Amber Rose Gets The D From Machine Gun Kelly

Amber Rose posts intimate pic of her and MGK
Amber Rose posts intimate pic of her and MGK.

Never one to wait long between rappers in her bed, Amber Rose posted a pic on Instagram of her and Machine Gun Kelly snuggling real close.

Rose and the Cleveland rapper had been confirmed as dating for a few weeks now, but here Amber confirms she likes getting the pipe from MGK.

DILF ❤️ MILF #Baecation

Guess she was tired of dealing with French Montana, and is back to the skinny-ass tattooed type like her baby daddy, Wiz.

amber rose machine gun kelly jordans
Another pic of the two from Amber’s Instagram.


  1. Ok, that’s just nasty…first this THOT broad was getting dicked down by Wiz nasty looking ass, had a son by him, then fag hag French Montana, now this piece of white trash? EWWWWWWWWWW GROSS

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