Kandi Burruss Already Potty Training 4-Month-Old Son

kandi ace wells tucker potty training

Celebs are always doing strange stuff…but this right here might take the cake.

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kandi Burruss revealed on her Instagram that she’s already getting her son, Ace Wells Tucker, comfortable with using the potty. Oh, and of course she posted a picture of the baby on the toilet to go along with it.

The only problem is, Ace is only 4-months-old. What’s the rush, Kandi? Can the kid even walk to the potty yet?



  1. This is normal. In Africa mothers give their newborns enemas twice a day because diapers are not available. African infants are potty trained from the time of birth. Also black children develop faster than any other race, so I'm sure this isn't challenging for her son. I see nothing wrong with this. She's only making her child smarter.

    • ^^^^This!^^^^

      Elimination communication is practiced in Asia and Africa. And they are better off than we are, you would be shocked at the chemicals used in diapers, wipes, and sanitary products these days.


      • Where I learned about the subject:

        “On the momentous day that the stump falls off, the mother and some female relatives conduct two rituals. First, they administer an herbal enema to the baby. From then on, the mother administers an enema every morning and night, effectively beginning “toilet training” the first week of life.”

        Taken from the book The Afterlife is Where We Come From: The Culture of Infancy in West Africa.


    • I'm south African. You are lying. Seriously. We potty train kids at the same age as everyone else and we have diapers too. One thing I've realized is that Americans have a warped view of Africa. Please come here and experience it for yourself.

      • I'm Nigerian. Our ancestors practiced this method before the west brought all their shit to Africa, diapers being one of those things. Many tribes in Africa that don't have access to diapers or refuse to use them still give their newborns enemas. The Beng tribe, located in the Ivory Coast, still use this method. Read The Afterlife is Where We Come From: The Culture of Infancy in West Africa

      • Thank you Sarah. Some of these folks always lie and claim that we Africans do it. We don't do it. Our kids wear diaper and even if we give our kids the enema for constipation we actually do it once after a while not everyday. That woman is crazy for making her son learn to pee sitting down. When naturally boys pee standing. I know this because we also have baby boys and they pee while standing. She is grabbing. Attention the wrong way.

    • Also the enema (and definitely not as often as twice a day) is for constipation most of the time. Kandi is doing this for her own convenience not the baby's.

    • not all of africa does this..which countries are you talking about. There are diapers available in most parts of africa and asia. Remember africa is a large continent.thanks

      also this is f*cking ridiculous..this 4 months old does not have the mental or physical capacity to become fully potty trained. This actually does nothing for the baby and he will end up not being fully potty trained until 2 anyways. I knew a family that tried to potty train their 14 month old who couldn't talk and would always beat the child if he went in his pants..this is a common practice in black households, which is abusive.


  2. I think this is fantastic!!! Nothing bugs me more than seeing some 4 year old child draggin around a loaded diaper.

  3. I can care less how other ppl in different country choose 2 start potty training their infants this is america the majority of ppl here start potty training around 8 months kandi ass is just crazy and lazy ass f*ck this baby can't even sit up let alone tell her he needs 2 potty let this baby b a baby kandi

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  5. I think it is a bit too early. Gosh, can we let babies be babies for a little while. geesh

  6. I hate it when some black people revert everything back to Africa. As if we all descended from Africa and Africans, when this is not the case.

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