Prince Had a Secret Love Child?

prince Carlin Q. Williams

Prince’s estate was just hit with its first paternity suit. The man, Carlin Q. Williams, alleges the late legend is his father…so he filed a petition on Monday to be declared Prince’s “sole surviving legal heir.”

Carlin is currently in a Colorado jail on weapons charges, but he apparently made a website declaring, “I Am Prince The Singer’s Son.” LOL

A Minnesota judge knew the vultures would be coming out the woodwork following Prince’s death, so a sample of the signer’s blood was obtained from the coroner prior to him being cremated. This sample will be used to do a DNA test to establish paternity.

His estate is worth an estimated $500 million.

Do you see any resemblance between Carlin and Prince?


    • What celeb doesn't have a secret love child ???
      Spit half y'all on this site talking shit don't even know your own pops ?
      The other half got to n sis never knew or scene but will at the funeral RT !!!

  1. Hail no he doesn't even have Prince's old nose before he got the nose job. And yes stans Prince had tons of plastic surgery. But that's not his bastard

      • Ananda from BET, Vanity and Damaris Lewis too. Rumored to have dated Tamron Hall. Don't believe the hype!

      • Thank you DR1…..Susan was in fact his FIRST love so I don't know how & why people keep saying he never dated black women. He was dating/close friends with one at the time of his desth….Damaris Lewis.

        • Well hell…he dated some f~#king body. It's supposed to be near 700 people laying claims to his estate or the media is telling more lies. What is so annoying is that they won't let him be gone. They are going out they're way to sensationalize his death while vilifying him at the same time. It's sickening.

  2. @Woman Who Cares Prince dated black women it was just a secret. Everything was mysterious about him. I think he was dating model Damaris Lewis before he passed.

  3. Vanity's father was black also. We don't know all of the women that Prince dated.. there were several others we have no clue about.

  4. He doe's favor Prince though.. Look Maury, he has his jaw line, the facial hair is the same, the lips, the nose. He's just browner and the eyes aren't as large. lol

  5. Prince would have been 18 years old when he was conceived, so he may be his son. This is before Prince had his skin bleached and nose job. He does look like Prince before all the work. The DNA will prove it and I think this dude may be telling the truth. Prince was secretive and we didn't know about his $10 million dollar mansion in The Turks and Caicos Islands until he died.

    • You're comparing the existence of a secret mansion to a secret child? He was a millionaire, pretty sure there is a lot more "secret" real estate (i.e. None of your business) all over the world.

  6. The main similarities I see is the facial shape and bone structure.
    But believe me, no one is touching that money without adequate proof.

    It's sad that a child who never knew him or the family will knock all his bros and sisters out completely. That's why a will is imperative.

  7. Naw this dude does have some of prince's feature. It's possible, but of course people are going to come out of the woodwork now that prince has kicked the bucket.

  8. Jacky,

    Is this the same dude you was talking about from a while back? The person you were talking about was in Ohio? & was strung out on drugs. Anyway, I believe Carlin could very well be Prince's son, because like others have pointed out, he favors him before all the procedures. If you look at Prince pics when he was in his late teens & some other pics Carlin has put out, you'll see there's a resemblance. I also believe that Prince probably has other secret children.

  9. Where are all the nuts who said prince was killed now the elevator recording is out there?

  10. IMO, he looks more like Prince than Janet's fake daughter looks like Janet(but definitely looks like James Debarge).

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