Iggy Azalea Exposed Tryna Be Britney B4 Nicki! [VIDEO LEAKED!]

They may be pushing Iggy Azalea as the Australian Idol who’s “running Hip Hop.” But — thanks to the recent leak of a whack azz music video — this ‘New Classic’ has been exposed as a full-fledged ripoff artist! Know why?

The footage reveals… before she became Nicki Minaj, she was being Britney Spears.

Here’s the kicker… The the title of the track is “Nothing Like Me.” Hilarious!

Here’s what’s out there:

“This music isn’t a new song! Is a older song with an label record that Iggy was almost signing.”


    • Thank you. She tried to kill Lill Kim yet she was “biting” her style. So because Nicki is “black” we are suppose to feel sorry for her. Nicki allows her pics the be altered to make her appear lighter and white. Its obvious Iggy is trying to get in where she can. Nicki did it too. Remember “mixtape” Nicki is different from “pop” Nicki. In the words of Jay Z, “you can’t knock the hustle”.

  1. Really so Iggy is the New GREAT WHITE HYPE? SO sick of black people stepping over their own to lift up these wannabe rappers that are white! TI could have put a sista on as well. But you know how it goes. They use the black community to come up and then slam the door shut for other artists of color to come through! Look around the industry and you are starting to see fewer sistas who are rapping. How dare they bring this ghost looking chick to our community to infiltrate hip hop! #IGGYCANTFLOW

    • As for white artists if you are going to put one on let them truly be a bad bitch! Teena Marie(RIP) was a BAD ASS SINGER!!!!!!!!! LOVED HER MUSIC AND SHE HELD HER OWN! SHE DIDNT TRY TO ASSIMILATE INTO THE CULTURE SHE JUST DID HER THING! IGGY FAKE ASS AND FAKE AZZ RAPPING SKILLS Trying to build her body like a sista won’t work! SHE IS A.K.A called the GHOST RAPPER BECAUSE SHE IS SO DAYUM WHITE!

      • They didn’t even want to put Teena’s pictures on her album for that same reason. Blacks wouldn’t buy it. . Literally and figuratively. .

        • @Willie Jones…Do you think black people are that damn stupid? Stop making f*cking excuses….We knew Teena Marie was white, DUH!

          • Nah I heard Teena Marie before I saw her and I didn’t believe a white person could sing like that

          • Uh. No. I didnt think that black ppl were that dumb. But maybe BERRY GORDY did. He has said in several interviews he didn’t know how to market Teena Marie and didn’t wanna put her picture on the album. Hell, she’s even said that, too.

            And if you only HEAR HER VOICE and do not SEE HER FACE, one might not recognize that as a typical white singing voice.

            Not sure how I’m making excuses or why I deserve being cussed at, but chances are that is your usual tone in conversations and I’m no exception. No offense taken.

            • @Willie I saw that on Unsung! Barry Gordy said they didn’t put her picture on her album for fear that blacks wouldn’t buy her music. So to your point you are correct. Teena’s vocals were undeniable! This chic hummed like a humming bird! Teena was a bad girl! WHite or Not!

      • Tina was in a class of her own—she can SANG without music n gimmicks..
        Her voice was extradionary. JMTC

    • Self hate is the worst kinda of hate and a lot of blacks are beginning to suffer from this disease.

  2. How many times do we gotta say f*ck that white bitch. That fake ass hip hop movement they tryna pull off aint gon make it. Idc what numbers say they all fake anyway. Then they got ti snitch ass advocating for this dumb bitch. Thats why i say and keep saying along with others on this site BOYCOTT this bullshit. Everytime I heard fancy on black radio i call the station and let them know if i wanted to listen to pop id go to a pop station. Play real music. I call them and say how come yal play the same ten songs all damn day? Dont yal got a wide range of music. Then i get my peeps involved n we harrass them all day. But it worked we no longer hear her katy or royal on our rnb station and they now play a lil more 90s. So i recommend it. If they act like they aint wit it, wait til there somewhere live doin their back to school givaways. Act like u wanna shout out your school get on the mic n hitm with the kanye. This radio station selling out black people lol but im so serious.

    • Rite, and while y’all iz trippin ova dis wite gurl, they slippin n Timberlake into MJ songs, and jacking Marvin Gaye with Robin Thicke.

    • WE need to hold radio stations, TI,Usher and others who purposely discriminate against people of color in the same industry! These stupid negros are the first ones to be reminded that you will always be a negro no matter how much wealth you have! I don’t see white executives, producers and writers in country music,rock/pop looking to employ black people in this area! Black people need to wake the hell up! #Weareourownworstenemies

      • I can’t believe ppl still support those fools.. my stomach turned and heart broke when I learned the truth about celebs, etc.

        I havent listened to mainstream radio in maybe 5 yrs. I had to deprogram myself after yrs of self hating Satanic government programming. .

  3. Azealia Banks heavy metal and reflective!!! That song makes me feel like im in a Quentin Tarantino movie killing pigs and become a new age Django. Yea im pretty stoned, mind be wondering

    • Good analogy I couldnt think of the feeling. I be looking very jello jiggle in them dresses.

  4. if I had to choose between Nikki and Iggy…I wouldnt choose either LOL
    #let em fight for it and both drown

  5. She should of stuck with this and opted out of those ass implants. She would have bagged a higher salaried baller than Nick Young and now she is reduced to dating dudes like Asap Rocky. Could do the Southern blaccent as an Iggy alter ego feature; switching up her flow on occasional tracks. All the rappers do Nicki and even Kendrick Lamar. She doesnt know her worth. Waste of good White skin as Mooney says.

  6. Music shouldn’t have a color, but a sound. A sound that touches you. A great song can make your skin tingle. Close your eyes, listen, and open your soul–a real groove will touch it.

    • Sounds akin to hitting the crack stem.(joke) I agree and I prefer instrument driven music – world music like afrobeat, tango, mourna and even electronic sounds like house music or reggaeton is better than this crap on rotation.

  7. Remy Ma was released from prison. She said yesterday on BET that she would do a song with both Iggy and Nicki. Remy’s desperate to do a song with anybody at this point. Remy would have been that chick to destroy both Nicki and Iggy!

    • But unfortunately Remy got destroyed by LilKim on that “I Get Money Freestyle”which in turn put her career in that HipHop coffin next to Foxy.Being away from the music industry for longer than a 3 year period is career suicide so,on that note Remy has no chance of a comeback.

  8. First of all Iggy can’t rap, that fancy song is only good because of the hook done by another white chick. She is an image created to directly infiltrate hiphop with the white man’s agenda. The media has done nothing more than convince people she can rap.

  9. Pop Music is here today and gone tomorrow… No Staying Power! Britney Spears can dance and so forth, but, she lip-synchs while performing. These kids know they’re being lied to. In hip-hop, real skill is required. Unless, you’re seen as an outsider or different. We need to stay mindful of what this is about. Iggy used her connection to Tip to boost her name recognition and make a lil’ change. Once this is achieved, she will transform into a bleach blonde again like Britney. Again, we need to point the finger at ourselves for raping our culture for brownie points.

  10. Hip Hop will never be the entity it once was. At least when it was misappropriated back when it was pure, there was a system of checks and balances in place that REQUIRED it to be authentic (i.e. Beastie Boys or 3rd Base as opposed to Vanilla Ice). Iggy with her fake ass and even faker accent, won’t be on the scene long. She will indeed be that runaway slave master when she returns down under with nothing to show for it but a long list of negroes who gave her the D.

  11. Haha….you niggas lose again! Still think its a game do ya? This has been happening forever and you jakes still don’t wanna wake up. Deut 28:15-68 told you of this but yet us Israelites so crazy while y’all fools still Christianns or Muslims….glad these idiot copycats do this…maybe you will stop being played and realize none of this is an accident

  12. Uhhh she would have made a terrible pop star, she cant dance or sing and shes to big to try and be cute…i see why they re packaged her

  13. Nicki is about to be blood scraificed for iggy rise to the top it in the making as we speak so dont be surpised if nicki die.





  15. Wait a minute. I thought she moved to Miami by herself at 16 to become a rapper. When did she have time to do this? 😉

    Major label entertainers are inherit liars.

  16. that’s the same reason why i hate sellout n1gga’s who hype these pasty lizards get it in your thick skull these pasty castle only care about
    the fame and money once they go mainstream they will turn their backs on black people!!!

  17. So… she’s like a female Rick Ross.

    Hell, Nicki does pop and creates characters and yet I don’t see anyone up in arms.

    Remember that all these “artists” are industry owned and paid for. They’re assigned a role to play to get paid.

    Like any business, they rely on marketing so they’re not loyal to you or your expectations. They’re only loyal to a check.

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