Footage of Lamar Odom’s Lifeless Body Shown on KUWTK

lamar odom hospital keeping up with kardashians

We already know nothing is off limits for the Kardashians, but they have gone too far this time.

On last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, cameras were rolling as Lamar Odom fought for his life at Cedars Senai hospital. Even though the family swore up and down they weren’t filming Lamar’s health battles, they lied…big surprise, right?

Footage of Lamar hooked up to a breathing machine was shown, as well as video showing his progress after he recovered from the drug overdose that almost took his life.

The real question is, why does Lamar keep allowing this family to exploit him? He had to sign off on airing this footage, right?

lamar odom keeping up with kardashians


  1. You know there was a check involved, but how the hell is a lifeless body still alive? You do know what lifeless means don't you?

    Lifeless body is the long way of saying "dead"

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        The auto refresh is still on crack & it also doesn't load correctly.
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  2. He is dead. Dead man walking. They will bury him and take all his money. That's why she hasn't divorced him yet, he is better off to her / them dead and they are waiting for that to happen.

    • Then, he'll die happy he's happier than a pig in shit surrounded by those white witches.

  3. We all know who was behind this.
    I bet Lamar's biological family members are calling him every dumb bastard in the book.

    • Lamar is behind it he is 100% responsible he signed up he knew what he was getting into he loves it all can't you see open your eyes he's loving it.

  4. These f*cking demonic high priestess whores have no goddamn shame whatsoever. I wouldn't want to be nowhere near in relation to them!

  5. He did it to himself he is an empty shell Instead of marrying the Puerto Rican baby mama with his kids and family he sold out to the white witch in one month married her that's what sellouts do they don't win look at Kanye Two losers

    • either way he's a sellout…we dont push them big head niggas out and go through all the protecting for them to spread our dna around for free

  6. How did he go from daily care, dialysis, to hanging out drinking? Is this really him? or an imposter?
    Some people like to glorify tragedy with photos and media. Even famous people are alike those they deem beneath them.

  7. He calls PMK "Mom" and he says that it's the family he always dreamed of having. Don't feel sorry for him, he is happy to be back in the fold.

  8. If i was him I would secretly change my will and leave everything to my kids. Khlozilla would get no – thing!!!

      • Yes he CAN change his will, if he's walking around drinking 60 glasses of congac in the afternoon he can change his will but coons love leaving their legacy money to ww.

        • meant to say drinking 60 dollar glasses of congac…damn this fresh make you type fast

  9. Its sad on how Khloe wouldnt let Lamar father see him, brought she dam sure brought he cameras in

    • Why is it sad that an able bodied black male who used to be a top baller, allowed a coven of white witches to control his every move? He wants it. Khloe does what he wants he loves being the ww's lap dog.

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