It’s Official! LeBron James Signs With Cleveland Cavaliers


“What’s most important for me is bringing one trophy back to Northeast Ohio.” -LeBron James

This just in… LeBron James has taken his game back to his Ohio roots. In a dramatic just announced [via an interview with Sports Illustrated]… “the Cleveland Cavaliers won the sweepstakes for the biggest free agent on the market and best player in the world.”

Here’s the latest from King James’:

“When I left Cleveland, I was on a mission. I was seeking championships, and we won two. But Miami already knew that feeling. Our city hasn’t had that feeling in a long, long, long time. My goal is still to win as many titles as possible, no question. But what’s most important for me is bringing one trophy back to Northeast Ohio.”


  1. Welcome home King James. We will miss you in Miami, but ty for the 2 championships! I’ll be cheering for you, Kyrie and Andrew to get it done for Cleveland.

  2. haha Lebron, Lebron, Lebron….first off that whole “The Decision” mess was carefully orchestrated Freemason ritual…Betrayal is a major part of freemason ritual…ask J Hud…Lebron doing the televised “decision” was a ritual in that he betrayed his home town to go to the “heat” =Devil/Lucifer…that was basically his illuminati coming out party & u.o.e.n.o….lol yupz..I guess Lebron dont wanna be the villain any more..but he should noe whites can’t stand blacks w/money & he burned that bridge w/whites by going to Miami..

  3. House slave Lebron James going back to his racist slave massa Dan Gilbert. This shit was planned! The Cavaliers getting the first pick despite not having the worst NBA record. The Cavaliers draft a player that has been hyped up as the next Lebron James. Kyrie resigns with the Cavaliers. Dan Gilbert taking the insuting letter off of the website. ESPN and the entire media hinting that Lebron will go back to Cleveland and he does. Now the media loves him? FOur years ago the media hated Lebron, n0w they love him. Lebron is a good slave who did what the NBA and the Nike mafia told him to do. The NBA is fixed!

  4. You better beleive the NBA mafia will make sure Lebron wins the NBA championship! The NBA is fixed! Lebron is a good slave!

    For more information about black athletes treatment in Amerikkka, read the book Forty Million Dollar Slave, by William C Rhoden.

    • Only 9 NBA franchises have won a NBA Title since 1980 (Celtics, Lakers, Pistons, 76ers, Rockets, Bulls, Spurs, Heat & Mavs) and I don’t foresee adding Cleveland to that list in the near future……time will tell.

  5. I never liked the way LeBron left Cleveland. He’ll only be close to Jordan in my book when he can win one in Cleveland.

  6. It’s obvious that the NBA mafia loves Dan Gilbert and hates Donald Sterling! I wish I knew what Donald Sterling did to the real gangsters who own this country! He must have did something realy bad for those audio tapes to come out!

      • Sorry I mean rituals. We all know “They” can’t be this rich only sacrificing just one billy goat.

  7. Damn His Ass Must Be Sore!! Gettin’ Butt Phucked By His Manager.. White Men Love A Ebony Brown Strong Sausage. To Start The Day

  8. I don’t care where Bron Bron goes as long as he didn’t come to the CHI go BULLS….he’s such a sucka. It’s something about him that’s not authentic

  9. And People quit comparing him to MJ, I don’t care how many championships or even if he beats all MJ’s records he still will never be better. MJ is thee best ever. There is only 1…

  10. Thank you Nike and all things ESPN related for elevating Jordan because of championships won, scoring average and athletic ability. Why people say one player is better than another because one takes 30+ shots a game (cough cough Kobe) to score a lot, or has one more championships than another seems to be lame criteria. I rather someone have basketball iq, can pass, play defense and score (w/o having to have a offense tailored to them or poor shot selection). I don’t think its an accident that Jordan who never EVER has spoke on anything remotely poitical is the most hyped by Nike/ESPN/corporations in general. Jordan is the same man who has invested in the military industrial complex in Illinois. Hasnt said or done anything at all for his former stomping grounds or where he made his name/money/fame Chicago. Same man who called chamillionaire a nigger and wouldn’t sign/take a picture with until he “got his money up’ after buying over several thousand dollar jersey of jordans just purchased at a auction. Other people were around and sounded shocked, but I wasn’t. Off topic rant..anyways

    Shouldn’t all around ability VS being one dimensional be more respected than a one dimensional player? Or comparing people that play similar positions? Not saying he’s not great, just overrated thanks to media/nijke/ESPN

  11. people will still line up for those over priced sweat shop shoes though while he thinks he is not black because of his aversion to black people that are not rich or don’t serve him in some way.

  12. When Lebron allow others to thank for him he makes dumb decisions and when he thinks for himself he makes dumb decisions and create a Ton of detractors in the process. LJ is the King Of Dumb for this decision and he’ll never win another ring ever.

  13. I think it is his decision and his family. he wanted out of Miami.

    Why stay in Miami? He is not really THE CLUB..kind of guy.

    he has 3 kids, that he is involved with daily and a wife. He is a FAMILY MAN.

    different mentality than they guy who picks sends a check and picks up the kid every other weekend.

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