Todd Bridges Apologizes For Checking Robin Williams On ‘Selfish’ Suicide


Different Strokes, Different Folks…

Word that Robin Williams had taken his own life is something that definitely struck a chord in Todd Bridges. Know why? The iconic figure in Black television history reveals Robin’s self-inflicted death comes about a month after the ‘Different Strokes’ actor was forced to deal with one of his closet friends checking out Robin’s way.

‘I am sure that my attitude toward Williams’s death was a delayed reaction of my best friend’s death.’

“You don’t think that my life has been hell and I’ve had so many ups and downs now,” Bridges tweeted moments after getting word on Williams. “If I did that, what I’d showing my children is when it gets tough that’s the way out . No, you gotta buckle down and ask God to help you. That’s when prayer really comes into effect.”

“Rest in peace Robin Williams I hope you found what you were looking for.”

Todd has since taken back to Twitter to say this:

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  1. There is nothing to apologize for. Whether celebrity or not. Any1 who commits suicide is a SELFISH/COWARD SOB. NOTHING & i mean NOTHING is worth taking one’ s life.

    • He does need to apologize. Does he think that his suicide attempt by crack was so long ago that we wouldn’t remember. This dude was trying to smoke clorox urinal cakes laced with bottle rocket powder. He smoked so much dope that Pablo Escobar himself contemplated suicide when Todd Bridges checked in to his first rehab stint. I wonder if he talked shit about his best friend in this manner.

      • I felt the same way that Todd did when I firsthead the news but I also had compassionfor Robin because everyone will not be strong in these kinds of situations. I have experience a lot of hurt and aloneliness recently so I know how the coldness can feel.I understand that there are two kinds of people when facing a depressing the ones who looks up to GOD and the ones who listen to the negetives voices inside of there heads. I looked up and prayed for help and now I am much better but each day can stil be a battle. Faith is the substances of things hope for and not seen.

      • What Jhew? You’re not talking about Robin Williams are you? He’s so not Jhewish.

  2. You’re part of the problem. People don’t want to speak out about their mental illness because of insensitive , judgmental reactions like yours which causes them to become even more isolated and helpless. It’s not selfish or cowardly to want to end constant mental pain and anguish, the same as if you pulled the plug due to physical pain and anguish. Yes, there are ways to handle your illness that don’t end in death but mentally Ill people can’t always see the sun for the clouds. I’m sure he saved himself from doing this many times before actually going through with it. The fact that he was so beloved and rewarded by the world should prove that it is not circumstances nor will that cause this, it’s an illness that is sometimes beyond ones control. If you don’t understand mental illness (and don’t want to learn) please don’t speak on it.

    • Shut up bitch. He was old ass f*ck survived all kinds if shit. Now he wanna kill himself it is selfish. What about those u leave to grieve? What about askin for f*cking help. Shut your emotional ass up. My brother tried to commit suicide over stupid shit. Caught him in the middle of him tryna hang himself. He didn care bout my moms feelings, his kidz, or his siblings. Jus weak. THIS IS THE REAL WORLD LIFE IS HARD FOR EVERYONE BUT ITS LIFE LIVE IT TO THE FUCKING FULLEST. You kno how many people loose family to murder, accidents, health problems, shit that cant be controlled. Whateva issues he had it was known all he had to do is speak up along with others. Im sorry to anyone whose extra sensitive but oh well i had to deal with it first hand. I was so mad at my brother for tryna take his life i damn near was ready to killem myself. That wouldve killed my moms. They dead and gon they dont see the damage they leave behind.

      • Your attitude is probably why your brother couldn’t talk to you for help. Hmmm?

      • Thank you! He stole jokes and had to pay the guy. He gave a girl herpes and had to pay 15mil. This dude lived a hard life, and also had heart probs.

        • C’mon Glutin. A lot of people have given other people the herp. LOTS. That was certainly not an issue for him. And if she really got 15 million she was lucky and fortunate. would gladly accept that amount of money to live with a condition that’s really not that bad(with the treatment they have now.) Now HIV? no.

    • Sassy thank you for bringing some sense to this blog.

      Sadly most of the people calling this selfish are the prime reasons acts like these happens. So many people walk around here with various signs mental illness and instead of trying to help these people, We tell them it gets better or to chalk it up. And like you said they end up far more isolated than they should be.

      Depression doesn’t occur because of problems it occurs because of the inability to cope with them.

      • Every fricking day in my life is a struggle coupled with depression. There r times when i want to give up/give in. But i don’ t. I thank God everyday for waking me up & for giving me the strength to make it thru another day.

        Don’ t give me that CRAP that i don’ t understand. On the contrary; I DO. I trust God & I will keep on fighting until HE calls me home.

        Again NO sympathy for those WEAK SELFISH MFs who decide to take the life that God gave to them.

        • Normally I dont respond to possible BS/Trolling but imma give you a rope.

          “Every fricking day in my life is a struggle coupled with depression. There r times when i want to give up/give in. But i don’ t. I thank God everyday for waking me up & for giving me the strength to make it thru another day.”

          So by your own words because you barely manage to get by you, you call somebody selfish and weak.

          Are you jealous that they went through with it and you couldn’t?

          Because based on the stuff you type and the way you type you’re either a heartless troll or someone who needs to go get the help you claim thats out there.

          • @ Theelephantintheroom; Thank u for responding & i will keep u in my prayers.


          Your experience is yours.Glad to see u could deal but we don’t know what is going on in someone else’s mind,soul and body.

          U see commercials that tell us certain medicines lead to suicidal thoughts.One just came on as I was proofreading this.

          I just ran across this article about his heart surgery, also some people have untreated chemical imbalances.Don Cornelius had brain surgery,an operation that took 21 damn hours, it could have been a cause of his suicide.

          So it is premature and tacky not having any expertise to say someone is cowardly to kill themselves. We don’t have the facts and may never get them

          As for Todd Bridges,I will just say this because he really should be the last to criticize anyone,but the prudent thing to do is, especially since the man just died, if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it.But no one would ever say he has class.

        • Yet you want, God to have sympathy on your situation. Today’s not over. Keep on lacking compassion for RW, & you may find 1 day out of nowhere you end up like, Robin.

          All these people lacking compassion reveals one thing — their own selfishness talking about he/anyone else who kill themselves leave behind. Perhaps its the selfishness of those around them that pushes them further to end it.

    • Sassy,

      You are correct about the insentivity that people often offer when someone is down but I believe that we go through things and experience the pain to stand inbetween the gaps because many people like of offer there evilness. I can say once you have been through and remember the pain and was able to see that you survived then you realize that te fear (False, Evidence, Appearing, Real) was giving way too much power and you are strong and wonderfully made and that the world often lies and is filled with delusions that you can make it through anything but you must die to the flesh and grow go from within. GOD is always there for those who will ask for his help. You have not because you ask not.

  3. I’ m not trying to be judgmental. My point is every1 has choices. Also there r medical help/resources avail. To take ur life & not think about the lifetime pain caused to the family & friends left behind is a SELFISH & COWARD act.

    • For those left behind are being selfish, too. The “What about me” folk could be the very reason the suicide took place. Despair can’t be cured w/ a pill. It was reported today on TMZ Live, he checked into rehab for depression. Not booze/drugs. So he sought help. Only his family knows best what bothered him, if he even allowed it, so I refuse to pass judgment on his level of courage or personage.

      • A top Harvard doctor said today on MSNBC that he did the right thing by checking into Hazelden, but he was so far gone he should have stayed several months. Many of his close friends felt he had gone past the point of no return before he was hospitalized, so a longer stay MIGHT have save him. But we’ll never know.

  4. Robin Williams is a national icon. If I was Todd Bridges, I better be “careful”. He is the last of Different Strokes.

  5. U folk are so rude—mental illness is serious—he could not handle the new success of his show, it takes hours to take one scene. JMTC

  6. He had no business saying anything. I doubt if Robin Williams would have taken the time to talk to him if he passed him.

    Also, I never see any white celebs come out and saying thing about black celebs deaths but the typical white worshiping black celeb has got to be all in their business.

    They see a black celeb die and keep on pushing it. Black celebs is rolling on the ground crying and talking about these people and if you were on fire they would not pee on you to put you out.

    Get them off your minds.

  7. It’s his life. If he wants to take it then let him. There are enough people taking lives that they have no right to take.

  8. I don’t know if anyone has *truly* contemplated taking their life but let me tell you, when you are that low you cannot think of anyone else, or the effects, or the future because *all* you see is despair that is all encompassing. Calling it selfish and stupid is puerile and ignorant, and the kind of knee-jerk, victim-blaming reaction that prevents a person from seeking help from others when they need it most.

    • It is selfish and weak. If times are that rough he should have dropped to his knees and prayed, GOD hears all prayers.

      • Sunni,

        Hos ass-u-ming to think he didn’t pray. God hears all & sees all, BUT he doesn’t always answer ASAP because you prayed. What’s selfish is the what about me, people personalizing the effect of another’s anguish. Now that’s weak to me.

    • Yes we have but you know what I do with those thought inore them. When the devil tell me that no loves me and I can look at my life and see different I speak against to. Life the bible says speak to that mountains you have to you real live words. I had to learn a long time ago the different between GOD and the devil voice as GOD says I am not the spirit of fear or confusion not is not of him so who is the second and lowerly choice. You have to know thyself and you have to know the word of GOD. As a man thinkith of so shall he be or become.

      • sorry for the typo I am having a hard time typing but hopefully you understand what i mean.

      • I’m going to say something cold and hard. Most folks here are very God centered and that’s fine. But as someone who has been on the ledge. so to speak, religion can do harm in cases of mental illness. Everyone around you is telling you to pray and God will answer or heal you, and you want that to be so, but if you have a malfunctioning brain, due to chemical imbalances or in my case, having just had a coronary bypass at 39, what you need is MEDICAL help. You could say that God gave the doctors the knowledge and the skills/tools to heal you, so in a way, that may be your answer from God. But if anyone reading this ever has a friend or family who is severely depressed, PLEASE don’t put it on them to just pray away the depression. You may well end up burying them.

        • Thank you, my friend mathew was depressed because he was a Christian but he is gay, and he said no amount of praying or going to church stopped his attraction to men, and that he just had to accept that God hates him

          • Well I can only speak for my own experiences it helped by but every situation is a work in progress. It not about going to church but having a person relationship with GOD over all but I do think that he still shows mercy and answers prayers but you have to follow his word to a certain extent. It is a course of action and belief system. I believe that you do all that you can do and he will meet you and do what you can’t do.

  9. Its a Cold World but im not feeling sorry for nobody who kills them self an aint no rest in peace cuz you took your own life! Its mad unfortunate but Everybidy got shit we dealing with or have yet to come to terms with but you KEEP YO HEAD UP!!!!!!! Like brother Pac! Only the strong survive an nobody or nothing is worth yo life! Obviously he didnt believe in the most high smh! He believed in fame an money an look wat the outcome was! Black people we got our own shit!

    • Queen Monique,

      By the “grace” of God go us all. Your lack of compassion, empathy, & assumption that he didn’t reach out to, God raises the question on how much longer you may survive.

  10. Suicide is a selfish act by default. A human being ends their life against the wishes of loved ones and associates. Robin Williams battled drugs and alcohol for many years. Like most folk, i have relatives that have been battling abuse for a large chunk of their lives. They’ve never contemplated killing themselves. Our people understand hard times and depression. Yeah, some black entertainers have swallowed the bitter pill as well. But, life goes on. Everyday is not gonna be sweet. A new day brings a fresh start. Todd Bridges has freedom of speech, no need to bend to the pc police to save face.

    • Tyrone, in all respect, you do realize that most folks with severe depression battle drugs because they are trying so desperately to “fix” their pain and problems by self medicating. Depression and drug abuse nearly always go hand in glove.
      Don’t you think that the fact that we were nearly destroyed by the crack era of the 80’s was because of all the misery in our numbers? Those people didn’t want to get turnt up and party, they wanted to FORGET.

    • No f*ck you! This shit a distraction for what black people need to be worrying about! Let white folks cry a river! The man killed himself so he not resting in peace!He was a cracked out rich Coward an i wish they take this shit off the news! Black people let the fake jews mourn this mess!

      • Hi 5 Queen, that is exactly what this was suppose to be a distraction from what’s really going on.

      • you are an ignorant, hateful and illiterate human being. Have a nice day in your hate-filled world.

      • Queen & Sunni

        Not only are you misinformed beyond comprehension – He’s not Jewish & to say distraction purposes = dumb as rocks.

  11. ImmA say this then leave it alone, I go through & have gone through the HARDEST of anyone’s darkest bullshit in ANY of your days HOWEVER imna make ALL of my visions & dreams become realities in prosperities & successes now THIS is how black people do it! Stay self determined & express yourself til it moves EVERYTHING around into your favor!!!!!!

  12. I hate to seem like a bigot but White people, especially White men have higher suicide incidence. From a bad breakups to a stock market crash they will end ish quickly. I don’t know what RW was going through but I can only judge him as an awesome entertainer and wish him peace. I will let the Creator decide since I have no heaven or hell to place him.

    It must be bad for him to American, rich and a male to have that type of depression.






      • Chris It is sometimes the hardest for people with money and many blessings when they suffer from a biological clinical depression. Because they keep saying to themselves, “I have everything I want, and I’m still miserable. There’s no hope for me.” Whereas regular folk can always tell themselves(falsely)”if I just had more money and friends I wouldn’t be miserable.” So they have something to live for in striving to better themselves.
        Just something to think about.

  13. Why is it that we have to apologize for telling the truth but not a lie? I don’t feel sorry for RW he made a choice and chose the coward way. And mental illness is always the excuse that white people give when they do some stupid shit.


  15. You know the whole argument about him being a coward v. mental illness I’m riding the fence on. My father killed himself when I was three years old. Put a bullet to his head in front of my mother…bullet went through his head ricocheted off the wall and then grazed my mom’s forehead…so he could have taken her out with him and I would have been parentless. When I heard the story as I got older, I was told everything from he’s in heaven now and he had his demons…and at times, I must admit eventhough I didn’t know him, I was angry at him for being so selfish and not living long enough to see my life through and see me grow up. But then, I feel bad because I wish I was old enough to be able to talk to him and listen to him and help him out and then maybe things would have been different. So I’m really on the fence with the whole coward thing or with the whole sympathy thing. Some days I’m angry some days my heart is heavy. No, I don’t think he thought his killing himself through and would it would mean to the people he left behind, but then again I guess that is what comes with the territory when you can’t feel the sun anymore or feel the wind. I would have liked him to see me as a woman and see what the end product of what he produced…but life is like that. You got to take the good with the bad. So, I’ll never know what it would have been like…but I know I miss him and for that I think he may have been a little selfish…but when you are depressed and mentally unable to cope…you just don’t care about the aftermath. Sorry HSK bloggers, didn’t mean to pour out a life story, just thought it was relevant to the topic. #muchlove

    • No, I don’t think he thought it through (killing himself) and what it would mean to the people he left behind…

      • @TaniaBoriqua:

        I am blown away by your story and I am speechless. I have always enjoyed your posts.

        Much luv and let’s live for those who cannot or choose not to.

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