Robert Kardashian is Fatter Than Ever

Robert Kardashian is Fatter Than Ever

Robert Kardashian has been keeping a low profile after gaining more than 100 pounds, but a photographer was able to sneak up on him today, and he’s fatter than ever!

Rob waited until it was pitch black outside before he went to go grub it down at a Woodland Hills, CA burger joint. In case you forgot, this is what he used to look like:

Robert Kardashian is Fatter Than Ever

Smh, damn shame. I guess that’s what happens when you’re forced to live with a family full of attention seeking thots!


  1. Clearly something is going on with him. And food is his only comfort. Been there, done that. Will pray that Rob turns his life around. It doesn’t appear that he has any family support.

  2. Fuck that fat f*ck, lol…he wouldn’t help my azz out or feel bad for me if I was overweight. Over priveleged…that’s what happens. You never learn how to take care of yourself.

      • Why should I have empathy for someone who has everything but self-control? FOH, there’s people who are overweight for real medical issues, not because they’re drinking too much sizzurp and getting high. Nah, no empathy for him.

  3. Something about that pic seems off, whats up with his arms? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

  4. Leave him alone. That looks like swelling from psychotropic medications or diabetes.

  5. No, he looks weird in that pic like he’s being held up. I did see the other pics after I posted the first comment, they look normal, this one just looked strange to me.
    Wonder what the hell he is really going on with him.

  6. Rob Kardashian probably seen or heard something he wants no part of.He isolates himself and eats for comfort.Said his true friends don’t come around anymore since his weight gain.His girlfriend he love Adrienne left him .Anyhow imagine living on the Kardashian property and seeing all that witchery and evil going on.Rob seems like the normal one .That family is in another realm wouldn’t want to be around them either.The mother … shes like a teenager hanging at clubs with her girls …..Something not right with that family .

  7. Rob does not need to be judged for the way he looks. Fat, thin, tanned, white, naked or dressed. He is his own man. It’s hard growing up in an all female family, his step dad included. This man is in survival mode. I truly hope he makes it. He is beautiful.

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