Taraji Henson In Hospital For Drugs aka “Exhaustion”

taraji henson drugs exhaustion

Celebrities have been using “exhaustion” as code for “drugs have my body worn out” for decades.   The latest is Empire star, Taraji P. Henson who posted a photo on Instagram of her arm hooked up to IV.

God has a way of saying “you’re doing too much!” “SAT DOWN SOMEWHERE”. I’m listening Father!!! I am taking several seats!!! Don’t worry y’all I’m a tough cookie! HA! I will be just fine. My momma and best friends are flying in to check on me. I AM FINE!!!!!!! Just need to SAT ALL THE WAY DOWN for a bit. #listentoyourbody

Was the message she left for her fans, but if she really is alright and just tired then why does she have people flying out to see her?

taraji henson drugs exhaustion IV

She’s lost a ton of weight over the years, and has been working her ass off, so it’s no shocker that she probably has been taking a little something to help her keep going.



  1. Yeh its obvious that she and Viola Davis got a Class-A H’wood makeover all that body lipo dieting working out pill popping and whatnot happens to 99% of top TV actresses this is the price she has to pay! Expect to see her much thinner (body lipo) in the months to come.

  2. I wonder what type of drugs she is using? By now we all know what type of drugs hollywood celebrities love to use.

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