Harlem’s Who? Jim Jones Says His Crew In NOTHING Like A$AP Rocky’s Posse


“We don’t wear kilts and we don’t wear tight sweatpants and funny sneakers. That’s not our style.”

Besides the fact that A$AP Rocky’s roots are based in Harlem, Jim Jones has let it be known that he and his the Vamp Life crew have NOTHING in common with dude’s Mob. Jim Jones has called out the major differences which he says sets he and the homeys apart from that Mob — including, A$AP Rocky’s feminine attire… and the ‘Crib In My Closet’ lyricist being a stranger to the streets. This, while Jim appears to elude to A$AP’s Mob movement is on an agenda that The Diplomats don’t back.

“They didn’t come up hanging and banging and hustling and really touching the pavement, ya dig? It’s a big difference.”

This is what’s out there:

“Ten years ago, The Diplomats released their second and (so far) final album Diplomatic Immunity 2. Since then, A$AP Rocky and the A$AP Mob has taken the reigns as Harlem’s trendsetters in Hip Hop, something Jim Jones does not necessarily disagree with but does point out key differences between the two Harlem factions…”

Peep the latest word from Jim Jones:

“I’m not trying to disrespect them—A$AP Mob is doing it, they got their numbers and they’re doing what they like to do—but they’re nothing like the Diplomats…. Maybe the most influential—besides N.W.A—when it comes to everything. When it comes to style, we’re probably the most influential. I don’t recall no other group giving it to the world the way we was giving it to them.”


  1. That’s true the hotboyz ain’t have everybody wearin tall tee girbauds and classic reebok

  2. @WSVET 11:24 You’re right Jim J. is one grimy rascal.
    “I don’t recall no other group giving it to the world the way we was giving it to them.” The key word here is “WAS”.

    I don’t follow Hip Hop but,(IMO) I do know Jim and dem haven’t done anything in a while. I wonder if they will be on Unsung Hip Hop edition?

  3. “…When it comes to style, we’re probably the most influential. I don’t recall no other group giving it to the world the way we was giving it to them.”

    You know the Rap Game is seven-kinds of f*cked-up when half-rappers are bragging about bringing pink T-Shirts, fur coats, and Jordans to the forefront. As for the crew Jones is talking about, I don’t recall any Scottish slavemasters or descendants of black Scots in America, so the fact that they’re a bunch of grown men happily wearing ‘kilts’/skirts is also stupid and feminine as hell. In fact, Dipset put it best:

    ‘I Really Mean It.’

    • @Raheim just to respectfully clarify the people in Scotland today are nothing but Transplants and not the originals.We ruled Europe during the Dark Ages and the word scot means black. The word Scotland really means Blackmans land.Remember KingJames was the King Of Scots which contrary to popular belief KJ was a Blackman.

  4. Jimmy can’t keep up w/these new Satanic niggas in da ‘industry’…these 90 generationals will kill they mama, eat doodoo, have sex with dogs ANYTHING…have u seen ASAP video where he in the pentagram & they reading out the satanic bible?? lol Jimmy aint there yet & thats why he on Love & hip hop walkin the stoll for Mona…

  5. Asap Rocky Dated That Kangaroo Nuts Iggy Azalea…He Also Had The Nerve To Say “Black Women Shouldn’t Wear Red Lipstick”!??
    Ummm That Pasty White Trash Wears Red Lipstick It Do’t Suit Her!!!

    Why Did The Dress Wearing Sellout Coon Pick On Black Women??!!

  6. As far as Jimmy goes he’s not wearing a kilt bcuz he’s too busy wearing skinny jeans too sizes too small and sagging them. Asap izzy can have him bcuz no blk woman is checking for his ass anyway.

  7. ASAP reps the aftermath of what was done to Harlem: how the fake joos destroyed it by using stupid kneegrows who were really women-hating, drug taking queers. I hate to say it, but ASAP is just a reflection of what happened in Harlem during the 1990s while Jim Jones and the Diplomats (and many others) were not on point to the destruction.

  8. Jim jones is a has been he should stayed kn love an hiphop when those checks stop rollin in an his pants be tight as hell

  9. jim jones and crew are homo thugs as is asap crew, lets be real and cute the bs. we all know da truth, jim and his pink nuthuggers

  10. Jim who???? If Jim can get from under his Ole Lady mole. Maybe he can do something. …

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