K-Ci of Jodeci Puts on Cracked Out Performance

k-ci jodeci cracked out performance

Believe it or not, K-Ci and JoJo of Jodeci are still putting on concerts, and people are actually paying to see them perform.

At their recent show, a concertgoer took a video of K-Ci acting a fool on stage. The singer, who has had issues with substance abuse, looked to be cracked out!

In one clip, he’s wearing what appears to be a jumpsuit with his chest exposed as he struggles through “Freek’n You.” You can hear the crowd laughing hysterically.




  1. OMG…he's still bony and cracked out right?
    I’m guessing there was no money for a real stylist but even so…
    Who told him that get-up he has on was cool? His boys, his family, the band…somebody?
    You mean to tell me NOBODY told him to go put some damn clothes on because that ain’t cute?
    I at least hope he got his voice back because last I heard about either of them…
    The drugs had them gone.

    • That's a straight up crackhead dance. Only thing missing is a lit Newport from his mouth and a can of Olde English.

  2. Wow….thet fool is still doing this? I saw him at a free concert at some club in D.C. around 1999 or 2000 and he was doing this exact same thing. Bony, cracked out and flicking his tongue at the audience like he was Gene Simmons. So nasty. At one point, JoJo put his arm around K-Ci's neck in frustration and embarrassment and said something in his ear. I couldn't hear what it was of course, but I imagined it was to the effect of "stop acting like a fool so we can get paid" or something like that. lol

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