demons. The bish settled out of court then went back to court trying to get the court papers sealed because she was afraid the revelations would ruin her career.


              Tippa Gore Divorce heavy metal. This info come from court papers. And you better believe, if it were fake, Al Gore would have sued everybody!

              You may as well throw in Ke$ha having sex with a ‘ghost’. This comes from her own mouth during a Ryan Seacrest interview. What she really means heer is sex with some kinda ‘entity’ but I guess ghost sounds nicer somehow.

              All I’m saying is truth is stranger then fiction!

  38. ” …If you don’t kiss their asses, whether you’re family or friend, they don’t f*ck with you…”

    …If true, then they’d be shit out of luck with me, especially Sole’s failed-rapper ass. Any woman boasting about being a ‘f*ck me on my period bitch’ really shouldn’t put herself on any imaginary social pedestal, anyway.

  39. In Oct 2013 according to another site archive article.. Timberland’s and wife MONIQUE MOSELY were headed for divorce.. she wanted alimony, child support for both kids including 1 kid that wasn’t his biologically that he took care of… she wanted life insurance money, money for private school, vacations, and summer camps.. attorney fees

    I notice that article asked question…
    what in the world did Timbaland do to have her asking for ALL of this money?! HMMMMMM interesting
    TIMBERLAND HAS WORKED WITH Madonna, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE,<———— white MJ WANNA BE(i NOTIED HIS NAME WAS HIGHLIGHTED ON THE SITE..lol Missy Elliot, Nelly Furtado, Ginuwine, Jay Z, Ludacris and Aaliyah.

    We’re wondering, what in the world did Timbaland do to have her asking for ALL of this money?


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